Buccaneers sign fifth-round pick Kevin Pamphile


The Buccaneers are halfway to a fully signed draft class.

The team announced Monday that they have signed fifth-round tackle Kevin Pamphile to the standard four-year rookie contract. With Pamphile signed, the Bucs have now signed three of their six draft picks from earlier this month.

Pamphile moved from defensive line to tackle at Purdue and started on the left side of the line for his final two seasons. He performed well at the school’s pro day and he’s probably got more room to grow given his limited experience on offense. Tampa thought enough of that potential to trade a 2014 seventh-round pick and a 2015 fifth-rounder to take him with the 149th overall pick, so he could be a player to watch as the Bucs sort things out on the offensive line this summer.

First-round wide receiver Mike Evans, second-round tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins and third-round running back Charles Sims remain unsigned in Tampa.

4 responses to “Buccaneers sign fifth-round pick Kevin Pamphile

  1. I know that you guys like to have a gazillion posts per day and usually I like to see that many, but do you really have to make a new post every time a player signs his rookie contract? They are all slotted and there is zero negotiation. It’s not like any of these guys won’t sign. Perhaps you can just have a single post that is updated and lists each team with all of their picks and then says “signed” or “unsigned” next to them?

  2. Worse yet is the UFA signings… ughhh

    (While you are at it, please limit news about Mante Teo, Tebow, Michael Sam, Johhny Manziel and any 3rd sting player.)

  3. The updates are outstanding…and found basically nowhere else.

    Helps us rabid NFL types get by in the slow times.

    Keep up good work guys.

  4. If you don’t want news in the off season go somewhere else please.

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