Jerry Jones doesn’t think NFL needs union’s input to expand playoffs

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The NFL Players Association is warning the owners that the players might not go along with a plan to expand the playoffs if the owners don’t support better workers’ compensation laws. But one high-profile owner isn’t so sure that the league needs the players’ approval.

Bob Glauber ‏of Newsday reports that when Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was asked if the NFLPA needs to sign off on expanded playoffs, Jones answered, “Not to my knowledge.”

Jones also told Sal Paolantonio on ESPN that there’s broad support for expanding the playoffs, and Jones himself is eager to add playoff teams to improve the chances of the Cowboys making the playoffs.

“The sooner the better for the Dallas Cowboys,” Jones told Paolantonio. “The more of our teams that have a chance to get in the tournament, I think, it’s the better.”

The owners seem to believe they can unilaterally change the playoff format. The players believe a change to the playoffs should be subject to negotiations. If the owners pass a new playoff plan without discussing it with the union, things could get interesting.

69 responses to “Jerry Jones doesn’t think NFL needs union’s input to expand playoffs

  1. One of the many sucky things about growing up is realizing how an owner can ruin your boyhood team.

  2. We are not understanding Jones’s opinion. He thinks Cowboys players don’t need to worry about expanded playoffs because they aren’t making that post season either. 8-8 4 Life!

  3. If Jerry Jones is in favor of expanded playoffs, you know it’s a FAIL of an idea.

  4. I have never given a wet fart about what the players think. They are, afterall, the help.

    However, the playoffs as they are, are fine. No need to oversaturate the affair. I think a better idea is trying to get the Super Bowl played on Presidents Day weekend or moving it to a Saturday night.

    Of course, neither of those suggestions would make the league any money. So…..

  5. Poor Jerruh, can’t make the playoffs so he has to has to expand them via brute force. Pathetic.

  6. How about extending the playoffs to 32 teams? I hate to deflate the playoff value. There are two wildcard teams per conference and that should be good.

    I think the current setup is really good. Win the division and get the home playoff. Get one of the two best record in the conference and you have byeweek.

  7. IMO, they gotta do this with the players’ blessing. I know Jerry thinks its a good idea, but the players have to like it

  8. Jerry – You’ve essentially been in the playoffs the last three years (week 17 NFC East title game) and you’ve lost each one. How much further do you need to tip the scales to guarantee your crummy team a shot?

  9. He is right. The additional teams that make the playoffs can sit out if they would like.

  10. I’m all for expanded Playoffs. It’s the 18 game regular season idea that I don’t like… and that the Players should be dead set against.

  11. Jerry probably figures his team, with Romo at the helm will never win more than 8 or 9 games a season. So yeah, makes sense you would try to do anything possible for your team to get in the playoffs.

    Jerry Jones a.k.a. Al Davis 2.0

  12. Did this guy’s girlfriend record any conversations over the phone with him yet?

  13. Funny stuff.. Great legacy to leave the Cowboys with.. A once proud franchise wanting hand outs to make the post season.. Ha Ha.. Kind of makes you want to feel sorry for the Dallas fans.. The endless pit of mediocrity called Jerry Jones..

  14. Whatever you and your guys say, Jerrah. Most fans don’t care. They’d like to see the union go away, so each player can deal independently.

    What a mess that would be. The union will have input, but since the owners want it – it will happen. Even if the owners take their ball and lock the gates again.

    Greed is powerful!

  15. Expanded playoffs are a terrible idea. But so is a May draft and Goodell clearly doesn’t care what any one thinks if there’s a chance he can make an extra $.

    A big reason why NFL playoffs are far and away the best sporting events of the year is because you generally have the best teams competing. No one wants to see 7-9 or 8-8 teams make the playoffs.

    If you expand you’ll end up like the NBA where 16 of 30 teams make the playoffs and your forced to watch multiple sub .500 teams make the playoffs every year.

  16. @ap20k – Comparing Jerry Jones to Al Davis is a complete insult to Al Davis. Al may not have had it the last several years or so, but he was a football genius at one point, a coach, and a crucial figure in helping the league become what it is today. Jerry has been a complete hack from day one.

  17. Further, Jerry doesn’t think the NFL needs input from local building and safety inspectors when installing temporary seating at his stadium as well.

  18. dynastyfootballforme says: May 19, 2014 4:49 PM

    “We want you to do more work, without paying you any more money. Sound good?”


    I’ve not read anything ANYWHERE speaking to money be it the same amt or more. Not yet anyway.

  19. so long as the total number of games remains the same, Jones is correct.

    if you remove two preseason games and add two more weeks of playoffs, the union does not need to approve it.

  20. Very simple. You have an old rich Billionaire who thinks he run the World. Then again rich billionaires have been doing that in greater numbers and more power since the 80’s…

  21. If the NFL expands their playoffs, I’m out as a fan.

    We would be one step closer to participation trophies in NFL. Weak.

  22. The fact that he refers to it as a “tournament” tells you all you need to know that the idea is bad. Football fans don’t want playoff “tournaments” like the other leagues. We want a handful of the best teams going at it. Really, to give the regular season even more meaning than it’s already lost, they should go back to one WC team and eliminate byes.

