More than 25 percent of all 2014 draft picks already are signed

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The draft began 11 days ago.  Less than two weeks later, more than 70 players have signed their rookie contracts.

It’s no surprise.  The negotiation process has become much simpler under the 2011 labor deal.  The fact that so many players have been signed suggests that teams should endeavor to sign all draft picks as quickly as, for example, the Bears have done.

Still, with most of the players not signed and all of them (as far as we can tell) showing up for offseason workouts, not enough agents are insisting on contracts being put in place before players assume the risk of serious injury during offseason workouts.  While the players receive a one-page letter of protection that ostensibly gives them the value of their contracts if they suffer a serious injury, the effectiveness of the device remains unknown because it’s never been challenged.

The safest course remains to insist on a contract before showing up for offseason workouts.  While we’ve heard that some agents are doing this, not nearly enough have taken what should be a fairly straightforward position on behalf of their clients — if you want me to work, pay me.

8 responses to “More than 25 percent of all 2014 draft picks already are signed

  1. The Miami Dolphins lead the pack with 8 draft picks and zero of them signed so far. But at least the Dolphins have signed about 20 UDFA after the draft ended. SMH

  2. More than 75% of NFL players pick the Detroit Lions to win the Super Bowl this year!

  3. It’s OK that most people don’t understand “what’s taking so long”. That is why General Manager in the NFL is a hard job to land.

  4. The rookie wage scale makes so much sense. Some of the contracts top picks were demanding without ever playing a second of professional ball were obscene. Having a defined salary range, with the opportunity to cash in on the second contract if you excel, works out best for everyone.

    What does not make any sense is having the draft pushed back so far that the agents and GMs have only a couple days to sign the draft picks before mini-camps open. So if the draft were to move back to April, giving the teams 2 more weeks to sign all their picks, this issue becomes moot.

    Of course, as we all know, RG1 is not about making sense. He’s about finding obscure cracks in the infastructure where a missing penny might be hiding. So I won’t hold my breath.

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