Rex defends Dennis Thurman after accusation he slapped a woman


A day after news broke that a woman accused Jets defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman of slapping her, head coach Rex Ryan insisted that the story couldn’t possibly be true.

“I know Dennis Thurman, and Dennis Thurman, the guy that I know, wouldn’t put his hands on anybody, let alone a woman,” Ryan said, via “That’s the Dennis Thurman that I know.”

When Ryan addressed reporters today, he didn’t even wait for a question about Thurman. He just launched into a defense of him.

“I want to start today by talking about Dennis Thurman,” Ryan said. “Obviously, there’s something that’s out there. I’ve been fortunate to know Dennis Thurman for about 15 years—worked with him for a long, long time. I’ll tell you a little bit about the guy. He grew up with five sisters. He’s got two beautiful daughters, and Dennis Thurman—I trust and respect—I love Dennis Thurman, OK? As a person, it’s an honor to know Dennis. And he’s a great person. I think when all the facts come out about everything, I think that people will start to realize that it’ll come around that the guy that I’m describing, everybody else will see the same way I do. All right? Really I think that’s all I’m going to talk about, about this situation, but I know Dennis Thurman.”

A 28-year-old woman accused Thurman of slapping her at a restaurant, but the manager of the restaurant told the New York Daily News that there were 13 witnesses who said the woman was acting “crazy” and that Thurman did not hit her. Police investigated and no charges were filed.

35 responses to “Rex defends Dennis Thurman after accusation he slapped a woman

  1. No other NFL Coach would voluntarily venture into topics like this, but that’s just Rex. He is unafraid of anything. Can you imagine Tom Coughlin or Belichick defending a player like this?
    No wonder his players love to play for him.

  2. False accusations are a woman’s secret weapon. Regardless of whether charges are filed and he is found innocent or the charges are dropped, there is damage done. Every woman knows this. Until the laws are changed to impose the same penalty on a person that makes a proven false accusation, that would be imposed on the accused, false accusations will continue to happen. I won’t be surprised to find out there is some relationship between these two that is no yet public.

  3. Re:No other NFL Coach would voluntarily venture into topics like this, but that’s just Rex. He is unafraid of anything. Can you imagine Tom Coughlin or Belichick defending a player like this?
    No wonder his players love to play for him.

    Being a simpleton shouldn’t qualify one as beloved or a head coach

  4. His players may “love to play for him” but it’s always prudent to keep your mouth shut, especially for Rex, who still needs a filter…article states that the reporters hadn’t even asked him about the situation, but yet he started his typical rant anyway.

  5. Rex would be better to be quiet, but he doesn’t know how to. Just wait, the season hasn’t started yet either!!

  6. Darren Sharpers is one of the finest human beings I know.
    All his college and NFL coaches

  7. Yeah Rex, but people who knew you didn’t know about your fascination with feet either did they?

  8. I remember when Thurman played for my beloved Cowboys. Trust me, Rex is right, the guy would never hit anybody….

  9. Love Rex or hate Rex, but one thing that some of us may consider pretty cool: Rex is loyal and will have his players’ and coaches’ backs.

    As a Steeler fan, he’s not on my Christmas Card list. As a football fan and a fan of life, I respect the hell out of the fact he backs his troops like he does. Much respect for that.

  10. …and I always thought Darren Sharper was a pretty stand up guy based on his playing career and television work and then……….

  11. Okay, haters. Thirteen restaurant patrons said he didn’t do it, the manager of the restaurant said didn’t do it, and the cops said he didn’t do it…

    So how in the hell do you know anything?

  12. the laws of the US are geared to benefit women. Sorry. I love my mom,sisters,cousins and girlfriend and female friends,but if any of them accused me of something in a fit of chick rage,I’d be tazed and hauled off without investigation. Same with divorce,apparently equality doesn’t mean for men. A woman gets half of your stuff plus a monthly check because she suddenly can’t fend for herself. I don’t beat anyone,man,woman or child,but if they figure they can raise a hand at me,expect to get one back. Even with witnesses saying otherwise,this man’s reputation has been marred,because people will see only the headlines.

  13. Aaron Rodgers rushed to Ryan Braun’s defense about steroid allegations because he “knew him too well”, too. How’d that turn out?
    In the first place, if my credibility was being questioned, the last guy I’d want defending me would be Rex Ryan. Everyone knows what a blowhard he is.
    Rex had no business bringing this up without being asked about it, and shouldn’t have said what he said. Because if it turns out to be true, he’s going to look like a bigger dope than he already is.
    The simple answer if he were asked about it would have been, “we’ll let it settle itself out before I make any comments on it”.

  14. This was about Thurman but Rexter once again is spouting off letting us know what a great supportive friend, colleague etc he is. He really does have to shut up he is an embarrassment.

  15. Rex is fired after week 10 when Idzik realizes he’s not on board with the program and they are missing the playoffs again. Remember Idzik is out of the Seattle system– always compete.

  16. I remember Dennis Thurman. I remember the dirty hit he put on Harold Carmichael that ended his consecutive game catch streak. Did he abuse that woman, I do not know, I just know he is not that innocent person that Ryan defended.

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