Gordon appeal is proceeding

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Not much has been reported or disclosed in the 10 days since ESPN first broke the news that Browns receiver Josh Gordon faces a season-long suspension for his latest violation of the substance-abuse policy.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Gordon is appealing the discipline.

The timetable for a resolution and precise duration of the potential discipline remain unknown, as does the question of whether Gordon’s past issues have placed him in Stage 2 or Stage 3 of the substance-abuse policy.

It’s likely that he’s in Stage 3, since only a violation in Stage 3 triggers a permanent ban with the ability to apply for reinstatement after a year.  Discipline arising from an effort to cheat the testing process could extend for a year or longer, but there’s no reason to think this was anything other than a “normal” violation by Gordon.

Either way, the Browns need to plan for life without Gordon.  If he’s ultimately suspended for a full year, he’ll have to stay clean through multiple and consistent unannounced tests, or he’ll never be reinstated.

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  1. This guy was suspended multiple times in college for failed drug tests, now he is in the NFL and continues to fail drug tests… hard to imagine he is able to win an appeal in my mind.

  2. So if you yell bomb at an airport, have a DUI & adult weapons charge. Or spend 2 years in the Fed for running a dog fighting ring; that’s acceptable.

    But if you do drugs you’re banned for life. Hypocrisy at its height.

  3. To the best of my knowledge, he has never hit a woman or driven while drunk. If the guys who did those things can play, why can’t he? The NFL’s rules on pot are outdated and need to be changed.

  4. It’s sad, but I have no faith that he’ll stay clean. He was suspended for drug use from two college programs and had to enter the supplemental draft. He tested positive at least once prior to his positive ‘codeine’ test and was suspended for two games and fined four game checks. Told that he was on his last chance and would be suspended for at least a year if he tested positive again, he tested positive yet again.

    If he hasn’t grasped that he has a problem and that it leads to negative consequences by now, when will he? He could be one of the best receivers in the league for the next 10 years, but he just doesn’t get it.

  5. I cannot understand the thought process these young men have. A chance for ontold millions for playing a ball game. All you have to do is keep your head down and okay.

  6. Just institute a maximum salary policy in which no professional athlete is allowed to make more than 500k per year. do u think that the caliber of person playing will improve? I guarantee it does.

  7. I read somewhere that the trace amount of thc found in his screening could very well have been second hand. In fact, it showed up in only one of two tests. The testing on Gordon was more stringent than other major league sports. If this is the case, it’s more about the company he keeps than being stupid enough to do it again. People need to stop being so judgmental without having all the facts. This is why Haslam said that Gordon will continue to be a Brown for a long time regardless of the ruling.

  8. Get over it. The rules are the rules, and both him and his agent know the rules. If he’s so stupid he’ll risk his financial future to smoke some weed, he doesn’t deserve my sympathy. I’m as pro-legalization as they come, but i know full well if i fail a drug test, i’m getting fired. Go write a letter to your congressmen and governors.

  9. But if you hit a woman and drag her unconscious body from the elevator on video tape…
    Suit up! We’ll see ya on game day!

  10. So pot is totally nonaddictive, but players will ignore multiple warnings and throw away million dollar careers to keep using it. Makes sense.

  11. Suspend him NFL…

    after you suspend Aldon Smith for his two DUI’s, felony weapons charge and his comments about a bomb on a plane! Then Gordon’s suspension is fair game!

  12. Ray Lewis kills people, Ray Rice beats women, Ben Roethlisberger is a rapist, and we’re talking about a potential lifetime ban on Gordon for smoking pot.

  13. i love viking fans. they love to live on fantasy island. ap will need a walker and bridgewater will buckle under pressure. can’t wait for him to see the Lions d coming for him.

  14. What is the basis for (reasoning behind) his appeal? Weed is legal in Colorado (though I live in OH) and the NFL policy is outdated? Come on, man! You were gonna be my keeper this upcoming season but I’m also sick & tired of being disappointed by you. Sit this year out and go away.

  15. Let’s introduce a new scenario. Pot is legalized as a recreational substance much the same as having a few vodka tonics in the comfort of your home. Now is Josh Gordon a reprehensible pot smoking addict? The hypocrisy in this country is amazing. More importantly, that Roger Goodell has the god like power to instill any discipline he wants. For now, this should be decided by committee and never one person.

  16. Even as a Cincinnati fan I want to see Josh Gordon on the field next year. The game is better when the best players play. I don’t think smoking a little weed away from the field is such a bad thing anyway.

  17. Apparently if you convicted of killing someone you can come back to the league, no problem. (Donte Stallworth, Leonard Little)

    But do something that is currently legal in 2 states and probably will be legal nationwide in 10 years and you can’t get an NFL paycheck…

    I understand there are preset rules in place and he needs to follow them but lets get some perspective on these rules.

  18. The NFL should come up with stiff financial penalties for these kinds of infractions. It’s a disservice to the product, the teams, fans and the players to take away an entire year of a career. Really overkill and causes too much collateral damage.

  19. There are a lot of things we do not know about with this issue. Yes, he used pot before, but we do not know the circumstances of the exposure in this case. Granted, I doubt this is a case where a buddy from Denver sent him some borwnies (the Colorado legislature just debated a bill to change how marajuana edibles are labled to make it clearer). Still, lets not rush to judgement yet until we have more information.

