Jim Irsay’s daughter: He’s ready to come back


Colts owner Jim Irsay took some time off for medical treatment after he was arrested and accused of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and felony possession of a controlled substance, but now he wants to get back to his team.

Irsay’s daughter, Carlie Irsay-Gordon, told Sal Paolantonio of ESPN that Irsay is involved in the bid for Indianapolis to host the 2018 Super Bowl, and that he’s ready to return to work.

“He’s really looking forward to it,” Irsay-Gordon said. “He’s ready to come back and get plugged back in. He’s feeling great. We’re really excited to have him back.”

But while Irsay may be ready to get back to the Colts, outlets ranging from The Big Lead to ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption raised questions after the NFL draft about why Irsay was allowed to get back to work. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has said Irsay is subject to discipline, but we still have no idea what form that discipline might take, and the league is apparently content to wait until Irsay’s legal issues are resolved before imposing its own discipline.

So for now, Irsay is back. At some later date, he may be suspended.

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  1. So when it’s a rich owner, the league is content to let the issue play out in court first. Meanwhile, for players it’s suspend first, legal issues second.

  2. So their owner gets to come back to work when he decides. Their star player (Mathis) gets suspended and everyone comes to his defense. People talk about some franchises get special treatment from the NFL – why aren’t the Colts on that list? Seems like there are endless examples like this.

  3. I don’t care what the NFL does with him as long as he brings Indy another SB. That was the best week I’ve ever had here, and I’ve lived here for 17 years.

  4. Well that didn’t take long to fully recover. So is Jim now ready to answer questions about the death of his lady friend in a house bought by the Colts, that seemed to trigger Jim’s downward spiral?
    Why has the Commissioner been so tardy to impose a penalty on Irsay when he doesn’t hesitate to drop the hammer on players?

  5. In my opinion what Irasy did was almost as bad if not as bad as what Donald sterling did. He could have easily killed someone he should be suspended and treated like the criminal he is. Everyone deserves a second chance but he has not even been punished.

  6. All medical journals agree… a lifetime of alcoholism and drug addiction can be cured in a couple months.

  7. No punishment for Irsay for drugs, no punishment for manning meeting with his oc when it’s against the rules. Everything swept under the rug, favoritism as usual. Other teams and qb’s would be slammed.

  8. One NFL owner is a druggie and gets slapped on the hand. An 80 year old NBA owner has a private conversation with a 30 year old tramp, a problem in itself, and he gets a 2.5 million dollar fine and banned from the league. Consistent much?

    And I’d love for my employer to try and fine me AFTER you told me I was banned for life. Here’s 2.5 million, oh, and I have to sell too? No, I’ll keep my 2.5.

    Though Sterling is clearly an old pos, I hope he sticks it to the nba. A person has a right to be a db, with or without anyone agreeing with him.

  9. And Josh Gordon most likely will be suspended an entire season for using a drug that is fully legal in two states and medically approved in over another dozen. No double standard here.

  10. Ray Rice hasn’t been disciplined yet either. I rarely defend the league but in this case I think its fair to wait on his discipline until rehab and the legal process has concluded.

  11. Is the league really going to do absolutely nothing to punish him? That’s beyond belief.

    Imagine if, heaven forbid, Irsay had a few tonight and plowed into some family on the road with the NFL having done absolutely nothing to him from his past drunk driving. There’d be no spinning that PR nightmare. Goodell is completely gutless and incredibly dumb for as smart as he thinks he is.

  12. One of the biggest problems in Indianapolis, and it’s a growing issue is drugs. It’s on the rise. A billionaire always knows where the party is happening. The league needs to step in here and make a very hard decision and possible save a life in the process.

  13. He is the owner of the team! Of course there is a double standard! As there should be! Seriously, that’s like telling yourself that a cashier at Walmart should get paid the same as the CEO…. I could go on forever with silly analogies , bottom line he is in the “boys club” an exclusive group, 1of32 in the world, and it isn’t fair , life isn’t fair!!!look at if this way. Mathis is the product! The product needs to be clean, polished, tailored and ready for the shelves. The owner of the product can sit behind his computer in sweatpants holding a glass of rum and coke, ripping an OC and wrestling with a lot lizard!

  14. Too bad he wasn’t “back” when the Eagles were shopping DeSean Jackson. He probably would have given us next year’s first pick.

  15. So let me get this straight! One owner has a private conversation with someone on a phone call, (where you can expect it to be PRIVATE) and he gets fined 2.5 million dollars and is forced to sell his team. (Yes I realize that this guy is an 81 year old racist pig and a moron. But he is protected by the first amendment and did nothing illegal.) Another owner commits felonies and is allowed to come back to work and doesn’t get punished? Wow, what has this country come too. Wasn’t there a country out there who started telling people what they could think and say? I believe it was Germany and their leader was Hitler.

  16. So, this billionaire had “medical treatment?”
    What is the difference between him and a drug addict?


  17. I refuse to believe there is any fan who’s too stupid to realize that the NBA and NFL are two separate legal entities. Sterling violated the terms of his franchise agreement with the NBA as determined by the bylaws of the governing document of the association and the interpretation of said bylaws by the governing body. He agreed to be governed by both. He has been.

  18. This is an attempt to dull the legal consequences. If he is back to work, living a healthy lifestyle, the court is probably less apt to take him away from something that is positive. Well…plus it is probably a fun job to have.

  19. I think its way too early to say he is ready to return. 30 days IMO is kind of ridiculous. if you have ever been addicted to the point he is/was…it takes more than 30 days and some shame to make you instantly capable to return to what is a very visible position. I would think we shouldn’t have heard much from him until late in the season, possibly even after it.

  20. I never get tired of wealthy people talking about wealthy people struggles. I really feel for them.

  21. Get upset at your 30 year old sidepiece for running around town with other dudes and your suspended for life and fined 2.5 millions.

    Drink and drive and get charged with FOUR felony counts of drug possession and your daughter welcomes you back to the League!

  22. With his history of addiction 30 days sober isn’t jack. You’d have to be clean five years or more before you could even be considered dependable and make sound decisions.

  23. Why isn’t Mr Irsay any different to an NFL player?
    He got a DUI and goodness knows what else, and he’s coming back with no punishment. What’s that all about. Just because you are rich, it’s ok???
    I don’t think so. He needs to suffer like the rest do.

  24. The league should tell him he has to stay off of social media if he wants to come back. Having a substance abuse problem is bad enough. Going on twitter when you have a substance abuse is just embarrassing.

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