Vince Young should go to Canada


Vince Young wants the NFL.  The NFL doesn’t want him.  The CFL may want him.  But he doesn’t want the CFL.

David Climer of the Tennessean makes the case for Young changing his tune about the 110-yard alternative to the highest level of the sport.  With two years out of the NFL and not even a sip of room-temperature tea with the Browns, Young needs to realize that, if he wants to play football and/or to show the NFL that he still can, he should do it wherever he can.

No disrespect to Canada,” Young told FOX 26 in Houston last month.  “They’ve got some great players that I know play out there, great sport as well, but it’s never been an option for me.”

No disrespect to Young, but his ego could be keeping him from maximizing his shot at returning to the NFL.  Players who have performed well at the NFL level believe that they can still perform well at the NFL level if someone would simply give them a fair chance.  They never let themselves accept the possibility that they’re not as good as they think they are, and that they may need to find a way to improve their skills — or to prove that their own assessment of their abilities is accurate.

Bottom line, Young either wants to play or he doesn’t.  If he wants to play, he needs to embrace the opportunity.

Unless his ego also is concerned that he ultimately could be rejected in Canada, too.

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  1. totally agree…and that goes for guys like Tim Tebow and any dinosaur (a middle to upper 30’s plus former nfl star) who thinks he can still play football

  2. Gotta feel sorry for VY. Hasn’t been given a fair chance since Tennessee where he was 30-17 as a starter. Doesnt make sense…. Buffalo should give him another shot…

  3. he is a more than capable backup in the league. as long as there is a curtis painter, vince young should have a chance.

  4. I can see why it would be hard to go to Canada after already playing in the NFL…but if he truly is in the sport for the love of football, he will take whatever chance he can get. Then again, it is tough to put your body through all that abuse for a smaller paycheck. I would suspect that he will get picked up by someone once qbs start get injured…but that means as a backup and he may never get a shot to play.

  5. His record as a starter wasn’t so bad, and he was highly regarded coming out of college. Makes you wonder what is going on if you go deeper into the story. Interesting that Matt Leinart and Young were the two stud QB’s in the 2006 first round. Only Jay Cutler (who was considered a reach) is an entrenched starter in the NFL….but not for the team that drafted him!

  6. He’d actually be decent there; with the wider/longer field and the ability to have multiple receivers moving towards the line of scrimmage at snap means there’s a lot more open space, and VY doesn’t exactly have Peyton-esque accuracy; in the CFL, there a lot of moving around, throwing on the run, and just getting the ball to a guy standing in open space. He might be decent there, but he just doesn’t have the arm or decision-making to play in the NFL.

    What I just said? Double that for Christian Ponder.

  7. That’s what makes America great … choices. Young can choose anything he wants. But he can’t force a team to hire him.

    He definitely has the talent to play in the NFL and has shown more skill than many starters. The fact is clear, the NFL does not want him. Just like T.O. was more talented than many WRs after his forced retirement, Young has been locked out and I don’t see any way he gets back in.

  8. Hey Vince (and Tim) take note of some the successful and not so successful NFL QB’s that played in the CFL and succeeded:

    Warren Moon , Doug Flutie, Tom Clements, Dieter Brock, Kent Austin, Jeff Garcia, Joe Theisman…

  9. maybe he just doesn’t want to move to a place where his friends and family need a passport to visit. he’s got a life here, and maybe he values that more then football.

  10. According to the Web site “Celebrity Networth” Young is worth NEGATIVE $1.5 million.
    If he still loves football as he professes and he does not want to be broke, he needs to check his ego at the border as he clears customs on his way up North!

  11. he’s been out of the league for two years and they still had the nerve to keep going without him?! they sure are hard headed…keep holding your breath vince…it’s just a matter of time before one of the GMs caves in and signs you

  12. The CFL is more of a throwing league than the NFL.

    CFL doesn’t want you Vince.

  13. Vince Young then changed his mind after his agent whispered to him that The Cheesecake Factory is also in Canada.

  14. I couldn’t agree more Vince young is tailored for the CFL just exactly the way Warren Moon was in two years the CFL will all him to sharpen his skills and maybe then get a fair shot tryouts NFL teams the way more no one was able to. Not to mention that this year above all past years and the CFL the number of former NFL quarterbacks in the league will be numerous such names as John Beck, Pat White Bryan Brohm, Troy Smith all are going to be in camp with various CFL teams

  15. Hey Vince – the CFL is a great league, not sure way you wouldn’t want to give it a chance. It is also probably your only chance to make it back to the NFL. If you do decide to come North, don’t be too overconfident, the talent level is probably higher than you give it credit for.

  16. He wants to go to Canada, but he can’t afford to pay for the $200,000 gold-plated limo that would take him there, to get a job that pays him $100,00 per year.

  17. Let your egos go sometimes. That’s why hockey players and soccer players have longer longevity. Disregarding the fact that the sports are bigger around the world and there’s more leagues, guys move around and take the opportunities that are available. Players go to the KHL, Finnish league, soccer guys EPL, La Liga, France Ligue, etc.

    Football doesn’t have a national team. Football doesn’t have a worldwide presence in terms of leagues that get attention. The NFL has a limited roster. Cast aside your ego and go to Canada and reestablish yourself, same thing with Tim Tebow. It’s ridiculous how stubborn football players can be.

  18. Vince isn’t a CFL quarterback at all. His biggest asset is his mobility, and while that’s often thought of as CFL-friendly, because of the bigger field, it isn’t really. Lot of non-running QBs have been stars in the CFL.

