DeMarcus Lawrence: I don’t feel pressure to be DeMarcus Ware


When he was at Boise State, defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence’s name was spelled without a capital ‘M’ in materials created by the school.

Lawrence said that his mother named him with the capital ‘M’ and that he’ll be spelling his name that way as an NFL player. Returning to that spelling may be rooted in honoring his mother’s wishes, but it also underscores the fact that Lawrence is in Dallas to take over the spot vacated by DeMarcus Ware. The spelling of their first names may be the same, but Lawrence says he isn’t feeling pressure to replicate Ware’s production.

“I don’t feel like no pressure is on,” Lawrence said, via the Dallas Morning News. “They want me to come in and be the best player I can be and that’s just the pressure on me that I put on myself. I come in with high expectations and come to get the job done. DeMarcus Ware set the standards very high and it’s great, but I have a job to do now.”

It’s wise for a rookie to avoid trying to provide the same things that one of the league’s best pass rushers was able to achieve during his years with the Cowboys. Having said that, Dallas will need Lawrence’s best to look something like Ware’s work if their defense is going to make the improvements needed after things went so poorly last year.

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  1. Doesn’t matter that you can’t speak with all the money you’re going to be making either.

  2. At this point the only thing they have in common is their first name, why do people just make a big deal out of nothing, who cares sooner or later we will find out if he is a good player or not.

  3. You just have to be DeMarcus Ware and Lawrence Taylor in one…no pressure. This defense was one of the worst in NFL history. No worries…they’ll just blame Romo for the loses.

  4. Waxxx4321 says:
    May 18, 2014 4:44 PM
    With Jerry J you could have Lawrence Taylor as your LB but with Romo your still gonna choke and lose.

    Stop talking about Romo choking. Maybe if this guy can come in and brings some sacks and improve the defense for once.

    Just saw this. Top 10 QBs last year in QB rating and what their ratings were in games lost:

    Nick Foles- 86.3
    Peyton Manning – 87.6
    Josh McCown – 109.6 (didn’t play the full season)
    Philip Rivers – 91.5
    Aaron Rodgers – 82.6
    Drew Brees 77.6
    Russell Wilson – 70.2
    Tony Romo – 104.5
    Ben Roethlisberger 88.8
    Colin Kaepernick – 45.9

  5. I reject your deposit. Tony Romo is the most overrated QB in the NFL period. You already had improvement from Demarcus one. So you think this rookie is just gonna take over. Lmao!

  6. Wax4321,

    Nice thoughtful response. Overrated means that the individual is not performing. Underrated fits him better.

    I didn’t say that he was going to fix all of the problems on the defense, only help it get better. Our DWare had only 6 sacks last season. I can see him matching that mark for sure this season.

  7. Zack your welcome. I think the word that fits most cowboy fans is delusional. Just because you see doesnt mean it is. and Well see. But dont overwork your rookie, hes new. Give him time. But sorry you will not be able to replace demarcus one.

  8. you think?? guy would be nowhere in demarcus ware’s level…. cowboys defense is gonna give up alot of points this year…..good luck with that romo. i already see alot of picks from him while tryign to play catch up to other teams who are scoring at will on that cowboys defense!!!

  9. Tony Romo chokes. Hes been to what, one playoff???. How do people defend the guy, he plays golf more then he practices football. He has all the cool, neato stats, but folds under pressure. You can have 300yds 3tds but it means nothing if you throw a pick to seal your fate. It means nothing if you can’t hold on to a ball long enough for your kicker to kick it. Choke artist.

  10. People defend him because they know and understand football. Romo’s had two defenses that have been good since he has been a starter. Unlike guys like Flacco and Rothlesburger who have had top 10 defenses since they have been starters. Unlike Eli who had defenses that held their opponents to 14 points in both SB runs. Give him a top 15 defense and let’s see what happens.

  11. So many people just hate that star InThe helmet Romo is hands down a top 5 qb he has never had all the pieces. First he had a solid defense but no line, now the tables has turned he has an ok line with no defense. The cowboys have Romo his worth in his contract if he hit the free agent market he would have gotten atleast that if not a larger contract so untill he gets the job all the way done he will be looked at as over rated or a choker if he does win a Super Bowl the. There will be the arguent tht he needs another one to solidify his legacy someone will always have something negative to say no matter how great he plays he is a Dallas Cowboy and will be ridiculed no matter what happens.

  12. Wow, the Romo debate is so boring.

    Trolls and the media love to blame Romo for the Cowboys problems when the reality is that Romo has been one of the few reasons that the Cowboys have been as competitive as they have been in recent years. The guy will never get the credit due, but that’s just the way it’ going to be. Trying to convince the ignorant is an exercise in futility.

    The Cowboys are actually doing a pretty good job at addressing areas of previous weakness, the defense last year, the OL the year before that. So if recent draftees and veteran acquisitions pan out like they hope, I think they have a decent chance of finally getting over that 8-8 hump.

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