Jim Irsay won’t talk personal matters, says he’s “clued into” everything


Colts owner Jim Irsay’s daughter said Monday that her father was ready to get back to work and Irsay was doing just that on Monday afternoon.

Irsay is in Atlanta to address the league’s owners as part of Indianapolis’ bid for the 2018 Super Bowl. Irsay spoke to the team’s website about the bid and also met with reporters, telling them that he felt “grateful” to be back and that he hasn’t been totally out of the loop while getting medical treatment after an arrest for driving a vehicle while intoxicated and possession of a controlled substance. Irsay wasn’t talking about that treatment or arrest, though, and he won’t be on Tuesday when he meets the owners either.

“I have been clued into everything for the last few months. I’m not going to talk about personal medical issues,” Irsay said, via Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

The league has said that Irsay and other owners are subject to the same disciplinary action that players would face in the same situation, so there might be a time when he’ll have to discuss some of those personal issues with Roger Goodell.

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  1. Like everyone else, there is a process. If he is found to have broken the NFL rules, he will face consequences at the appropriate time. In some cases it has taken years for players to face their penalties. His penalty may as well take an amount of time that most of the “rush to penalty” timeline crowd can’t understand.

    Patience, my precious.

  2. It’s a criminal matter still. The NFL can’t (well they could, but they won’t with an owner) hand out a punishment if the crime hasn’t been resolved. Like it or not, there’s not much the NFL would do that would fit the crime. The guy has a billion dollars and pays part of the commish’s salary. He’ll get something, but it will be perfunctory.

  3. it’s clear jim irsay doesn’t really believe he has any problems and that one month rehab was just a show to help him get off legally with just a slap on the wrist. 4 counts of felony charges and decades of alcohal and drug use won’t go away in a month and we still haven’t got to the dead woman in his party house story. this guy should be suspended indefinately.

  4. If God-del ad any credibility at all he would tell Irsay there will be no Super bowl in Indy for twenty years, maybe then Irsay will take his position seriously. and what he did to smear the NFL imagine. step up and show some reasonability by owner’s in the league

  5. “I have been clued into everything for the last few months. I’m not going to talk about personal medical issues,”

    Cancer is a medical issue… Being a pill-junky billionare is not!!!!

  6. The problem isn’t that his punishment has not happened considering the legal situation isn’t sorted out, the problem is that players don’t always get the same benefit.

  7. I find 2 things in these comments interesting:

    1). People are clamoring for Irsay to swiftly be penalized and punished.

    2). People think that owners and players are equal and should be handled in the same manner.

  8. Maybe the nfl should make him sell the team for conduct detrimental to himself

  9. How are the players held to a higher standard? Aldon Smith was arrested for dui, weapons charges and countless other charges, he went to rehab and hasnt faced punishment!! I say leave the man alone and hope he gets the help he needs, everyone else in this society gets a second chance

  10. Just goes to show you that no matter who you are, or how much money you have, fighting addiction is a very tough battle. Best of luck in your recovery, Jim.

  11. This guy s a walking nightmare. At least the NBA took swift action, the NFL is a joke if this guy keeps the team.

  12. Irsay didn’t “steal” the Colts from Baltimore, Maryland ran the team off. They threatened to seize the team with imminent domain laws. They just tried it again with the house of cards tv show…30 years later and they haven’t learned anything. I get it, your upset because your team left, I would be to, but blame the crap state it was in, not the owners.

  13. As long as he’s addicted to a legally-prescribed substance… he’s kosher clean.

    But… should Irsay ever smoke the evil weed….

    he’ll be gone!

  14. …and with that, Jim said to watch his Twitter feed for a “bombshell announcement” with regards to the Colts acquiring a major all-pro force in the NFL.

  15. So why is he allowed to present to the other owners to host the Super Bowl at HIS stadium? What a double-standard. Players get suspended before they are even convicted of a crime, but an owner can get a DUI and possession (with a past history of both) and nothing happens immediately?

  16. Being ‘clued in” he’s well prepared to answer all the “he doesn’t have a clue” questions referring to : their recent trades, cough..cough.. , Trent and draft picks, or lack there of: see Trent.

  17. Driving while intoxicated is not a “personal medical issue”. Unless of course you are a rich owner, then it is. But if you are a player, it’s instant suspension.

  18. It never fails, whenever there is an Irsay or even in some cases a Colts story,you have the obigatory comments from Baltimore folks talking about how the Colts were stolen. And yes, Irsay should feel the full brunt of NFL punishment, very soon. It wouldnt be so annoying if the city of Baltimore (and all their fans) werent the epitomy of hypocritical. They did they exact same thing to the city of Cleveland! There are juicy rationlizations on how they let the Browns keep thier records, like it was the right thing to do. I was at the last Browns game at Municipal stadium, their fans were crying in the street, they lost thier team– could give a crap less about the records. The next year their team was in Baltimore. Regardless of any and all politics involved (there are plenty) this is the truth, the Browns were stolen and Cleveland wasnt attempting imminent domain. Only so much perfume to spray on that pig.

  19. For all those that want Irsay on the same playing field as the players. If this was a player’s 1st offense, they would be entered into a program, as this falls under substance abuse, not performance enhancers. A lot of times you don’t know a player failed until they are suspended for a 2nd failed test.

  20. If the average player did what he did, they’d be out of the league, but Irsay may be rewarded with hosting a Super Bowl. Go figure!

  21. In the NFL where cash is king, there is ALWAYS a double standards.
    Only the players get swift harsh punishment from the NFL , many times before facts are revealed.
    Anyone who works for the owners, coaches, or NFL are automatically exempt from NFL punishment. Excuse is civil courts determination.

    Just watch NBA and Sterling for action, because Isay is a rich team owner who is exempt from NFL punishment.

    America is run by the golden rule. Them that’s got the gold, makes the rules.

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