    The main characteristic of the CFL is the players are SMALLER, so guys who were deemed too short for the NFL can play in the CFL. Young isn’t short so this doesn’t help him.

    The other kind of QB who does well in the CFL is smart guys. With all the motion, a smart QB has an advantage. Sadly that’s never been Vince’s strong suit.

    I don’t know why he doesn’t get a chance as a backup in the NFL either, considering he certainly has more talent than most career backups. But 32 GMs seem to think he can’t do the job. If I had to GUESS — and it’s strictly a guess — I would say it’s because he freelances too much to run a good scout team offense in practice, and that’s the main job of most backups.

  19. Matt Leinart, Vince Young, Tim Tebow – Come On Down to Canada for a chance at Redemption.
    BUT, if you are a bust, then there will absolutely be no more NFL for you.

  20. I believe it has a lot to do with VY’s pay check

    – Average CFL starter: $200k – $400K
    – CFL back up may be half that
    – NFL back up or even 3rd string >$400K

    Canadian dollar is weaker than the US dollar, Canadian taxes are a lot higher, the cost of re-locating, etc.

    Lastly, VY probably still has endorsement opportunities in the US especially Texas.

  21. Houston needs to sign him. There are way too many bum QBs in the NFL for him not to be on a team. Something else is going on here…

  22. “Should go to Canada”

    That is the problem right there. Young doesn’t do “should”. He should have saved his money. He didn’t. He should have studied in college. He didn’t. He should have studied and worked harder in the NFL. He didn’t. He did everything wrong as a pro. Maybe that Wonderlic score was more prophetic than we ever knew.

  23. The only reason someone wouldn’t want to play in a lesser league is out of fear they would show they can’t compete in a lesser league

    Every GM in the NFL knows this – thus they’ll not sign Young

    It’s a viscious circle there Vince.

    Play. Show you still got your mojo. You either do or you don’t. But it’s ime to fish or cut bait – otherwise your career is over.

  24. Those who continue to use Young’s win/loss record (31-19) to defend him are hilarious. In 2008, the same Titans went 13-3 with Kerry Collins as their starting QB.
    Football is the only sport in the world that attaches win/loss records onto an individual who plays OFFENSE.
    In hockey, goalies are given win/loss records. Goalies play DEFENSE. In baseball, pitchers are given win/loss records. Pitchers play DEFENSE. But in football, the Ultimate Team Sport, quarterbacks — who only play OFFENSE — are given win/loss records.
    And Vince Young is the poster boy for just how ridiculous that is.

  25. I really have a tough time believing he’s worse than all the current starters in the league, even with 2 years of being on a couch.

    I wont say he’s a complete victim here, but he did get a raw deal in with the Titans and never recovered.

  26. What joesixpack said in his first sentence rings true. If a guy has been rejected as not good enough, the last thing he wants to do if he has self-esteem issues is go to a lesser league and have that proven.

    It’s not having too big of an ego, it’s being insecure. It’s another common reason for laziness . . . it creates a subconscious sense of control over your own failure. Rather than feel inherently not good enough you can always tell yourself “I could have won if I had worked/studied harder” or “If coach had put me in the game we would have won state.”

    A fragile ego looks a lot like a big ego.

  27. sad to say but this guy hasn’t made a right decision in his life. he still probably thinks (as he said in an interview a few years ago) that he will be in the hall of fame. all vy ever thought he had to do was show up- its why he never was in his playbook and why he’ll never play in the league again.

    and i think he screwed jeff fisher and the titans rather than the other way around….

  28. “douchebigelow says: May 18, 2014 12:51 PM And take Justin Bieber with ya.”

    Funny comment of the day. Worth repeating.

  29. Vince Young doesn’t want to play. That’s why he wants to be an NFL backup collecting a hefty paycheck. If he went to Canada he would have to play.

  30. This is why you stay one more year in college and graduate. This guys head got too big after he single handedly willed the great Texas Longhorns to a championship. Guys always came back and graduated before Vince left early. Now it happens almost every year, minus that whole zero drafted year. Vince could have had a nice degree in kinesiology with something to fall back on.

  31. VY has a reputation outside of football too. He’s known as being late to events and appointments regularly and doesn’t seem to take that seriously.

    But people who schedule those appointments DO take it seriously and remember.

  32. John Beck, Pat White and Brian Brohm aren’t going to make their respective CFL teams, but kudos to the poster above that mentioned they were in camps.

    While I suppose VY could make the bottom half of an NFL roster at this point, I don’t really see the point of him sitting as third string in Ottawa or second string in Toronto for $50k. He’s better suited starting his post-NFL life, leveraging his degree and accumulated NFL savings in….oh wait. Nevermind.

  33. NFL: What would it hurt??? Bring in Vince Young and give him a fair and honest tryout….

  34. Vince is simply too big time to lower himself to the Joe Theismann, Warren Moon, Doug Flutie-level.

    And if that’s the case, Vinny, then stop talking about “playing football,” because now it’s clearly something you no longer want to.

  35. VY is and will forever be my favorite QB ! You can’t argue with 31-19. This league is about wins and losses and he clearly has gotten it done more than not. It’s all about production and he can clearly produce so the irony here is clearly greater than football. They won’t give him another shot cause they know if given the chance he “will” produce. They just don’t like him on a personal level cause of his arrogance so he’s been blackballed ala T.O., ala Chad Johnson, ala Allen Iverson in the NBA. These guys obviously pissed off the wrong big-wig in their respective league with their inflated ego’s and the message has been clearly delivered that their time is up before father time interveined…. I get it.

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