Once-bullied former Dolphin now reaching out to rookies


At a time when a new crop of rookies is trying to take his job, it would be easy for Panthers offensive lineman Andrew McDonald to take an every-man-for-himself attitude.

Instead, the former bullying victim is reaching out to a new teammate he just met — who could be replacing him.

McDonald was once alongside Jonathan Martin in the crosshairs of Richie Incognito in Miami, but is now with the Panthers after being signed to their practice squad last year. And he spent this weekend’s rookie minicamp helping gigantic Canadian tackle David Foucault learn the ropes.

After each play I go see him,” Foucault said of McDonald, via Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review. “The coach is always talking to all the guys, so he’s like my personal coach. He said to me, ‘Do that.’ So I try to do that, and it helped me a lot.”

Given what he went through in Miami, it’s admirable that McDonald is willing to extend himself to newcomers, breaking the chain of harassment that a lot of players are willing to pass onto new guys once they’ve been the guy getting picked on.

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  1. It’s ludicrous that people think hazing is acceptable in the NFL. These are grown men going to work. They’re collecting paychecks to support their families. It’s a job, not a club. We need to stop calling this “bullying” because it infantilizes the people involved. Call it what it is. Workplace harassment.

  2. Truly bullied people deserve protection. No question.

    But for standard clown around hazing, gimme a break. Pretty soon, people are going to claim they were bullied when their plate of french fries doesn’t seem plentiful enough.

  3. Matthew 7:12
    So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

  4. Initiation is a natural thing that occurs in all communities, organizations are supposed to set that in place through a training program, it should never be up to colleagues. Players should be mentors and coaches are the leaders chosen to develop mentors. Hazing has no place in a community with established leaders. Hazing is the result of a breakdown of leadership.

  5. Can I get bullied to make a lot more money than what I am making now??? Please I will gladly take your place…..Its time for people to relax…..these are grown men that are massive indiviuals…im pretty sure they dont need little people who read books and sit behind a desk to fend for them….and if they do…they probably dont belong in the league…stop being so sensitive….and relax people…it really isnt that bad to get paid a lot of money to work out daily, be blessed with a lot of talent and play a kids game

  6. PurpleReign – Maybe your opinion is that of your team, and maybe it’s why they’ve been atrocious for so long….

  7. The best way to proactively combat bullying is by putting leaders in charge that respect everybody. If you designate somebody to lead who is not always respectful, that will spread like a cancer. And respect does not mean to go easy on someone or that you have to be friends with them. Respect is about treating people equally. Being a leader is someone who can remind guys what they are trying to accomplish and what each person can do to help achieve the goal.

  8. This is what has happened to society when everyone is a winner and we all get medals so no one’s feelings get hurt. The idea that an adult NFL player can be bullied is ludicrous. There are levels of hierarchy whether it is a pack of wolves, chickens in a barnyard or a locker room in the NFL. But since we now live in a world where no one’s feelings can get hurt we have these stories. It’s called survival of the fittest, not survival of the most sensitive

  9. Grown men can’t be bullied ……I wish we could get back to tough America …instead of this wussification we call America….sticks and stones will break your bones but WORDS! Will never hurt you ……grow up america

  10. coachsemanko says: May 18, 2014 9:12 PM

    America has become so “Femanized” it makes me sick!


    Tough guys don’t whine. Take it like man.

  11. Harassment in the workplace is illegal and the fact that the Commissioner chose to look the other way with the Dolphins is shameful and hypocritical on so many levels. I remember all the suspensions handed down to the Saints over alleged “hits for hire”and all the uproar that caused, then the Dolphins getting off with a minor scolding when everyone in that organization’s front office and coaching staff should have been suspended. It’s a credit to the Panther organization that this is included in the rookie orientation and other teams would do well to follow their example. It seems rather shocking that personal respect and team work would have to be revisited as an essential ingredient for achieving success in the NFL!

  12. coachsemanko says:
    May 18, 2014 9:12 PM
    America has become so “Femanized” it makes me sick!
    If you object to people being treated with respect in America, might I suggest that you get a passport and leave. Nobody’s going back to the good ole days that were really only good for a select few.

    It’s called progress. It’s something that happens in civilized societies.

  13. This player issued a statement after the Wells report came out and said he was NOT a victim of bullying. Why is the media bullying him into being a victim?

  14. What went on in Miami was a lack of leadership with in the locker room, the problem started when martin didn’t do his job and lost respect from his team mates, and Jeff Ireland drafted him way to high, he should have been a back up with his skill set. And of course he should have done what most football players do, that is stand up for your self, the guy wouldn’t even defend his sister from dirty comments, I’m glad he is not on the team. Bill

  15. Andrew “Nobody” Mcdonald ..Andrew ” never made any impact on any game in the NFL” Mcdonald..Andrew “in the news for what?” Mcdonald is lending a helping hand to younger players. Maybe he can fold some towels too.

  16. It is hard for me to believe that grown men who make a living hitting people can be bullied. I do believe bullying is a very real problem in our society but not here. Actually, by playing the bully card in this situation is just plain wrong. Kids getting their butt kicked by older, bigger or stronger kids is bullying. Girls or women getting screamed at by boyfriends or husbands is bullying. By grouping these “guys” with the true victims of bullying makes sick.

  17. qdog112 says: May 18, 2014 9:35 PM

    “If you object to people being treated with respect in America, might I suggest that you get a passport and leave. Nobody’s going back to the good ole days that were really only good for a select few.

    It’s called progress. It’s something that happens in civilized societies.”

    as getsome99 stated above, the Wells report researched the issue and stated Andrew McDonald was deemed to not be a victim bullying.

    breaking down an individual to build them back up in the mold preferred by the employer is a tactic long used in our armed forces, police academies, and most corporations (including the NFL). and the vast majority of people who go through the process report it made them a better person.

    no one condones violence or outright demeaning an individual, but if one doesn’t agree with the degree their peers or employer treats them, they are free to seek employment elsewhere.

    this PC BS of trying to make everyone a victim has gotten out of hand. people who choose to play a violent game may be subject to tough circumstances, if you don’t agree with it, quit and choose another profession.

    finally, the excuse “If you object to people being treated with respect in America, might I suggest that you get a passport and leave.” can be equated with “I’m gonna take my ball and go home”. grow a pair and take your lumps if you want to play in the NFL – it ain’t a job for the timid…

  18. I’m a pretty short dude. I got “bullied” once in high school. I call it being picked on. Anyways,I ended that one weekend after getting smashed into a locker Friday. Waited for that dude to come out of his house and I took a stick to the back of his knees. I spent the remaining three years bully free.Condoning violence? Not really,but some people need to feel the hot sting of pain followed by a whisper in the ear to get the message.

  19. Can we also get rid of rewarding trophies to every place finisher? Hazing is bad but what are we teaching kids if they get rewards for finishing last.

  20. Didn’t McDonald say he WASN’T bullied in Miami and he stuck up for the offensive line coach Jim Turner? This guy did a 180 it sounds like

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