Quick decision not expected on location, timing of 2015 draft

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The league’s owners will gather in Atlanta on Tuesday for their quarterly meeting, less than two weeks after the 2014 NFL draft.  At that time, a decision is not expected to be made on the date and timing of the 2015 NFL draft.

This year, the league moved the draft into May for the first time ever.  The ratings were impressive, but many believe that happened because of the Johnny Manziel factor on Day One and the Michael Sam factor on Day Three.  Apart from fans strongly preferring an April draft, the two-month lag between the start of free agency and the commencement of the draft created a rare lull for the NFL, allowing other sports to capture the national spotlight.

The NFL nevertheless could move the draft even deeper into May.  A geographic move is possible, too, with the potential permutations including a shift of the draft to multiple cities for separate days of the process in the same year.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, a decision is expected to be made by the end of summer, at the latest.  Possibly via a prime-time TV broadcast.

That last part was intended to be tongue-in-cheek.  But since the approach would put cash-in-pocket, it can’t be ruled out.

53 responses to “Quick decision not expected on location, timing of 2015 draft

  1. Why does it have to be in New York? Let other cities have fun with the event.

  2. I think that the location of the draft should be in the city of the Super Bowl winner each year. That would make for variety and interest. It would give the city of the Super Bowl winner a little extra way to keep the glow of the Super Bowl victory alive (and give the city a little extra money from tourism and TV).

  3. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Last weekend of April in NYC.

    Why is that so difficult? Moving it to May when the weather is nice makes it more likely many people won’t tune in Sat or Sun if people can go outside and enjoy the weather. Late April the weather still sucks for the majority of the country and they will stay inside to watch the NFL Draft!

  4. I don’t care where it is, but is should be a weekend event in April. Saturday and Sunday. Roger messed up a good thing for the fans as it was a weekend to get together and now on Thursday and Friday that does not happen as most people work and have kids activities. But hey who am I as I’m not Roger Godell.

  5. Heres an idea..how about having the draft in the city of the worst team (record) of that year?

    I would give said city some optimism after a bleak year and bring in money, tourism etc..just an idea.

  6. 1) It should be moved back to its original April timeframe

    2) It should move to wherever the 1st pick is at. It doesn’t have to be in NYC

  7. It will be whenever Commissioner Goodell wants it. The public wants it pushed back to April, the players want it pushed back to April, but when did Roger ever listen to anyone?
    He will interpret the increase in Draft TV ratings as a success that he engineered. He doesn’t give a damn about what the fans would prefer. He is primarily focused on the ability to increase TV ratings and revenues. He is deaf to any criticism.

  8. If you move the draft to a different city for day #2, do these poor players who were left in the green room have to fly to the new city?

    Stupid idea. I don’t care where but keep it all in the same location. And the date is irrelevant to me. Yes, it would be nice to have it earlier but 2 weeks was no big deal. More mock drafts that were wrong.

  9. Mid April, don’t care where. Even late April is too late. Teams are pretty much ready by the first week in April anyway.

    A please get rid of the Pro Bowl game too while youre at it.

  10. How about London? Lol. Seriously, I think the logistics make it impossible to put it in the Super Bowl winning city, but Roger could “throw a bone” to the cities that will NEVER host a Super Bowl, such as Cleveland, KC, Cincinnati, and schedule the draft there.

  11. Hold the draft in Vegas….At the MGM Grand.

    Schedule a Mayweather vs Paquiao fight that weekend.

  12. Wouldn’t it be nice if a decision was made that actually was in favor of the fans, or players?

    Every decision made revolves around the $$$$….

    Goodell is the owner’s puppet, he is told what to decide in most cases…

  13. Leave the draft in NYC at the end of April. It’s the. For those of you wondering, the league office is on Park Ave, no other city can host an event like that and I’m on the west coast.

  14. Moving the draft to different cities for the same draft would be a disaster and I don’t think would ever be approved by the owners. Imagine wrapping up Rd. 1 around midnight then having to close up shop, travel to another city all the while trying to keep track of the next day. NEVER happen. I say move it to different cities but allocate some tickets to each NFL city so that each team is guaranteed to be represented. That way we don’t have to constantly listen to J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS. We get to listen to REX enough each year as it is!

  15. I still don’t see the problem with having it in the city of The Super Bowl Champion. It’s a nice bone to throw the fans to have that city host the draft. Still don’t line the 3 day format. Rounds 1 & 2 are the Glamour picks so they should do them on day 1 and the rest on day 2.

  16. Again, you can put it at a local high school gym. I really don’t care

    just move it back to April, if you move it further into May just like this year I will not tune into draft coverage at all until the last day or two. can learn all I need to then anyway.

  17. May is a sweeps month so it will remain in May. It will never, ever go back to April. It’s all about the $$$$$$$$$………

  18. longer wait was stupid. not ever looking forward to the NFL draft wait like that again… move it back to April, and different location.

  19. Having the NFL draft during both the NBA and NHL playoffs is a bad idea at best.

  20. 1. Get it back to April
    2. Rotate it to cities other than NY for God’s sake. They have this wonderful device called an airplane! that can actually fly to other cities!! WOW
    3. Goodell is somehow gonna kill this cash cow called the NFL

  21. Goodell! I BEG you. PLEASE move the draft back to April 22nd!

    And while we are at it: I like to drink on Friday night and Saturday night.. Thursday really doesn’t work for me.

