Rex Ryan “really been impressed” by Calvin Pryor


Jets safety Calvin Pryor may be a rookie, but he said Saturday that won’t stop him from talking trash to established NFL players.

Pryor said that the delight he takes in talking is the reason he doesn’t wear a mouthpiece on the field and that his ideal situation is matching his talk with a big hit over the middle to let opponents know that he means what he says. Jets coach Rex Ryan may be a tad less blustery than he was earlier in his tenure, but Pryor’s outspokenness isn’t rubbing him the wrong way. Quite the opposite, actually, based on Ryan’s prediction that Pryor will be a big fan favorite.

“There’s going to be a lot of jerseys sold with Pryor’s name on the back, because I have a funny feeling he’s going to become one of the more popular Jets as this thing gets going,” Ryan said, via Daryl Slater of the Newark Star-Ledger. “Smart, instinctive and is on top of it. It’s rare that it comes easy, and you can see it in there. The way he communicates, just everything. He has really been everything that we’ve wanted and then some. Really been impressed with him. I think he’d be probably the No. 1 guy that jumps out at me (from rookie mini camp so far).”

Ryan stopped short of saying that Pryor would start with Dawan Landry or Antonio Allen, saying that the team will play everybody during the season, but it feels like a near inevitability as long as something doesn’t go wrong. Ryan has been looking for a safety who can make plays since coming to the Jets and Pryor offers the potential to do that before making sure to let his opponents know just what he plans to do next.

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  1. Whether he’s got a big mouth or not, this kid is a hell of a player. He’s a guy that elevates the play of the entire D-backfield and it wouldn’t surprise me if he turns out to be the best safety of this draft class. His college tape is extremely impressive.

  2. dudes been throwin 1st round picks at the DB’s dartboard for years. each one has really impressed Rex in May.

  3. He is a solid player and will do well for the Jets, but one can’t help but think that he would be better served just letting his play speak for himself atleast this year. The players with head hunter type attitudes will get plenty of flags going forward. This is a long way fom the Ronnie Lott “setting the tone” thing. Also, the Jets might have improved on paper, but everytime they chat it up they go backwards in record. Just sayin’!

  4. No matter how good he is, promoting the fact that he’ll talk is just placing a target on his back for the officials. Just what the Jets need, a Johnny Manziel on defense. After a couple fines, he’ll shut up.

    “Momma didn’t raise no fool”. On a rookie’s pay, he’d be stupid to keep yapping after the flags start falling.

    Remember he plays in the middle of the field and is rarely lined up on a man face to face , where he can talk, pre-snap. His talking will come after a tackle and will be considered TAUNTING 100% of the time.

    I like his grit, but please TALK with your play.

  5. Was hoping he’d be a Raven but im happy with Mosley so far. Idzik is doing everything right in Jetville, you can tell he is listening to the coach because they keep bolstering the defense with Raven-like players on D.

  6. I really wanted Pryor to be drafted by the Patriots so it was gutting to see him go to the Jets.

    Looks like safety and TE were considered two of the weakest positions in this years draft so that may be the reason why BB never drafted any of thos positions on the first 2 days of the draft.

    Patriots have needed a Rodney Harrison replacement for years now and I really hoped Pryor might have been that guy.

    He seems to have blended in to the Jets philosophy straight away though!

  7. Pryor was the one guy I did NOT want Green Bay to get. He can hit but little else. He doesn’t wrap up and he can’t cover all that well. Something he’ll have to do against top talent now.

    In the NFL he’s going to be worth 15 yards of penalties more often than not.

  8. I didn’t expect Mosley or Pryor to be available when the Ravens picked. If I’m being honest, I’d have preferred Pryor, but Mosley is a best as well. And we needed an elite MLB prospect after Ray retired. No knock on Brown or McClellan or even Smith or Ellerbe, but none of them are special players. Mosley should be a force.

  9. Rex said the exact same thing about Mark Sanchez!
    All of these so called “impressive players”, yet so little victories. I wonder what the common denominator could be??? Maybe this time, Rex will get a washable tattoo of his new “impressive player”.

  10. I would trust Rex’s evaluation of a defensive player way more then his assessment of QBs … The guy is a good player, heavy hitter and good run stopper as the high man in the box. But I don’t think this solves the Jets lack of coverage skills on the back end. The goal of every AFC east team is to best the Pats and with guys who are a liability in coverage that’s not gonna happen. He’s definitely a player to worry about when throwing crossing routes and quick passes over the middle but he’s a liability in the vertical passing game.

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