Dolphins reinstate Don Jones after anti-Michael Sam tweet

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Dolphins safety Don Jones, who was fined and suspended from the team’s offseason program for a social media message about Michael Sam, has been reinstated.

Jones was required to undergo “educational training” as part of his condition for reinstatement, according to Alex Marvez of FOX Sports.

After Sam was drafted and became the NFL’s first openly gay player, Jones wrote on Twitter that he thought it was “horrible” having to watch Sam kiss his boyfriend on TV. Jones later deleted the tweet and apologized.

Although Jones is wrong if he thinks there’s something “horrible” about two men kissing, there are potentially troubling implications to the discipline the Dolphins handed down to Jones. The NFL doesn’t seem to have clear guidelines about what is and is not acceptable to say on social media, and as a result players don’t know which types of statements will result in getting fined, suspended and forced to undergo “educational training.” The league would be wise to offer training to all players about how to properly conduct themselves on social media, rather than simply reacting after a player has said something wrong.

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  1. The training is supposed to come first before working the job, not reactionary to things the employer didn’t think of in advance. It’s called being responsible with your business and workplace environment.

  2. So, let me get this straight. Criticize an openly gay player and you risk ostracism, fines, suspension, and loss of your livelihood. If you’re lucky, you only need to undergo something called “sensitivity training.” Criticize an openly Christian player for saving himself for marriage and mock him for taking a knee on the field showing his respect to god, and you create a cultural phenomenon known as “Tebowing” that blows up the internet and even leads to a skit on a popular Saturday night TV show. Do the words “double standard” mean anything?

  3. “Although Jones is wrong if he thinks there’s something “horrible” about two men kissing…”

    No, he’s NOT wrong. He’s entitled to his opinion, same as you.

  4. Imagine if the people who didn’t agree with the agenda this site pushes got there football info elsewhere. Judging by the thumbs up/thumbs down results that would be troublesome. Most count on football as an escape from the politics and opinions.

  5. Will all of you stop bringing up Tebow as evidence of some “double-standard” in regards to the treatment of Sam.

    I don’t remember anyone tweeting slurs at Tebow, or calling him “horrible” because of his faith. Or saying anything derogatory about him. And it was fans who started the Tebowing trend, not some vast media conspiracy or hidden agenda.

    Tebow is not playing in the league right now, not because of his faith…but because he isn’t very good at football!

    As for Don Jones’ comments, he is entitled to his opinion…and his employer is also entitled to punish him for opinions he makes as members of the team that may hurt their public image. Reread the first amendment (specifically the first word of it) if you need a refresher on who your rights are protected against.

  6. If Sam would’ve posted the same tweets if a straight player kissed his girlfriend would anything happen to him? It’s sad but their is no equality anymore and just because someone views something a certain way they’re criticized because others don’t share the same views.

  7. Unbelievable. Wasn’t smart to tweet it but it’s just his opinion. And people keep ignoring that people’s issue wasn’t with the kiss but the over the top cake smearing and licking. And I think that would be dumb and immature if it was a guy and girl too.

  8. “Educational training” – what Communist bloc countries like China, N. Korea, etc. and cults like Scientologists use as reprogramming & brainwashing.

  9. Interesting how so many who claim to support the concept of freedom are so quick to defend those who oppress it. Neither the NFL nor the Dolphins, not this website, should partake in stomping out a man’s right to express his opinion with regards to the important issues of our time. And while some seem to believe that they should because they can, that doesn’t mean it’s right for them to do so.

  10. This is not a 1st Amendment issue.
    Don Jones has every right to voice his personal opinion. Just as Michael Sam has every right to love who ever he wants. The issue at hand is when a private individual is punished for voicing a personal opinion on his own time. Did Mr Jones send this tweet from a company computer or from a company office?
    What if your employer was of the mind set that differed from yours? Let say a person held “Pro Choice” opinion and their employer held a “Pro Life” stance. And you tweeted out something about “Pro Choice”. Would you find it unjust if you had to under go “educational training” and forfeit some salary. For simply voicing your personal opinion.

    Or did Mr Jones loose all “personal rights” when the Dolphins drafted him in the 7th round, last year.

  11. I just wish he had stood up for himself, there are a huge amount of people who agree with him and surely his First Amendment rights would trump the Dolphin’s political correctness?

  12. Good that over. Lets get to work and build a playoff caliber football squad. Nearly there last year lets not let the last two shambolic games spoil that was nearly a playoff run which would have been remarkable after all the distractions.

  13. Not sure why this is even a story. Your catering to about 10k of the people of this country who care about this. Most of us don’t care what these guys do in their spare time. If they wanna kiss dudes, complain about it, or whatever. None of this matters to any of us. Just because the ones most upset are the most vocal doesn’t mean we should cater to them.

    When did it become ok to take away someone’s rights to appease a smaller group.

  14. If I was Jones I’d tell his employer to take his sensitivity training and stick it up his butt. He is entitled to his opinion no matter if his employer likes it or not.

  15. If you have to use “re-education”, suspension, fines, ostracizing to punish someone who thinks differently than you do— just so the “offender” and you can play act as if you are right— perhaps your own ideas are not that compelling or believable.

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