  22. I would like to see it possibly come closer to my hometown, but honestly half the fun of the draft is watching (and listening) to the Jets fans boo their pick. Call me a traditionalist, but I miss the Saturday and Sunday draft in April. I used to have friends over on a Saturday and we would make a day of it. That has been gone since they moved it to Thursday night. Somehow getting together for rounds 4-7 does not have the same effect.

    Those with idea of putting the draft in the same city as the team with the first pick, that will not work. First the location would have to be named more than four months in advance in case the large venue in that city that would host the event may be booked. Further, there is no guarantee that the team with the first overall pick is going to keep the first overall pick before draft day.

  23. The fans in NY are so lame. They basically ‘boo’ every selection. Just annoying. At least in another city they’d only boo their rivals.

  24. As an NHL fan I think I finally see a person I would want to have as commissioner leas tham Gary Bettman. Congratulations Roger Goodell – you have done the impossible!

  25. Hosting the Draft in the city of the Super Bowl winning team is asking for trouble. First off some of these cities can’t even host an event like this and might not have a venue. The 2nd problem is a conflict with other sporting events.

    NFL Draft in Late April or May is the same time as the NBA and NHL playoffs. Say the Bills win the Super Bowl, if the Draft is the same night as a Sabers playoff game nobody in Buffalo will go to or watch the Draft. Not to mention it might be a conflict with the building the draft is being held in. Same thing with Chicago, Miami, Denver,…etc. Too much chance of the draft presenting a conflict with the local NBA and NHL teams. This is reason alone why the Draft will never get moved. In most cities the NFL Draft will need the buildings that the local NBA and NHL teams play in and the conflict with the playoff games in those cities is just too difficult to plan around.

    NYC is big enough where you can have Mets and Yankees both at home as well as a Rangers or Knicks home playoff game at MSG and the Draft won’t suffer. Not to mention the city is big enough to deal with the crowd and media crunch that comes along with the draft. Some cities can’t.

    This NFL Draft is never moving out of NYC.

  26. Nothing wrong with the idea of moving the entire draft to a different location every year or every-other. It’s almost as popular as the Super Bowl so why not?
    Having each round in a different location is beyond stupid, though.

    The date needs to be back to April, without question. The extra long wait was terrible. And not from the standpoint of “Oh! I can’t wait!” Terrible from the standpoint that it became so tedious that I stopped watching and listening. I can’t be the only one to feel that way and I can’t believe the NFL would even flirt with the possiblilty of anyone tuning them out.

  27. How about holding it in the city that has the first pick? Usually the top overall pick generates the most press and curiosity, so let some more fans of that team be there for it. Also, since who will be the worst team (doh!) is known in late December/early January, this would still give about four months for all the arrangements to be set up (versus having it in the Champions’ town, which wouldn’t be known until February).

    Also, totally against moving the location for a second night…way too many people to move and too much set up/tear down to be it.

  28. Am I the only one who could not care any less about where or when the draft is held???

  29. The draft needs to be in New York so we can continue to watch the Jets make their picks with their fans present. That’s half the entertainment value of the draft right there – the gasps, the outrage, the Jets fans face-palming through the decades as they take Ken O’Brien over Dan Marino or Kyle Brady over Warren Sapp or Blair Thomas with the 2nd pick in a draft.

    Other teams have draft histories just as bad or worse, but who knows how their fans will react? Why gamble – stay where you know the draft picks are going to be bad and the resulting drama will be good TV.

    And move it back to April – Goodell is doing more to ruin the league than the WFL and the USFL combined ever did.

  30. whats funny is a prime time draft announcement show would put up huge numbers.

  31. I was all set to say leave it in NYC, but I like the idea of putting in the #1 picks city. Some complications that could arise would be a short timeframe to plan, not I mention the possibility ot a trade.

  32. It will be in whatever ever city official gets the most money under the table. If you don’t think so, you are not paying attention. As always, Follow the Money!

  33. Why don’t we give North Dakota some love and have it there?

    Seriously though, it doesn’t matter what any of us think, the NFL is all about the $$$ and that’s what will dictate the end result. Until us fans and our $$$ puts up a fight we are all sheep.

  34. April; it’s gotta be April.

    But there are some great ideas in the posts about the location. I favor moving it around. How about so the team with the first pick in the first round gets to host it? That team is usually pretty bad and it might stir some interest and create some good pub for the NFL in that city if the draft were held there.

  35. The draft should go to cities that have no chance in hosting the SB because of their weather or their market is too small. Example: Buffalo or Kansas City. Both would be good destinations.

  36. While they are discussing this, maybe they should also consider moving the draft combine?… Why does Indianapolis always get to host that event?…

    I also heard another great argument to get the draft back in April–These young players (rookies) need the time to develop into their team’s system. Draft them in April so they can get their playbooks sooner!

  37. Why limit it to one city or just a few cities every few years? There are 32 teams in the league. Why not just have it on a 32 year rotation? That way every team and every city will have ample time to prepare for the draft and each city will get to experience the crazyness that is draft weekend.

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