Browns add another receiver

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The Browns did nothing in the draft to address their issues at the receiver position.  Since the draft, they’ve done plenty.

After signing Earl Bennett and Miles Austin (and cutting Greg Little), the Browns have signed another wideout.  Per a league source, Anthony Armstrong has joined the team.

Armstrong, who has played for the Redskins, Dolphins, Jaguars, and Cowboys, participated in the team’s rookie minicamp on a tryout basis.  Out of football in 2013, he racked up 871 receiving yards as a rookie with Washington in 2010, Kyle Shanahan’s first year as the team’s offensive coordinator.

He’s surely a long-shot to make the 53-man roster, but the Browns have a need and now Armstrong has a job.

20 responses to “Browns add another receiver

  1. Their best new WR addition could just end up being a waiver wire cut now that a few teams have loaded up on WRs in the draft. They will have several freebie options to look over that could be great additions.

  2. Boy that Josh Gordon suspension is huge, what a bunch of scrubs that the Browns have. Now, Austin hasnt been relevant since his hamstrings were shot.I wont even talk about the others. On the D, side a solid squad, still see another 4-6 win season.

  3. The approach that Farmer is taking with the WR position is a good one. Grab as many as you can and see who can play and cut the rest. Some of these guys can be just as productive as a rookie WR taken in the later rounds of the draft.

  4. funny how alot of steelers ravens and bengals fans say ” johnny wont succeed against the great defences of the afc north.” the same steelers ravens who missed the playoffs? the same bengals team who got exposed by the chargers at home? okaaay

  5. Succeed? He should just hope to survive. Dude is way too slight to play with the bigs.

  6. With what appears to be an almost complete shuffling of their roster, the Browns seem poised to improve. A 6-10 season is well within reach.

  7. Yeah they have like 7 QB’s,,,umpteen no name WR’s,,,and a loser owner..heading to jail.

  8. Josh Gordon, reliably possessing guy.
    Earl Bennett, reliable possession guy.
    Miles Austin, former big play threat, current IR threat.
    Andrew Hawkins, undersized wildcard.
    Nate Burleson, extremely reliable at getting a pizza home at all costs.
    Anthony Armstrong, special teams help at best.

  9. This guy is touring the NFL. Armstrong on tour 2014. Coming to a city near you!!

  10. They have a bevy of WR’s now signed. It’s apparent there will be a “Last Man Standing” from this group when the preseason games begin.

  11. Armstrong was a one trick pony in dc. Go deep and couple times he caught a wide open bomb td. That’s it.

  12. Armstrong is a good deep threat, but that’s pretty much it. He averaged 19.8 yards per catch in 2010 while almost getting 900 yards, but lost his starting job the next season because he couldn’t get separation in press coverage.

  13. I actually don’t think he’s a long shot at all.

    I think this will make some other teams with better QBs in need of receivers look foolish for not bringing in Armstrong.

    But no point in arguing. Time will tell.

  14. Don’t look for the Cowboy haters in the media to say it but the Browns are a loud noise and a grunt followed by a fowl odor with diarrhea running down your leg franchise. The Browns are a large turd floating in pee water! lol

  15. Dont know what cowboy haters (anyone who doesnt like to watch garbage teams) have to do with this. But why do we keep hearing about these unwanted 3rd receivers going to the browns? If Gordon is suspended theyre left with a bunch of scrubs. Good luck cleavland, u have a better chance of getting lebron back than making the playoffs.

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