  20. His suspension would be a lot more palatable if they suspended Irsay for driving under the influence and having a big bag of drugs in his car or Rice for smacking his wife unconscious.

    C’mon man!

  21. The chances he stays clean during a year off from football are astronomically low. This guy would find a way to smoke weed in prison much less being left to his own devices for a season. The Browns need to plan as if he is done for life.

    If he comes back it’s a bonus.

  22. No matter what anyone thinks about Pot, it is on the list of banned substances and has been for quite some time. If these players aren’t able to stay away from Pot for the short time they are in the NFL, it is their own fault.

  23. This dude had to have failed 5-7 separate drug tests to get this long or a suspension . Forget legality if marijuana he’s a complete idiot ! He has no one to blame and should definielty be suspended the year . Take your team Allegiance aside this guy is careless and did not think twice after failing all those tests before . Why cut him a break just bc a year seems long . He failed so many tests nfl protocol mandates a year .

    Note to ill informed it takes 3 separate failed drug tests to even be suspended period.. Theirs no excuse for being an idiot and being selfish with your teammates . Everyone smokes weed in the NFL
    Probably 80% but that doesn’t mean you can knowing keep smoking after failing multiple drug tests and after even being suspended previous. That makes you a ignorant fool !

  24. Funny all the people on here who are trying to find excuses because this player has a DUI or that player hit his wife/fiancee, but think the NFL is just coming down on him for smoking a little weed.

    I agree that him smoking weed is probably the least important of all of the offenses listed above. The problem with your argument though is that he has been given warnings, and suspensions. He is choosing to smoke weed and risk his NFL career. It is not like this is his first failed drug test and the NFL is going to ban him for life. He is grown man he can make whatever decisions he wants to, but don’t cry foul when you get busted repeatedly doing something that is against the rules.

  25. Second hand smoke can not get you suspended or make you fail a drug test unless they are blowing it directly into your mouth . Can you imagine him sitting their accepting someone’s second hand smoke . Get real and Do it fast .

    You can only have lingering amounts of thx if you smoke first hand ! Nice funny story someone made up to pass the blame . Gordon IS NOT THE VICTIM OF THE NFL HES THE VICTIM OR A PRIVILEDGED IDIOT who doesn’t see consequences for his actions . If he was caught rolling around Cleveland he’d have gone to jail for smoking . He’s still breaking the law and should have known better after all his failed drug tests previous to this one .

    You can’t fix stupid stop making him into a
    Victim or circumstances . Weed should be illegal but you can’t break rules and laws if your not prepared for the consequences .

  26. Yes, we all know that smoking weed is the number one problem in the world. It’s killing millions!

    Meanwhile, concussions, bullying and owner-drug addiction solutions are on hold while we eradicate the players who seek alternatives to alcohol and opiates.

  27. All I know Mr. Commissioner is if you decide to take this player’s livelihood away from him, please be sure it wasn’t second hand and that he used the marijuana personally. There’s no rule regarding being around people that use it to my knowledge.

  28. As a Browns fan here, this is 100% Gordon and the teams fault for not abiding by the rules and not making your all pro receiver attend counseling or league approved programs. That being said I agree with everyone on here. Aldon Smith, Ray Rice, Irsay, they all need to be suspended as well. All have been arrested for what they have done, Gordon has not. Goodell needs to change things fast.

  29. While I think the rule of how long his suspension will be is stupid, he deserves to get the full season for being so stupid to break the rule knowing how long he was going to be suspended. I mean come on you can stop for 5-10 years to get all your money and then go for it if thats what you truly wanna do. Gordon is a great player but he’s an idiot off the field

  30. He should settle or agree to the penalty w/o appeal on the condition that if the penalty clause for MJ use is lessoned in the near future with a union/owner negotiation, as been reported, that he be grandfathered into that new penalty. Then, if the change occurs before the season starts, he may be only looking at four games and not 16……..

  31. (maybe I can type it out this time) If upheld this would be Gordon’s FIRST marajuana suspension. He’s never been suspended for marajuana since being in the NFL. He came into the NFL on stage 2 due to his issues in college and his suspension last season was for codeine that he apparently had a prescription for as the suspension was only 2 games instead of the normal 4.

    Fact is the Browns and Gordon don’t seem to be too worried as none of them have put out excuses about sick grandmothers and having babies so there’s a good chance ESPN might have jumped the gun on this one.

  32. He will sit 8 games. 10 at the absolute max. Until and unless Johnny Football is in the mix, Gordon is the only reason to watch the Browns and the league knows it.

  33. The NFL and players are very near an agreement to raise the minimum reading necessary to invoke a positive test for Marijuana.

    he will NOT get a full year suspension and if he barely failed the test, may end up with NO suspension at all. That’s what Browns have believed since they were told of his positive test.

    from ESPN:
    A source told ESPN.com on Tuesday that the renegotiation of the drug policy, which has been going on since 2011 and includes testing for human growth hormone, also will significantly increase the threshold for a positive marijuana test and reduce the punishments for violations involving that drug.

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