    Before you criticize, my team won a SB benefiting from the extra WC.

  23. Goodell is dumb. If he really wants fans to get behind it, he should come out and say Jones is against playoff expansion.

  24. As much as I don’t like it, the expanded playoffs will probably happen. We are in the age of money as opposed to fan satisfaction. Think they will move the draft back because we all griped about it? Well, it had more viewers than ever. Jerry will get his way. Drat.

  25. How pathetic that he feels expanding the playoffs is the best (maybe only) way for his team to make it. Yes, let’s completely reshape the game to accommodate rich owners whose teams cannot get over .500.

  26. I’m a Cowboys fan, but I don’t think a playoff expansion is good. It takes the competitiveness from the sport. Last seasons Eagles vs. Cowboys game in week 17 would have been meaningless if the playoffs are expanded.

  27. Even with expanded playoffs, Jerruh’s team will miss the playoffs in week 17 every season.

  28. If the NFLPA is against the players on two more teams getting playoff bonuses, then the players have a bigger problem on their hands…

  29. Well, he’s right. He was asked if the union had to sign off on it and they don’t!

  30. If a team makes the playoff around week 15, and no longer has a chance to get a bye week. Does anyone think they will risk their star players for 2 games that mean nothing. I can only hope that this cause a team to make the playoffs instead of Dallas, because their last two games where freebees by a teams not trying

  31. expand the playoffs Jerry – one more reason not to watch the regular season or the pre-season……maybe 2 of 16 games or something. You must think the market is there, but its a fine line between awesome and who gives a rats behind.

  32. Who cares what Jones thinks,when was the last time he or the Cowboys were relevant?

  33. I can’t believe he ACTUALLY said, “the sooner the better for the Cowboys.” Anyone with half a brain could tell jerry was supporting the expansion just to get his mediocre team in the playoffs, but now he’s explicitly said as much! The best interests of Jerry Jones or any other greedy owner are NOT the same as the best interests of the league. Please NFL, don’t water down the playoffs. Please.

  34. He should be happy he’s in a weak division where 9 wins puts you in the divisional race and a chance for a 1st round home game, versus winning 11, making it as a wildcard and playing on the road every week.

  35. I see a lot of dislikes…until some unfortunate circumstance puts their team in a situation where they could get that last slot. I doubt there would be protests or boycotts or even a word spoken. They’d cheer and hope for victory. And I’m sure the players would welcome that opportunity to continue on and get paid. Just like the hate for Gooddell. People still watch and attend,players still glad-hand him,the NFL does very well with their ideas and has the money and the popularity to prove it.

  36. I dont like the extended playoffs, it will water down the sport. If they do this there will be multiple teams that are below 500..Seahawks were 7 and 9 a few there will be 3 or 4 teams like this. What’s the point?

  37. Why not just hand every team a trophy for participation… because, you know…winning or losing doesn’t matter.

  38. These billionaire owners and their “plantation” attitude towards anybody not within their inner circle.

    Why don’t they just stick with their thoroughbred horses, they’re property afterall.

  39. The NFL is over exposed. I went to games in several stadiums last year, even though they were ” sold out” there were a LOT of empty seats.
    We then saw first round playoff games that did not sell out, so the NFL extended the deadline and the teams bought the unsold tickets to avoid the embarrassment of playoff blackouts. Mark Cuban could be right, the league may implode. Fans will be turned off by the greed and meaningless games.

  40. If Jerry gets his way and the Cowboys sneak into an expanded playoff contest, we’ll have the chance to see Romo choke one week later in the season. Pretty cool.

  41. I know that Jones is involved with a lot of committees in the league, but is he the spokesman for every single issue that comes up? Why on earth does this man talk in public so much?

  42. Of course he doesn’t. Does a CEO consult his worker bees when making an acquisition or launching a new line? This is business, and Jerry Jones – who I can’t blame in a competitive (say what you will ) – in a competitive division would love to see his cash cow in the playoffs, regardless or how diluted the product is. Hindsight is 20/20, but shame on the players for caving in on the CBA. The owners are trying to capitalize on their assets (and I’m not sure I can blame them, although it’s extremely shortsighted). Jeff Saturday hugging Robert Kraft makes me sick. You want to make this call without consulting the NFLPA? Fine. But the players need to realize their true value, and that they’re getting jobbed – even if the cap is going up a whopping $13 million. Omar Asik makes $8 mill guaranteed. $8 mill. What did Desean get? What was Brandon Marshall’s “huge” pay day? Choo got more guaranteed from the Rangers than any QB out there. Who knew who he was a year ago? Throwing in the towel on units rant…

  43. Keyword: Al Davis WAS a good, owner/coach…WAS. Al was a looney toon his entire time with the NFL. Lamar Hunt and Wellington Mara were old NFL owners but they never did anything rude or stupid that made you question their leadership.

  44. One thing about Jerry–he never fails to provide this website with an excuse to make him out to be an idiot.

  45. They don’t need the unions input on anything. Wish the nfl would just stop messing around and break the union. Won’t take long for players to cross the lines. They will run outta money.

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