LeSean is a “Johnny guy”


Eagles coach Chip Kelly unsuccessfully recruited quarterback Johnny Manziel to Oregon.  Kelly then opted not to take Manziel with the 22nd pick in the 2014 draft, choosing instead to trade down to No. 26 with the Browns.

Running back LeSean McCoy possibly wishes it had unfolded differently.

I’m a Johnny guy, I really am, since college,” McCoy said on ESPN, via CBS Philly. “He’s played in the best conference [SEC], he’s played well, he has tons of swag.  I mean he’s an athlete. He’s a quarterback and I thought he’d be a good matchup for us.”

Then, after necessarily taking a back-handed slap at current starter Nick Foles, McCoy gave Foles a hug.

“Nick is good,” McCoy said.  “I don’t think people really appreciate him because he is so new.  He can play. I think when we move a guy like Michael Vick, and Michael Vick can still play, to put Nick in the position to start he must be doing something good.  You’ll really see this year he’s the real deal.”

Yes, Foles will be the real deal.  But McCoy apparently thinks Manziel would be even more real.

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  1. He must be doing something good? That’s interesting coming from a person who had the unique-perspective seat to see Foles play. He also has a lot of audio knowledge that the rest of us internet evaluators don’t get to work with to formulate our opinions. I wonder what he has been hearing that hasn’t sold him on Foles being more exciting than Manziel.

  2. “…he’s played well, he has tons of swag.” Great analysis buddy, shaping up for a long career on NFL Network next to Mike Mayock. Can you give us some more analysis LeSean?

  3. If a Dallas Cowboys player would of said the same thing everybody would be talking about how their dysfunctional franchise and Jerry Jones is not a GM. Yet even though they’re old he has SB rings!
    The truth of the matter is Philly has been better than the Cowboys for a LONG time and not won the big game but they call Romo a choker.

  4. So Moron McCoy essentially suggest that his current QB isn’t as good an option as Johnny “unproven in the NFL” Football and is stupid enough to use the word “swag” in his description. I think the article says more about LeSean than John. Of course, based on all the uneducated morons and sports sycophants who use the word “swag”, it’s no surprise.

  5. I think coach said he loves Johnny too. And I think neither said that foles was bad or worse. Both like both. And here comes the news story.

    Mccoy never said that he thought Johnny was a better fit. Only that he was a good fit. And then he said that foles is the real deal. Does there have to only be one qb who is good?

  6. a little more context (although I would remind him that the Eagles didn’t “move” Vick, he was a free agent and went elsewhere)

    ““I don’t really judge the decision making from the front office, from Howie [Roseman] or from Chip [Kelly] because I support them,” McCoy explained. “I know they’ll do whatever it takes to win games and that’s what really matters. One thing with Coach Kelly is he wants to win and that was obvious in Oregon. So whatever it takes for this team, he wants to win. Going in the direction in moving DeSean Jackson and Mike Vick, he must have felt like that was the way of winning. And then you bring in [Darren] Sproles where we’re going to do so many things in the backfield together.”

  7. McCoy is a great back but that offensive line was dominant and any NFL-starting-caliber player would of done very well last year. McCoy talks too much and has too much of a “me” mentality. I would seriously consider moving him.

  8. Darn! When he’s babbling why don’t he show some love to butt fumbler Sanchez. He’s one hit from being his starting QB.

  9. Move McCoy!? As a Skins fan I hope Chip listens to you. He was great when their O line wasn’t a few years ago.

  10. I love Shady’s game, to be fair, he just said he likes the guy. Every offensive player wishes he could get all that pub for doing nothing. (call it professional envy)

    The people they should ask about Johnny are defenders. Oh and please stop making every player interview about Johnny Manziel. It’s getting a little obvious.

  11. A story has just come out that mccoy is linked to the philly mob. The eagles began immediately trying to trade him for a third rd pick but they will probably just waive him for no compensation.

  12. “Shady” has just become a Big Mouth, this way of Richard Sherman of the illustrious Seahacks [sic]. Since Andy (Reid) and Marty (Mornhinweg) have gone, I’m just not feeling the Eagles anymore.

  13. There is a reason why players like LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson aren’t going to be as warm to Foles as they were with Vick.

    Why? Because Vick made McCoy & Djax better.

    Foles makes the TEAM better.

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