Talk of Tajh Boyd changing positions is premature

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Jets coach Rex Ryan recently declined to rule out the possibility of moving quarterback Tajh Boyd to a new position.  In response, Boyd expressed no interest in moving to a new position.

I can’t see myself playing another position,” Boyd said Saturday, via Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post.  “If it happens, I guess I’ll make the most out of it.  But I just really can’t see that happening.”

It’s a premature topic.  And it’s a subject that may never become relevant.  Per a league source, Ryan was simply applying coachspeak when answering a reporter’s question regarding the possibility of moving Boyd.

“No head coach will close the door on anything,” the source said.  “He hadn’t considered it.  He was just answering a question.”

And so while it remains impossible to rule out a potential move at some point, it’s not something the Jets are currently considering.  Boyd was drafted eight days ago as a quarterback.  That’s what he is.  Whether he ends up being something else in the future is a subject for the future.

16 responses to “Talk of Tajh Boyd changing positions is premature

  1. Dude is NOT a pro QB. Error prone in college and a wasted pick. O’Canada lyrics are certainly in this dudes future. Desperate teams do desperate things. Arena league is also calling.

  2. By week one, Vick will be the starter, Smith will be his back-up and Boyd will have shown himself to be a very competent No. 3. In 2015, one of them will be gone and the Jets will be pretty solid at QB.

  3. Whoa, look at that compact throwing motion. Part Randy Johnson, part Byron Leftwich.

  4. I don’t think that’s the way an NFL Quarterback is supposed to throw the ball.

  5. Switch to what position?

    A 6’1 TE/WR? Uh pretty sure there are 250 guys drafted each year, probably have 75 TE/WR to pick from who have physical attributes and experience catching, route tree, etc.

  6. He downside to Michael Vick is that you have to change your offense for him and he’s injury prone. Which means when he inevitably gets hurt you need to run a whole new offense with the backup. Boyd can likely run the same offense as Vick. He’s a good pickup for the Jets. Now Vick can beat Geno out in camp and there isn’t that two systems scenario to worry about.

  7. Based on that pic, he has a little work to do on his technique. What he’s doing there is good for about 6 or 7 strips a year in this league.

  8. Just watched the 2012 Orange Bowl yesterday with Geno/WV vs. Tajh/Clemson and it was not pretty at all for Boyd, who made two (2) turnovers back-to-back: Boyd threw an INT, then a minute later, fumbled for a WV recovery. Geno is The Man, having scored six (6) TDs in that game, thanks-in-part to Stedman Bailey and Tavon Austin. Tajh Boyd reminds me a lot of EJ Manuel: “looks the part” but lacks the actual skills for penultimate (The Big Game) success.

  9. Boyd doesn’t have the courage to play quarterback. Why would anyone think he can play a different position? Not tough enough wont last long in the NFL.

  10. It’s a fairly low risk-high reward pick for the Jets. But let’s be serious–he had some pretty glaring accuracy issues in college. He also had a tendency to wilt whenever the chips were on the line—see the most recent FSU game or any South Carolina game.

  11. Sanchez and Tebow are gone but the Jets still remain a circus. Oh, Rex Ryan is still there.

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