Jaguars fans show up in big numbers for rookie minicamp

Jacksonville is finding its mojo.  Quickly.

A day after 2,378 fans showed up for the start of 2014 rookie minicamp, a whopping 6,214 attended Saturday’s practice.

The numbers come from the Jaguars’ offical website.  The prior all-time record attendance for any practice was roughly 4,500.  And that came at a training-camp practice, not an offseason session.

While the workouts include only rookie and tryout players, the local excitement surely flows from the team’s aggressive but smart approach to free agency, during which the Jaguars’ front office seemingly settled for a streak of singles and ground-rule doubles in lieu of swinging for the fences.  Throw in a potential franchise quarterback whose initials are B.B. (and not T.T.), and the fans could be claiming prime real estate on the ground floor of a juggernaut to come.

It would be the first time in a long time that the Jaguars contend on a consistent basis.  Contenders or not, the fans are ready to embrace the franchise — and that’s good news for the entire community.

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65 responses to “Jaguars fans show up in big numbers for rookie minicamp

  1. Heard there are a lot of fans that got turned away because of the overcrowding too..lot of excitement in Jacksonville with the new regime.

  2. It starts at the top. Shad Khan is proving to be an owner willing to spend money to enhance the fan experience. He is also surrounding himself with good football minds. Khan, Caldwell and Bradley have turned around the franchise.

  3. I’ve never visited, but according to a friend of mine that has, there isn’t too much else to do. Just sayin’…

  4. Hating on the previous years bad team?

    Remember that community Kraft was talking about? How is this for community? Of course he is in Martha’s Vineyard this time if year.

  5. Hating on the previous years bad team?

    Remember that community Kraft was talking about? How is this for community? Of course he is in Martha’s Vineyard this time if year. That’s a nice community.

  6. Have the Jaguars EVER contended on a consistent basis? They were an expansion team when I was in high school, and I can’t recall 5 consecutive winning seasons in that time

  7. That’s why I laugh when people say you should draft a Manziel to sell tickets. That is very short term thinking because if they don’t win quickly with Manziel, people will stop buying tickets. The biggest reason people will buy tickets consistently is to have a winning product on the field. That is what will sell tickets.

  8. Good for them. I used to like the Jags back in the Brunell, Taylor, Smith, McCardell and Darius days. See you in the playoffs in a year or 2, a Raiders fan.

  9. If u not from Jacksonville, u wouldn’t understand!….just saying….Let the haters keep hating that’s all they’ve been doing anyways…DUUUUUUVAL!

  10. inallsincerity said, “I’ve never visited, but according to a friend of mine that has, there isn’t too much else to do. Just sayin’…”

    Daytona Beach is an hour and a half away. This displaced Seahawks fan will be making the drive from Pensacola to get Red and Clem’s autographs on my Super Bowl program.

    Then I’ll hit the beach.

  11. @Jag fans. If you don’t already you are going to absolutely love having Gus Bradley as your HC. The guy just has a certain confidence…moxy if you will.

    His players love to play for him and he comes from a program that loves to emphasize the positive under any and all circumstances. That simple attitude of posi-speak in everything you do is really embraced by players…especially those that have had coaches who rip and tear them down and try to coach out the bad, rather than coaching in the good.

    Gus knows that 99.9% of these players play for the love of the game and he will let them become the best they can be. You too will have winning program and hopefully it will be sustained for decades.

    As a diehard Seattle fan I’d love to play you guys in the SB down the road a year or three. Have a great season. Go Jags!!!!

  12. Good for the Jags. That division is so blah it would be nice if they can put a turnaround season together this year.

  13. Good luck to the Jags-I think 90% of all NFL fans want to see them turn it around. While they really haven’t been down too long they have been way way down. Their fans deserve some excitement and success from the team.

  14. Bortles threw two (2) INTs versus South Florida and versus South Carolina in 2013, not teams with great defenses to begin with. So now, put him in the NFL against teams like the Steelers, Giants, Bengals, Ravens. Well, hate to be the bearer of bad news, Jags fans, but don’t expect anything better than a 4-12 season in 2014, at-best.

  15. Not much to do in Jax. Impressive though, since this is almost as many people as they put in the stands on Sundays.

  16. So awesome! Folks who find a reason to hate on the Jags for this? They’ll find a reason to hate on the Jags for anything. Not worth anyone’s time…

  17. Jag fans understand its not a quick process, their not gonna win the Super Bowl next season but it’s great to see the progress and support is still there.
    Here’s the thing, in a couple years when Mannings and Brady’s retire and the Broncos and Pats and Steelers rebuild the Jags will be in solid position to be AFC contenders for years under Gus.
    So get your jokes in now and mark my words, it’s happening and the haters won’t know how to make sense of it

  18. As a pats fan I’m excited to see the jags go in another direction….they have a great coach and drafted for their needs should be interesting

  19. Seattle is rooting for Jacksonville. Come join us at a Super Bowl in 2015.

    Let the haters hate. You guys are on your way. When that D starts hitting their stride this year, watch out!

