Lovie Smith likes what he sees from Mike Evans


It didn’t take long for Buccaneers rookie receiver Mike Evans to impress coach Lovie Smith.

Smith said after watching Evans on the field at the Bucs’ rookie minicamp that he thinks he’s found a keeper in his first-round draft pick, who is showing off the same great hands he showed off at Texas A&M.

“You talk to the players about doing something to make the coaches notice them,” Smith said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “And seeing how guys can perform on the center stage. we have a first-round draft pick. Great catch by Mike Evans out there today but he’s been doing that all week. He’s a good football player.”

Evans was less impressed with himself, however, saying that he realized after doing some conditioning work with the Bucs’ veterans that he’s not in good enough shape.

“It was good getting my feet back wet,” Evans said. “But after conditioning, I was a little out of shape. I threw up after conditioning. I was the only person. But I’m getting back in shape and it’s feeling good.”

Smith hopes that Evans can make opposing defensive coordinators throw up this season.

32 responses to “Lovie Smith likes what he sees from Mike Evans

  1. I’m shocked that a coach would say good things about the first round pick he made a week ago.

  2. “I don’t like my first round pick and it’s only May.” Said no one ever.

    The vomitting is kind of pathetic.

  3. Since when did Lovie Smith care about his WRs? Maybe the year off gave him a new perspective. In any event Evans and Vincent Jackson have the potential to present plenty of problems, especially in the red zone.

  4. Lovie was so impressed he was quoted as saying he is the new go to receiver for the third down screen pass, he is almost as good as devin hester was!

  5. First thing he did on the field yesterday was throw up. He literally blew chunks, and then–like a man–proceeded to go about his practice like nothing had happened. That Tampa sun is a beast–He might need to get back in shape a bit, but when he does look out.

  6. Nice to see a guy bust his ass..as a 1st round pick. Then some clown drafted in the 7th round wait for a reality show…

  7. As a bears fan I know this first hand………CLEARLY Lovie Smith is one of the all time greats at evaluating offensive talent LOL!!!!

    If he was talking up a DT this would have some merit. What a joke…see Rex Grossman and company.

  8. I doubt Mike Glennon/Josh McCown is going to routinely buy him 10 seconds to get open; nor is he going to be out jumping or overwhelming future gym teachers.

    Put more simply: Bust.

  9. Lovie put his seal of approval on an offensive player? That’s like having U.S. politicians decide what’s right in terms of gov’t spending………

  10. Of all the changes around the Bucs this year, the most interesting to me will be whether Lovie has learned and grown as a coach or if he’s they’re going to be the same old Bears under him.

    It’s hard to do and many coaches never change/improve. If I was a Bucs fan I wouldn’t be optimistic.

  11. Wow you Bear fans sound really bitter and jealous. I guess your really going to be upset if Lovies new team has offense and defense. Cheer up, at least you guyschave some offense now#butnodefense… Baha

  12. He better say that.
    Jon Gruden had many lemons he picked in ALL rounds.
    I am glad, that fraud is gone.
    His being on ESPN ensures my not having to listen to his BS anymore

  13. I think Bear fans are jealous and bitter cause it looks like Lovie has learned you do need some offense to win in this league. I mean he just committed his entire draft to offense, that must have made Bear fans a little peeved he never showed such a commitment to offense when he was in Chicago.

  14. This offense will be one of the most lethal inside the 5 yard line. V Jax and Mike Evans both 6’5 and ASJ 6’6. Mayock even said it’ll be like playing basketball with these guys that close. He’s going to be a stud off that bat and take alot of the pressure off V Jax.

    With Dougie coming back this offense will be completely unpredictable. Excited to see how they also implement Charles Sims in the offense. The O-Line is the only concern but it’s not like there’s much of a threat in the NFC South with pass rushers, especially now with the Hardy situation.

    This will be the year we make noise.

  15. Lovie Smith with an all offensive draft should tell you haters he’s learned from his one year hiatus from football. I’m thinking he’s learned you can’t play defense on both sides of the ball.

    Look out NFCS….#GoBucs

  16. @newdayintampa

    I agree with you that it is going to be fun to see what Charles Sims brings to the offense. His numbers jump out at you and he did that too with new offenses all the time! So his a quick learner. With the two big guys on the outside, Austin working against safeties, and Herron beating up on the nickel, it will be fun to see that catch passing ability of Sims going against LBs.

    However, I can’t agree with you on the offensive line. Anthony Collins didn’t give up a sack last year so I’m comfortable with both of our tackles. I think our new center will do just fine. And guards, I’m not sure we can do any worse than the guard play we had last year, so no where to go but up!

  17. Im really looking forward to watching Lovie coach the Bucs. Its hard to tell if he was a good with the Bears because Jerry Angelo didnt give him much talent.

  18. Those new Bucs unis are atrocious. They actually make me look forward to the throwback creamsicles.

  19. I’m elated that Lovie is in Tampa. He was too proud to bring in an offensive guru and settled for anyone. His philosophy: Why think offense when he can just have his defense score the points, week in and week out. Didn’t equate to division titles and playoffs……….

  20. jimmy53 says:
    May 17, 2014 9:38 AM
    First thing he did on the field yesterday was throw up. He literally blew chunks, and then–like a man–proceeded to go about his practice like nothing had happened. That Tampa sun is a beast–He might need to get back in shape a bit, but when he does look out.

    74 7
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    couple of things…

    First, the College Station, TX sun is a beast too… (average College Station high in May is 86 degrees to Tampa’s 87 – but Tampa doesn’t heat up much from there as June July and August all average 90 for the high while College Station is 9 in June, 95 in July, 96 in August and 91 in Sept. So Evans having been at College Station is used to the heat and sun and even worse heat and sun than in Tampa)

    And top level football players in the draft KNOW that they will be reporting to their teams to work very soon after the draft.

    KNOWING that, why would they allow themselves to get out of shape?

  21. Bears fans are not jealous but we are realists. we heard the same kind of talk every year with every new offensive coordinator he hired. it may work for a game or 2 but he can’t help himself and will revert to the same get off the bus running offense he knows best. Grossman could look like an all pro qb when they let him throw deep to berrian but if they scored that was it unless the defense could not hold the lead. he does not understand it is ok to score as many points as possible.

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