National media now welcome in Cleveland to witness Johnny Manziel


After closing the doors to national media for the team’s rookie mini-camp last weekend, the Cleveland Browns will open access for the remainder of the offseason.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, head coach Mike Pettine said access to the team would be open to national media again beginning this week.

Pettine actually took exception to the notion that national media was “banned” from last week’s rookie mini-camp.

“It was more rewarding the local media than it was punishing (the national media),” Pettine said. “The words ‘ban’ and ‘punishing,’ to me that was nonsense.”

Wednesday’s organized team activities will be fully open to the media, national writers included.

The Browns selected Johnny Manziel in the first round of last week’s draft. While the attention on Johnny Football will likely continue to be high throughout the offseason, it will be that much greater if he can turn the Browns around into a frequent playoff contender. At that point, the Browns won’t be able to keep the attention off of Manziel. He might as well get used to the attention sooner than later.

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  1. If Manziel can push Cleveland into being a frequent playoff team, the buzz around the Browns will be amazing! If he can win win a Super Bowl, it’ll ignite Cleveland as the pent-up energy finds release in glorious celebration! If he can win multiple Super Bowls, it’ll establish Cleveland as an NFL powerhouse. If he can win 6-8 consecutive Super Bowls, that’ll be an amazing thing to witness- truly awesome! If he can win every Super Bowl there is, from next year until his long, storied career ends in, say, 25 years, and then be voted President, that’d be really just incredible!

  2. Curtis, I’ve never heard anyone reference my Cleveland Browns and Playoff Contender in the same sentence since I’ve been born ’88. I like you my friend!

  3. let the circus begin – with 2 of the stooges gone let’s see how bozo can screw this up

  4. Or, you know, it could have something to do with Pilot Flying J’s president resigning today and Jimmy Haslam sure could use a Manziel-fueled media distraction right about now.

  5. Manziel is the new Tebow. The media will figure out as many ways as possible to talk about him every day. Already starting to get sick of him and it’s only just beginning.

  6. How are the Hoyer jersey sales going since he was anointed the starting QB and Johnny Manziel is holding the clipboard? What? Cleveland season ticket sales are still soaring?
    Brian Football may not have as much sizzle as Johnny Football but the Browns are definitely not trying to manage the circus hype. Step right up and buy your ticket…

  7. First it was Tebow, Tebow, Tebow. Now it’s Manziel, Manziel, Manziel.
    I am so sick of hearing about this little twerp. He ought to get back on the cover of Mad Magazine where he belongs.
    I can’t wait until he rolls out and takes off running and gets clobbered by a couple 250 lb LB’ers.

  8. I hope they don’t play him till they are confident he is ready to play well. As a wise coach said decades ago, ” if yor listening to the media and fans, pretty soon you’ll be sitting with them”.

  9. Don’t worry, the national media will get their precious access so they can pick the Johnny Football story apart, ad nauseam. Meanwhile, in the rest of the NFL several hundred other football players will be trying to make a living, unbeknownst to said national media.

    National media; it’s easier to “make” the news than report on it.

  10. They don’t currently make a tent big enough to put over the circus the Browns have created.

    The good news is the Browns are a very stable organization with a long history of success, so they should be fine.

  11. Thank you. We need more Johnny Manziel. The coverage has been seriously lacking. Hey, I’ve got an idea, maybe Oprah can do a documentary on dear Johnny.

    Let’s follow his every move. Only he can save the NFL. Thank you Goodell (he had to drop a hint to Haslem) More publicity for Manziel means more publicity for the SHIELD.

    More-more-more! No, that’s not a blimp floating above the stadium. It’s Johnny’s head blowing up. If he survives his own locker room, opponent defenses will be foaming at the mouth to get a piece of Johnny.

  12. I’m a Browns fan, and the thought that one rookie out of Texas is going to lead the team to a Super Bowl is a bit ridiculous. One guy does not a team make. He needs an O-line and a pack of receivers to have any hope. Oh, and maybe an attitude adjustment. Cleveland isn’t a bratty rich kid town.

  13. It’s like Tebowmania all over again, and let’s remember how that all ended up. At least Tebow was a better, more humble personality.

  14. Honestly, how can anyone watch tape of this kid and think he has a bright future ahead? The running around he did in college, will get him KILLED in the NFL. The jump balls he threw in college, will get picked, and get his WR’s killed in the NFL.

    What amazes me is, even with 2 teammates picked in the top 7 of the NFL Draft, no one can see that the success Johnny Football had in college has little to nothing with Manziel and more todo with the players around him.

    The Manziel train is picking up steam. WHEN it goes off the track, the wreckage is going to be epic!

  15. Steelers, Ravens, Bengals -Whatcha gonna do when Manziel Mania runs wild on you? brother

  16. The funny thing is, the Browns are building a great D and could have a top five running game with Tate and West, regardless of who is under center.

    What if… all Brian or Johnny have to do is show up and not screw up, and they do just a little better than show up?

    This could be quite a year for the Browns!

  17. I knew Manziel was “smallish” for an NFL QB but, everyone kept talking about Flutie, Brees, and Wilson, and how size doesn’t matter.

    Well, I saw some local news/sports coverage on him and that guy is TINY! Maybe he can overcome the size handicap (and I hope he does) but I really fear for his health. If the Browns don’t have an air-tight protection for him, he’s going to have a very long and painful career.

    I wish only the best for Manziel and my Browns but I am concerned about his protection.

  18. Hey, oldcracker”….Have you closely at the Cleveland Browns’ Team Roster? I just did. Wow…the Browns have some HUGE Offensive Linemen & Tight Ends…6′-4″+ and from 300 to 340 lbs. I think they’ll be able to provide protection for Johnny Manziel.

    Plus, I believe the Browns will be signing (2) Running Backs who are both around 225 lbs. I realize the NFL is a passing league now, but, it’s good to have some BIG Running Backs to carry the ball & block for the QB…and catch passes out of the backfield.

    Yes, Manziel is 6′ & 210 lbs….but, he’s BIGGER than Russell Wilson (QB who helped the Seahawks win the SUPER BOWL). Manziel never missed a game due to injury in 2 yrs. playing in the SEC conference.

  19. Lol. Does anyone affiliated with theBrowns tell the truth?

    Haslem liar
    Farmer liar
    Pettine liar
    Terrence West liar

    Great organization. What a joke these clowns are

    Haslem lies about his role in Drafting Johnny Manziel
    Farmer lies about Haslem’s role in drafting Johnny Manziel
    pettine lies about the media being banned
    terrenceWest lies about Ravens texting his agent, His agent denied the Ravens texted him

    Great trend morons

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