Eagles bring back Arrelious Benn after cutting him last week

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Call it a weekend off for Arrelious Benn.

The Eagles announced this morning they had re-signed the wide receiver, who was cut Friday.

Benn was scheduled to make $1.1 million under his old deal, and will likely make less than that with the new one.

He didn’t play a snap for the Eagles last year after tearing his ACL last summer.

He had earned some positive reviews before his injury, so he has a chance to make a role for himself after the departures of DeSean Jackson and Jason Avant.

28 responses to “Eagles bring back Arrelious Benn after cutting him last week

  1. Diehard Eagles fan here. Benn wont make the 53. With J-Mac, Cooper, Jordan Matthews & Josh Huff all locks, that leaves 1-2 spots at WR with Damaris Johnson, Maehl, Kadron Boone, Quron Pratt, Brad Smith, Ifeanyi Momah and of course Benn fighting for that last spot. I think Boone or Damaris will get it.

  2. Benn was a 2nd round draft pick who has only been derailed by injuries. He should be able to beat out Damaris Johnson, Maehl, Kadron Boone, Quron Pratt, Brad Smith, and Ifeanyi Momah.

  3. ^Benn is a former second-rounder who’s had 2 torn ACL’s. He’s only played 8 games since 2011 and in those games he had a total of 4 receptions. The guy cant and never could stay healthy and thats what ruined his career. He wont make it out of camp.

  4. Benn has constantly been derailed.

    year after year this guy is hurt.
    there’s no way they invest a roster spot in a guy that goes down when the wind blows too hard.

  5. If Benn actually dedicates himself he could be a very good option. He has been hyped for his size and speed since high school. Potential is what gets him paid. Hence the pay cut. Hope he commits and breaks out this year.

  6. Benns career has nothing to do with being dedicated or committed. The dude has bum knees and cant take two steps without blowing his ACL

  7. Resigned at a reduced contract. I don’t quite understand the difference between doing it this way and restructuring. Maybe the actual cash has to remain the same if you restructure?

  8. Eagle’s have no depth at WR. Damaris Johnson, Jeff Maehl, Ifeanyi Momah and Brad Smith aren’t impressive to me. If Benn can stay healthy, he’s easily better than those dudes.

  9. @wydok They may have approached Benn about a restructure, he and his agent refused so he was cut. Then his agent has permission to talk to other teams, who had no interest, so he was resigned to the team he spent all last season on the sidelines learning the playbook.

  10. No matter what you all think of him, he is excellent when and if he can stay healthy. Maclin isnt exactly a lock not to get hurt again is he? Benn is 6′ 2” and can fly. This could be interesting.

  11. Lots of hate for Benn but if Chips magic milkshakes do the trick this year the eagles could be getting a 2nd round talent for pennies on the dollar.. completely worth the gamble.

  12. If benn beats out cooper, meaning we should expect more than we got from cooper last year, GrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRREAT!

  13. Disclaimer- Nick Foles LOVES cooper. That’s enough, if his production isn’t, to keep the job. But matthews and a healthy benn are great 3 and 4 with the other new oregon kid too. Plus that Maclin guy.

    Sorry haters- That’s Pllllenty of wr production to punish a d that’s already trying to figure out if we are going left to mccoy or right to sproles on a screen with one of the most athletic plowing o-lines in the league and a 25 year old nick foles.

    Fun times cometh.

  14. I think Frank Gore has as many ACLs in as many years as a young dude. That was 10+ stellar NFL seasons ago. So lets not give up on Benn when we can see what happens on the cheap with no risk relative to the potential upside- however improbable.

  15. Nice, I was really excited about him getting healthy and getting a real shot after Jackson and Avant left. I thought he would definitely be the 3rd or 4th wr on the team but then the Eagles cut him. I liked him a lot out of College and I happy that he’s finally healthy.

    I think he brings more to the team at Wr then Jeff Maehl, Damaris Johnson, or Brad Smith. I like Jordan Matthews a lot but Im not sold on Huff yet. So I think he has a real shot at being the 4th option on the team.

    The only way I see him not making the team is if the Eagles only keep 5 wide receivers. Maclin, Cooper, and Matthews are locks. Plus Chip isnt letting Huff go anywhere. So it may come down to Brad Smith vs Arrelious Benn, and in that situation they may decide to take Smith and his special teams ability over Benn’s size and ball skills.

  16. Youknowimright is going to change his screen name after 2015 when the Eagles are dominating the division once again with the ever so impressive Chip Kelly.

  17. Just because you might dominate a mediocre division doesn’t mean that you will win a SB. They’re just not that good and the front office still thinks that offense wins championships. Chipper back to school 2015. Petrino style.

  18. I’m nowhere near an Eagles fan, but the more I see of the way Chip Kelly works the more I like it. Sure, football is a business, and they had to cut him since he cost too much cap space and hasn’t been productive since he was drafted due to all his injuries. He’s still a good guy for the locker room and if healthy still has a lot of untapped upside. He knows their system, he knows the playbook, and the coaches know him and apparently think he’s worth the shot. I hope it works out.

  19. Let the Eagles fans have their little bromance with Chip and keep thinking he’s out smarted the NFL. After week 3 they will be dressing him up as Santa and pelting him with batteries until he leaves town. That’s the Eagle way.

  20. I’m glad we signed him Jimmy Smith landed on 2 rosters before he went on to have a career at Jacksonville same deal he couldn’t get on the field. Check out his college game tape the guy is off the charts

  21. So back to the dingus logic again. Nobody said Chip Kelly outsmarted the NFL. What people are saying is “that Chip Kelly guy sure seems to know a lot about the game of football and seems like after taking a crappy team and turning them into a division winning team and having the 2nd ranked offense in the NFL that he is a wonderful fit and will seemingly only continue to get better”. Something like that…

  22. As a long time Bucs fan, I would like to see him come back to Tampa. He had a pretty nice run until injuries got him cut. He is a great talent, just needs some strength and conditioning.Good luck, AB.

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