Bills warn Seantrel Henderson this is his “one shot”


Bills rookie offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson is a first-round talent who was still available for Buffalo to draft him in the seventh round because of a series of incidents that had NFL teams questioning his commitment to football. The Bills want Henderson to know that any more incidents will result in him losing his job.

“We’ve talked to Seantrel and he knows that he’s got one shot,” Bills G.M. Doug Whaley told ESPN. “We’re saying we’ll give you this one shot. It has nothing to do with us saying this guy is a talented football player; he’s been dealing with some demons. Hopefully those demons are out of his life and why not give somebody — this is America — give somebody a chance.”

Henderson’s off-field issues have included multiple failed drug tests in college and another failed drug test at the NFL Combine, plus a failure to complete his Pro Day workout. Bills coach Doug Marrone says the team knows what it’s getting with Henderson and will send him packing if he’s unable or unwilling to do everything the team asks of him.

“It was something that we did a lot of research on. We want to make sure that we know exactly what the situation is, exactly what we’re dealing with and seeing if we’re able to be the proper influence to make that change,” Marrone said. “And does the player want to make that change? I think all those things come in to play and if that happens we’re going to get ourselves one heck of a football player. If it doesn’t, he’ll go find another line of work.”

Drafting a guy with Henderson’s background is a risk, but if they end up cutting him, they’re only out a seventh-round pick. Considering that some observers believe Henderson could develop into a Pro Bowl offensive tackle, that was a risk the Bills were willing to take.

47 responses to “Bills warn Seantrel Henderson this is his “one shot”

  1. By being drafted in the 7th round… people can only call him a LIFE BUST (not an NFL BUST) when he is released.

  2. Sometimes the light comes on for someone when they realize their job, life, career, family’s life in on the line. Sometimes they continue to make boneheaded mistakes. It’s time to wise up and seize the opportunity that few get. Hopefully, the light comes on for him.

  3. Doesn’t sound like he was going to get drafted at all with that rap sheet. Might have been better to wait and sign him as a UFA.

  4. I’ve been following him for a long time. The kid has a ton of talent, rare size and athleticism. I think the big problem with Seantrel is that he doesn’t love the game. He doesn’t love the day to day grind and process. He does well for a few weeks and then loses discipline. He’s not a bad person, teammate or player. He just doesn’t love the game that much.

  5. I think the team is smart to take that chance. All parties involved know the score, so let’s see if he’s a keeper or a bust. I hope the dude succeeds.

  6. dont think drugs are his real problem,everything ive seen and read about this guy points to emotional instability,just look at his college recruitment,,,hope the kid makes it,not with buffalo,but i hope he makes it

  7. One of the most interesting picks in the entire draft. If he can get past those demons this no doubt down the road will be looked at as a steal.

    If Kouandjio also works out it will make the Bills front office look like geniuses.

  8. And if he fails in Buffalo, there will be some other team willing to give him “one (more) shot”…

    I’ve followed Seantrell since his HS Days and wished he could have stayed home and played for the Golden Gophers… Obviously, he chose the party scene and it has consumed him.

    I’d wish him Good Luck, but he needs a hell of alot more than luck.. He needs self discipline.

  9. One must ask oneself…..If I don’t succeed with this opportunity what becomes of me? Wake up …because the number is staggering how many would kill themselves for this chance!

  10. Hopefully they are providing him with mental health resources and not just football resources. One shot sure, but give him a shot to live a good life in case he doesn’t make it on the field.

  11. Imagine how much $$$ he could have made if he had kept his nose clean, these players are just too dumb if the answers were in front of them.

  12. I take the same approach to my 12th round fantasy football selections. Lamar Miller learned this the hard way last year.

  13. If it addiction he is dealing with ?? Then it is just a matter of time before he fails another drug test. He needs to be in a program and have a sponsor @ attend daily meetings! It is that kind of dedication that will keep him clean! If in fact, drug addiction is the main problem. Failing all those drug tests is beyond a series of “boneheaded mistakes” 1x can be chalked up to a mistake, multiple failed tests suggests a problem! I wish the kid nothing but love and support! He can have it all if he follows a program 🙂

  14. Bills have to back it up now. One issue and he’s done.

    I sort if sense a new NFL attitude after the Aaron Hernandez fiasco- not comparing the two guys, just saying I think there’s going to be less tolerance than there was before on all issues.