  20. Nothing to do in JACKSONVILLE????? Other than world class fishing, golf, seafood, boating, beaches, and being able to spend 12 months a year outdoors……yeah, not much. Not if only the dang New Yorkers and Jersey-ites would leave!!!!!!

  21. Jacksonville has a giant stadium to accommodate for gator bowl. The tarps on the seats bring it down to a regular nfl capacity of around 67,000. Small market team in a stadium that can hold up to 85,000 people… U do the math. Jacksonville has done a 180 since the 2009 season, blackouts just don’t happen anymore.

  22. Same tired old jokes about tarps, 12 fans, blackouts….that’s ok…the culture is changing in Jacksonville, and for some reason that bothers some people. Go figure.
    By the way, there is plenty to do here, year round. We don’t have to worry about snow or ice. Just golf courses, beautiful waterways and beaches..

  23. Maybe the station in Orlando that carries the AFC games will stop showing this during Jags games …

    “Due to NFL rules we are forced to air Jaguars road games. We apologize for this inconvenience.”

  24. This is not the Jaded Jaguars of old this is essentially a brand-new organization. It’s still playing in the 4th largest stadium in the National Football League while still being in the 2nd smallest market & still one of the newest, while also building the world’s largest scoreboards with pools & cabana ext because we have a Owner with conviction and a vision for this football program long-term in Jacksonville. #DDOA

  25. I miss the days of the late ’90s and early 2000’s when the Jags and Titans were the leaders and biggest rivalry in their division. For that reason, I’m hoping this is a return to form for them.

  26. @ raidermark – Raider fans are the LAST fans to be making cracks about attendance numbers. 2013 NFL attendance numbers shows Raiders dead LAST.

  27. Listen, all team’s can’t be good every year (Coming from a just-until-recent-long-suffering niner’s fan), so why been a dumpster and hate on the people who support their team? Trolls.

  28. Contenders? With Chad Henne as the starter this year, they’ll be drafting in the same spot next year. Sitting their 3rd overall pick til next season is insane. So those 6,214 fans or coaches won’t really know if they have a Stud or Dud in Blake Bortles til 2015? Dumb

  29. Curiosity seekers getting in their last looks as the convoy of Mayflower vans roll down I-10!

  30. Same old clowns hating on Jacksonville. Hate away as we know the cities you live in. We know your crime rates, your cardboard housing, etc. Its funny.

    But please focus on tarps, London, LA…whatever you have to do.

  31. NFL Network and ESPN has done a good job brainwashing their viewers that the Jags are going to LA. Now that has passed with the 2027 extension signed by Khan.

    The media is now coming for your town now!

  32. Not a lot to do have you ever been to Jacksonville beaches,golf,night life keep your mouth shut if you don’t know what your talking about!!!!

  33. Let the trolls keep trolling. Theses same ppl will ALL soon-to-be jumping the Jags bandwagon.
    Message to the hater’s:
    I totally understand “hater’s gonna hate,” but at least make logical sense of what you’re cracking jokes about — a little research won’t hurt any of u!
    For the rec’s folks, the culture here in Jax is thriving under Owner Shad Khan — the “Self-made Billionaire if u will.” Our GM Dave Caldwell has a bright mind & has “already” cleaned up our former GM’s mistakes. Our coach is Gus Bradley…. enough said.

  34. Good luck to Jacksonville from a Patriots fan.

    Its not easy watching the same team struggle for years and years – Jax, Tampa, Buffalo (even tho they are a divisional rival its still painful to watch), Oakland, Minnesota etc.

    It would be nice to see the fans of those teams rewarded for their loyalty.

  35. Not much to do in Jax? Well, this weekend I went to the beach, played a round of golf and caught a play downtown. It’s Monday and I’m absolutely exhausted, but luckily we don’t have much to do.

    For all those looking to hate and jabbing about us moving to LA or London, it’s not going to happen. Khan is investing millions in our stadium, wants to invest millions more in a project outside our stadium in an area called the Shipyards. He has already invested millions in downtown in the two years he has been here.

    Get over yourselves and look at the facts. Worry about whatever allegiance you may have.

  36. … has anyone noticed how big the o line of the jags is now? I know they’re a new bunch who haven’t put it on the field and it takes time to really work together, but wow…. these guys are huge.

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