Falcons break ground on new stadium project

The eventual replacement for the Georgia Dome as the home of the Atlanta Falcons had its groundbreaking ceremony on Monday night.

Commissioner Roger Goodell, owner Arthur Blank and mayor Kasim Reed were among the members to take part in the ceremony.

According to Tim Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the $1.2 billion retractable roof stadium is scheduled to open in March 2017. Work on the project has already begun but Monday night’s ceremony was the official groundbreaking for the stadium.

Finding a location for the stadium proved problematic as a pair of churches located south of the Georgia Dome were unwilling to sell their properties. However, agreements were finally reached to clear the way for new stadium last September.

[photo courtesy of AtlantaFalcons.com]

13 responses to “Falcons break ground on new stadium project

  1. Can’t wait. Georgia Dome & Turner Field are about to be replaced by futuristic state of the art facilities. Excited to be an Atlanta fan!

  2. I wonder, do you think they could build it to last a little longer than 22 years, this time?

  3. Another taxpayer funded workplace for multi billionaires. It’s going to take many decades to pay off the billion. Let’s hope it’s paid off before the billion dollar falcons demand a new stadium

  4. I’m gonna be honest couldn’t the Georgia Dome simply have undergone a major-refit ( personally it was quite fine the last few times I’ve been.) but remove the current dome and install a retractable roof with a similar shape & then modified drainage, upgrade suites with a few other things 20 more years added to the dome.

  5. How is it that Atlanta gets a new stadium, to replace the Georgia Dome that was completed in 1992? Meanwhile, the Oakland Raiders cannot get a Stadium to replace the delapidated, and only shared Baseball/Football venue in the league that Oakland has had since 1966? (Minus the LA years) Add in the sewage problems they’ve had the last few years, and it becomes more rediculous. Yeah, sure, there is no conspiracy against the Oakland Raider franchise.
    The NFL only wants to put the best product out there, unless….

  6. I should also add, that Oakland’s proposed stadium, that is going nowhere is $800 million. As opposed to $1.2 billion for an UNEEDED stadium in Atlanta.

  7. Take it from someone that lived in Atlanta for 20 years. This is a waste of money! The GA dome was fine! Crooked deal from Blank and the City!

  8. I can’t understand where the logic lies in building a new stadium is more economically obtained than to just modernize these older existing buildings. It works in Green Bay, Kansas City, Chicago (although the Soldier Field design is awful). Updating an existing building by modernizing its infrastructure and updating its appearance makes much more sense for Atlanta, Oakland , Buffallo ect. Building up an existing stadiums outside at a third of the cost of a new stadium will still achieve what the league desires. You do not pay off a billion dollars playing 8 games a year. And yes, the days of outdoor 80,000 people concerts ended in this country 20yrs ago, so that won’t pay it off either. I think the NFL can take a page from European Soccer, which has a much larger global audience, those clubs downsized there stadiums years ago. Some Euro grounds are over 100 yrs old, yet have been modernized to compete with any stadium being built to NFL standards. It’s all about the TV money anyways, only the hardcore fanatics or super wealthy will go to games evetyally. The Raiders are the only team that want to downsize in Oakland, and it totally makes sense…only if you repair the existing grounds and not build a new billion dollar stadium. p.s ATL hellaweak

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