  15. The problem with anyone doing drugs is that THEY DON’T CARE about anything but obtaining and using more drugs. They will lie, cheat and steal anything to accomplish that objective. It’s really sad what this culture does to enslave minds. Good luck with him Buffalo.

  16. I went up against this guy in high school when he played for CDH with Mike Floyd. Never got dominated like that in my life.. Hope he makes it!

  17. Usually you give a guy another chance when he has shown some consistency in a behavioral change. He failed a drug test at the combine and didn’t finish his pro day (because of drugs?). There hasn’t been any track record by the guy to support the chance their taking, but we are talking Buffalo here and I guess they are desperate..

  18. Nobody wanted to give Fred Jackson a shot.

    Nobody wanted to give Vontaze Burfict a shot.

    Nobody wanted to give Jason Peters a shot.

    But someone did and now they are 3 of the best players in the NFL at their positions.

    Two of them started in Buffalo, one remains. It is well worth the risk. And if he doesn’t cut it, out the door he will go just like Da’Rick Rogers last summer.

    Purifoy is a horrible example, like Henderson, he has proven nothing yet.

  19. it is a no risk pick for the bills, if he keeps his head on straight they get a bargain. if not they only invested a 7th round pick on the guy and let’s face it not many of those work out anyway. but it is good they let him no from the start that a chance is all he gets so if he screws up he has only himself to blame. and maybe the kid really is not that good and a product of hype but either way he gets his chance and if he fails it is his fault.

  20. Stevie Johnson was a seventh rounder. He didn’t have the issues like this guy. Will see

  21. Bills fans, do not get your hopes up. This guy has shown no signs that the light will ever turn on. What a waste…

  22. Sad, but it’s hard to change a lifetime of habits in a couple months, even if he wants to.

    Also, he’s probably been told this before, only to get yet another chance, so the supposed finality of this chance probably does not register.

  23. I hope he does enough to get himself clean. He’s got the skills to be really good. And if he does develop into a pro bowl player, I’m sure he’ll find himself with another second chance if he relapses…

  24. Ask Seantrel about his rap career. That will be next for this load. He has a history of underachieving.

  25. So, did the Bills give up a 7th round pick for this guy? I mean, based on PFT logic, the way they hounded Buffalo for “giving up” 2 first round picks + for Watkins, that is the only logical explanation. I know, sorry about that dead horse. Either way, if he can cut it, imagine the beef on that O-Line, reminiscent of that Dallas line that dominated the early ’90’s. You could essentially hand the ball off 45-50 times per game and just wear whoever you play down. Marrone was an O-lineman and coach, so It could happen!

  26. It would have been great if Miami had properly disciplined him after the first few failed drug tests instead of slapping him on the wrist because of his talent. The Urban Meyer approach clearly doesn’t help mold kids into productive citizens.

  27. Hope he gets into a 12 Step recovery program, not just rehab. There is a lot of ignorance regarding alcoholism and drug addition. To earth people it is a boneheaded act. To those that have the disease, they are powerless.

  28. I don’t know that much about this young man but is this potentially another hernandez in the making? I mean Aaron started out with failed drug tests!

  29. The best indicator of future results is past behavior. Sometimes the light comes on – usually it doesn’t.

  30. Doing something you didn’t know was wrong is a mistake.
    Doing something you know is wrong is a choice, not a mistake.
    Doing something you know is wrong two or more times is a choice and a practice and a habit, not a mistake.

  31. For every Vontaze Burfict there are three Titus Youngs.

    If you spend your entire life screwing up and being given “one more chance” because you are genetically gifted, then worrying about consequence isn’t something that you do. You’ve never had to deal with them before so you don’t have the tools to take it seriously now. Hopefully he pulls himself together, because I never root for anyone to fail, but it will be success against the odds.

  32. Unfortunately, should he make the team and play like a monster, he will get another chance if caught smoking dope. We will all forget today’s proclamation from the Bills. They are not going to let go of their cheap investment if he pans out on the field.

    What needs to happen is a change in the dope policy. Either you have zero tolerance for it and enforce it, or you let them smoke it which is illegal in many places still.

  33. Kind of sad how stupid this guy is. He’ll regret throwing away this chance when he looks back on it several years down the road.

  34. I remember when Seantrel Henderson first committed to USC. Boy, did he have all the talent in the world. He really had the Tiger by the tail, so to speak. Then he decommitted and went to Miami. I’d say USC dodged a bullet where Seantrel Henderson is concerned.
    Note to Buffalo: Don’t hold your breath. Actions always speak louder than words.

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