Lions anticipate that Suh will show for OTAs


Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has boycotted the first two phases of the team’s first offseason program under coach Jim Caldwell.  The new coach expects the disconnect to end this week.

“Do I know that he’ll be here? I would anticipate that he would be here,” Caldwell said, via Tim Twentyman of the team’s official website.

“Obviously, he’s a great player and he’s also got great leadership ability as well. So, to have him back in here working amongst the group is going to be a great time for everybody.”

Caldwell said he has spoken to Suh and traded texts with him.  In addition to skipping the first two non-practice phases of the offseason program, Suh didn’t show up for a voluntary minicamp.

He’s in the last year of a rookie contract that carries a 2014 cap number of more than $22 million.  It’s unclear when or if the contract will be extended.  The magnitude of the cap number makes the franchise tag an impossibility for 2015, since the Lions would owe Suh a 20-percent raise over his current cap number.

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  1. This is standard operating procedure for Suh. He has done it this way every season but his rookie year. Don’t act like this is something new. You should maybe add that to this report, eh? He flew his personal trainers to the team facility in the off season so they could go over his training regime with the Lions new staff. He has been in the facility periodically during the off season. He has always been a workout warrior. He has always been in tip top physical condition. The guy is a beast without these voluntary activities and Lions management knows it. There is no issue here.

  2. But he’s not a TEAM player as he WILL NOT renegotiate his deal to lower the cap number on him. That alone speaks loudly about his character to me. Me,Me,Me, !!!
    You can’t just make this stuff up.

  3. I don’t think Caldwell is the right personality for this Lion’s job. i thought they should’ve gone hard after Tom Coughlin before he signed his new one yea deal in New York.
    Suh and the others are used to running the show. Caldwell is a consltative training oriented leader, something of a Quarterback Whisperer. I think the Lion’s need an Alpha Dog to reset the Lion’s dysfunctional culture. Too many men becoming multimillionaires with out being accountable for winning.

  4. “noeffinway” said it best. Just something for lame LFT to talk about now that the draft is over. Suh comes to play every season and this will be no different.

  5. tonyc920 says: May 18, 2014 3:47 PM

    But he’s not a TEAM player as he WILL NOT renegotiate his deal to lower the cap number on him. That alone speaks loudly about his character to me. Me,Me,Me, !!!
    You can’t just make this stuff up.
    You can’t make this stuff up either:
    “Ndamukong Suh’s restructured contract saves Lions $7.68 million in cap space in 2013″ – March, 2013.

    lol…not a team player? He renegotiated already last off season. Now go make something else up. smh

  6. You can say this is normal in Detroit. Isn’t this culture one of the reasons Schwartz is no longer there? Caldwell makes it clear he expects leadership out of Suh. Why wouldn’t he show up and lead the way for everyone else?

  7. Bring on the hate. I’m just glad we have the best DT in the league. Don’t worry about what Suh’s doing. Worry about your own team.

  8. The Leo’s had very bad luck with the rookie cap. Stafford and Suh came just before the restrictions. Now Suh will be just plain “overpaid for his impact as a DT ” wherever he plays, and Stafford still hasn’t clicked for the cash. And he might never. Go Lions!!!

  9. .
    Shu was lucking enough to get the big bucks under the old rooking wage deal. He probably expects a huge raise, but I don’t think it is coming. If his agent is wise (yeah, I know) he has already prepared Shu for deal that is less than he anticipated.

    Here’s the rub, no other team is going to pay Shu what he is looking for either. He will eventually lower his expectations and sign with Detroit. Not many other teams will enable the beast the way the Leo’s do. He would have to man up if he went somewhere else, and he isn’t going to do that…

    Remember the issues the last time the best DT changed teams and signed with Washington – that was not the best situation for either side. Teams remember that stuff and will be hesitant to add Shu to their roster – he is a coach killer…

  10. Suh does his own offseason conditioning, and it works. No worries, there.

    My only even slight concern is that the coaching staff (Caldwell) seems to be assuming that Suh would do something different this offseason. Caldwell will learn that Suh probably won’t show, so I hope coach isn’t too bent when it happens.

  11. noeffinway

    You sir are correct and I was wrong. I’ll admit it, but can you tell me how did they get in a position of having a player have a cap number of $22+ million ? I had heard on NFL radio that Suh’s agent would not renegotiate his deal. Now I know why, he’s going to test free agency.
    I’m an honest lifelong Packer fan and NFL fan.
    There’s nothing like the NFC Black and Blue division when all teams are up to par.

  12. calvinthegreat81 says:
    May 18, 2014 6:06 PM
    So many Suh haters!!! Superbowl on it’s way to the D this year!!!


    You need to finish better than 3rd in your division first, that’s a more realistic goal. Lions 5-13 against the Bears for the past decade, keep waiting for the Superbowl though….

    Suh is the dirtiest player ever to play the game, btw.

    Lions 5-13 against the Bears for the past decade, keep waiting for the Superbowl though….

  13. hyzers says: May 18, 2014 9:30 PM

    Yeah and the Lions swept the pathetic Bears last year, what’s your point?
    He does not have a point and thats his right.

    Pay no attention because some of us do the same stuff..5-13 means that you have the series over 10 years. Well ladee frickin daa. New year new season.

  14. You guys , I’m the most die hard Lion Fan ever. That said, I don’t care any more about Suh’s excuses or crap said from the media! Suh should look in the mirror, and realize that he has a talent that he alone, can fulfill! Suh,,,,,Grow Up!

  15. Michfan, this is a business. As long as Suh is out there for the 1st play of the first game and he is on top of his game and playbook and nothing suffers from his absence then who cares. Other players on other teams do this all the time. Suh is going to be ready to play. He is the least of our worries and lions brass knows it. Go Lions, SB champs!

  16. Big difference between “boycotted” and simply opted to not attend VOLUNTARY work-outs…just like every off-season, he works out on his own with his personal work-out staff.

  17. Anyone who says Suh is the dirtiest player in the history of football obviously knows nothing about the history of football! The defensive superstars of the NFL’s glory days make Suh look like a choir boy!

    You don’t have to go back that far … just look at the 1950s and 1960s, the era of NFL legends.

    Those guys make no attempt to hide the fact that they wanted to hurt people! Most of what they did (legally) has been banned forever from the NFL. And even with those much looser rules about hitting and contact, they still managed to rack up plenty of roughing and unsportsmanlike calls. And many of them are enshrined in Canton.

  18. bearshaterseverywhere says:
    May 18, 2014 9:12 PM

    Suh is the dirtiest player ever to play the game, btw.


    That distinction belongs to Dick Butkus.

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