Browns keep insisting QB competition is real and fair


Any time there’s competition — so long as it’s legitimate — there’s going to be tension.

But Browns coach Mike Pettine insisted the starting quarterback job would be up for a fair fight.

I don’t know if they’re going to be sending each other Christmas cards anytime soon,” Pettine said with a smile, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “But they know they’re both in it together and they’re going to compete and I think they both feel comfortable that as a staff we’re going to put the best quarterback [out there] that puts us in position to win games.”

Manziel will obviously draw more attention, but the Browns have insisted throughout that Hoyer is viewed as the starter. At least for now.

That’s probably temporary, as one of them is Brian Hoyer and the other one is Johnny F. Football, but it’s good to know they’re taking the competition seriously.

If nothing else, it keeps expectations in check, and that might be as important for Browns fans as it is for Manziel himself.

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  1. Manziell has barely seen an NFL practice field, let alone an actual game, so it makes perfect sense for the Browns to view Hoyer as the starter FOR NOW. Very few rookie QBs are handed the keys to the car in May, but after training camps wind down and the regular season nears…I bet by then Johnny Football will be making his coach’s QB decision a lot more difficult.

  2. I don’t know why no one has mentioned the approach the Seahawks took with RW3 and the success they enjoyed, especially considering he was last on the real life depth chart.

    Best man plays, you got to earn it.

  3. Two years ago the Seahawks had an ACTUAL open competition. The best QB won and it worked out well. If the Browns do the same, it’ll be the best thing for them. Start the best guy. Make the kid earn it.

  4. “It’s a legitimate competition.”

    That’s right up there with:
    “The check is is in the mail.”
    “Of course I’ll still respect you in the morning.”
    “That’s my sister’s number.”
    “Listen, fellahs. We’ll take that scrubby island over there in the harbor off your hands for these nice shiny beads.”

  5. IF the competition isnt fair, and Johnny F. Football starts sucking, that locker room is going to explode.

    The Cleveland Browns need to be on HBO.

  6. Hoyer starts the first 3 games…which are all tough games he’ll need to win at least one to keep the job, if not … then bye week and Manziel becomes starter. Gordon comes back after 10 game suspension.

  7. Technically Flynn got hurt and Wilson started taking 1st team reps. The coaches saw how good he was and decided to make a very brave decision and sit the guy they just paid $50MM for and play a rookie…. the rest is, as they say.. history.

    This is a completely different situation than that.

  8. All of the Browns QB competitions have been real and fair. Just ask all 50 of the QBs who have started for them since they came back in the NFL since 1999.

  9. It’s an open competition alright. A competition to see who the best actor is, Hoyer, Manziel, Pettine, or Haslam. My vote is Pettine, he said that with a pretty straight face.

  10. I couldn’t be more excited that this is “really” happening so now I can expect an hourly Johnny Football column and my Jets will finally be relegated to a daily instead of their normal hourly slot…thank you Cleveland!

  11. I’m surprised there hasn’t been more talk about how Shanahan Jr. and Manziel will get along. Kyle is just like his dad when it comes to the my way or the highway state of mind. Doesn’t seem like that attitude will mesh with Manziel’s. Add a dysfunctional organization to the mix and you have the perfect ingredients for a mid season meltdown.

  12. I don’t see why the Browns SHOULDN’T make Manziel compete to be the starter. It isn’t like they drafted Andrew Luck. Exciting isn’t the same thing as NFL quarterback.

    Shannahan is running that offense after Washington where a rookie quarterback that was very exciting and required a specialized offense be run was handed the keys to the franchise no questions asked and that didn’t go very well. I wouldn’t be surprised if Johnny Football didn’t spend an entire year on the bench proving her understood NFL offenses and wasn’t going to go off script every time he felt like he might have a hole.

  13. Take a chance and start the kid. Let him get all the first team reps from day 1. He could be a bust but he is a competitor who hates to lose. He might be the thing to turn this franchise around. You haven’t won without him. The think like a backup crap is why you bottom feed in your division.

  14. Hoyer has had to scrap for every snap he’s taken. Nobody has given him anything. In the limited games I’ve seen him play, he’s a bona fide pro QB.He has worked hard to make himself that.

    He’s got very good footwork, which enables him to have a very quick and accurate release. He has adequate arm strength and a quiet, calming resolve.

    Hoyer is the anti-Manziel. There couldn’t be two more different types competing for the same job. Remember the video of Romo jumping in the air and twisting to throw, after he had hurt his back? Well, every highlight pass Manziel threw looks that way.

    Hoyer is better, but like NFL defenders, I want Manziel to play. In fact, they’re licking their chops.

  15. What stands out to me is when JF texted the Browns during the draft, and Haslem said: “He wants to be here? Let’s get him.” Or something similar. To me, that says much about both of those guys. JF has the brass to text Brown management, and the owner takes note of the fact that he wants to be a Brown. I have nothing but good wishes for this kid.

  16. Because of rules changes and the way college football prepares players, the days of rookie NFL quarterbacks watching from the sidelines are long gone. Contrary to popular mythology, finding a quality quarterback is no longer all that difficult.
    There are 320 million people in this country. ESPN would like us to believe that finding 32 men qualified to start in the NFL at quarterback is an impossibility.

  17. All I’ve got to say is: Vince Young (3-0 versus Eli[te] Manning/G-Men – “over .500 team”)

  18. Ah the Cleveland Browns…

    Charlie Frye and Brady Quinn will compete.

    Media “Everyone knows Quinn will start”

    Browns go 10-6 with DEREK ANDERSON.

    As long as Mike Holmgren isn’t saying it I believe them when they say this is a real competition. You might not get a next year if you screw it up.

  19. It is the National media that insists on making a story of this, that’s why the Browns closed mini-camp to them. Local media isn’t doing much talking, it isn’t what they are most concerned with right now. As with World/National news all it will take is something happening Football-wise somewhere else and the National outlets will forget all about Manziel, the you guys can talk about that instead.

    This whole frenzy is a made-up deal that everyone has been sucked into. Right now I have a re-broadcast of a daily show playing on the TV. Listeners are calling in and talking about baseball while the host has mentioned cuts the Browns made at camp—–no one has even brought up what’s-his-name.

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