PFT: Browns outlook for 2014

With the addition of Johnny Manziel, the Cleveland Browns appeared to be on their way to a turnaround season, but then the news of Josh Gordon potentially missing the 2014 season due to a suspension dropped. The PFT crew discusses what could happen in Cleveland this season.

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  1. I like the Browns approach of moving on without Josh Gordon. The team is greater than any one individual.

    If Gordon comes back, that will be frosting on the cake…but, you need to make the cake first.

    In Ray we trust!

  2. logic…..who needs logic? Logic would tell you that Josh Gordon was in 10 of their 12 LOSSES last year. Receiving yards are great for fantasy football but like John Gruden once said “the NFL still doesn’t give points for receiving yards” and the Browns biggest issue was that Gordon wasn’t making it to the endzone and they had to settle for field goals with no running game. Keep in mind the only reason anyone knows who Gordon even is comes from the fact that they used the passing game to make up for the 900+ yards a season they theoretically lost when they traded Richardson to the Colts (though apparently he just gave those yards to Gordon because he obviously didn’t bring them here to Indy). On top of that the #2 tight end in the NFL in receiving yards was Jordan Cameron who plays for (let me see…oh yeah THE BROWNS). In other words they were far from one dimensional in the passing game.

    As for the point about Ben Tates health. Both the guys vying for Clevelands starting QB spot are RUNNING QB’s. Being an “every down back” doesn’t have the same meaning when your QB is also vying for rushing yards on your team (see Redskins, Seahawks and 49ers).

    Browns won all their games and were tied for first place when they had a mobile ACCURATE QB…not because of Gordon. Their special team is SCARY good with Travis Benjamin and their defense has been upgraded.

    Combine that with one of the leagues easiest schedules and 8-8/9-7 should be no problem.

    But I understand it’s way easier just to say “star player is the team” instead of figuring out why a team with that many pro bowlers couldn’t win games.

  3. Browns were in more games last year than the record shows. The NFL’s an any given Sunday league. Key players are gonna go down for every team, officials are gonna decide games, freak plays are gonna happen to decide games in the last 2 min (FU NE). I’d say the Browns (like every other team in the league) are gonna win between 2 and 14 games. It’s freakin May!

  4. As a Texan, I got to see a lot of Johnny Footbreak as he played his college ball down the road from me. He is the furthest thing from an NFL quarterback there is. He was fun to watch as a college kid playing “backyard football”, however, he will get killed in the NFL. The Browns had an opportunity to draft a real quarterback but didn’t. They will still be the Browns, and that won’t be good football.

  5. Ray Farmer is without a doubt an excellent GM. He has this club steered in the right direction. His greatest challenge however, is he works for Jimmy Haslam who seems bi-polar. This franchise is pointing upward and will improve slowly… I expect Manziel to be a mid-level qb who will be replace in 3 years…

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