Pilot Flying J president leaves company

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In a development that is catching plenty of attention but has implications that aren’t immediately clear, the billion-dollar truck-stop company owned by Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has parted ways with president Mark Hazelwood.

Per multiple reports, Pilot Flying J employees were informed of the move on Monday via internal memo.

It’s possible (emphasis on “possible”) that Hazelwood has left the company in advance of the announcement of a plea bargain with federal officials.  Hazelwood is the highest-ranking employee of the company whose voice was captured on microphone by an informant who worked with federal officials to compile incriminating evidence.

Since an out-of-the-blue raid of company facilities in April 2013, the federal government has procedure multiple guilty pleas from Pilot Flying J employees.  Each have agreed to cooperate with the ongoing investigation.

Hazelwood becomes the latest key employee who has departed a company run by Haslam in the last two years.  It remains to be seen whether the door keeps revolving at a high rate of speed at either or both of his companies.

14 responses to “Pilot Flying J president leaves company

  1. So when is Haslam going to see some punishment. Looking at Sterling, I see some actual legal trouble…

  2. Accountants and marketing people don’t commit massive fraud without the owner/CEO’s approval. Jimmy is gonna watch Johnny on the prison TV.

  3. You guys crack me up. Jimmy was heard in meetings making incriminating comments.

    We will see what happens in the very near future. Jimmy ” The Rebate” Haslam can fire the other two stooges and remove the President of Flying J however, the stench isn’t off his hands either.

  4. Could we be looking at a “Donald Sterling-like” ouster of Jimmy Haslam? I think Roger Goodell would drop tha hammer on the Browns owner.

  5. Hazelwood? Wasn’t that also the name of the captain of the Exxon Valdez that so infamously slathered the Alaskan coastline with oil muck? What is it about the name Hazelwood and oil/fuel-related infamy?

  6. Someone big in this company has to go to prison and you KNOW that it isn’t going to be Haslam! I wonder what Haslam has promised Hazelwood to keep him from dumping Haslam in? It will be interesting to see the sentence that Hazelwood draws from the court system.

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