Report: DirecTV “likely” to renew NFL Sunday Ticket

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The sale of DirecTV has sparked plenty of chatter about the future of NFL Sunday Ticket, especially with the acquisition of the company by AT&T potentially hinging on a renewal of the package.

For now, it appears that DirecTV will indeed re-up the arrangement it’s now had for 20 years.  According to John Ourand of SportsBusiness Daily, DirecTV’s exclusive negotiating window has expired, but the NFL has yet to spark “serious negotiations” with competitors — and it’s “likely” DirecTV will renew the popular service that allows fans to watch all (or in some cities most) Sunday afternoon games.

The timing, with the proposed purchase being announced before DirecTV has finalized an extension, could complicate the effort to keep the rights.  It’s a fair guess, however, that some winking and/or nodding has occurred between the league and DirecTV regarding the parameters of a new deal.  Otherwise, the deal between AT&T and DirecTV wouldn’t have happened yet.

Either way, the regulatory process is expected to delay closing by roughly a year.  That’s plenty of time for DirecTV to wrap up its next contract with the NFL.

50 responses to “Report: DirecTV “likely” to renew NFL Sunday Ticket

  1. I definitely would sign back up for the NFL ticket if I could get a cheaper price based on watching only 1 team per week.

  2. Will this allow us with UVERSE to get NFL Sunday Ticket???? That would be great if it was true…

  3. That sucks. I was really hoping Direct TV wouldn’t re-up this. I wanted to cancel my Direct TV subscription and save some money each month, but looks like that won’t be the case. Unfortunately the higher ups at Direct TV know the same thing I know..if they lose Sunday ticket they can kiss about 60% of their customers goodbye.

  4. Nooooooooooooo………………..

    That deal may be good for NFL owner pockets, but it is horrible for fans.

    If you don’t have DirecTV and can’t get DirecTV for whatever reason, no games for you.

    Sure you can spend an obscene amount of money on their laughably bad online stream, but who in their right mind would do that.

    Anything less than a la carte single game streaming for fans is at this point the NFL giving the finger to fans. The technology is there and the NFL already has it; the NFL’s live streaming is MUCH MUCH better than DirecTV, see preseason for example (also available everywhere else in the world during the season).

    Owners have to ask themselves, why do this to fans? From the fan perspective there is litterally NOTHING good about the DirecTV deal.

  5. If Sunday Ticket weren’t DTV exclusive, I would jump to Verizon Fios in a heartbeat. Much lower rates when you bundle internet and everything.

    Oh well I guess it’s paying DTV $120/mo for the foreseeable future… oh wait, until they raise the damn prices again like every year.

  6. In Canada every cable company has the ability to offer Sunday Ticket if they want, prices range from $150-250 with all games being in HD and Redzone being part of it (with most companies).

    You would think the NFL would see the wisdom in offering it to more cable companies in the U.S. the price point might be lower (great for consumers) but the number of subscriptions would likely go up and more than offset the lower price point.

  7. Sell it to any cable system that will offer it. That would have to bring in more money than an exclusive deal with DirecTV. Exclusivity drives up prices but the volume of new subscribers would make up for that multiple times.

  8. SO MANY PEOPLE HATE DIRECTV. They suck so bad. They screw up the black outs, and offer no customer service. I DON’T want to have full cable. I’d pay for JUST nfl ticket. Even the free sunday ticket I got with madden last year was a terrible experience. THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I’m pretty happy with DTV, but it would be nice to know I have the choice if I grew tired of them.

    I can see there being a complete collapse if they lose the NFL and a pretty sizeable collapse if the NFL is available to other providers.

  10. I wonder why the NFL hasn’t considered the example of MLB Extra Innings, which is available from multiple TV providers. You would think they would figure out that the best way to make the most money off this deal would be to make it available to EVERY household in the country. There are many people who cannot get or do not want DirecTV for a variety of reasons, and I’m surprised the NFL hasn’t recognized those fans as un-opened wallets and made Sunday Ticket available to every provider.

  11. I LOVE it!
    Me and my wife love the daily/monthly programming from Directv.
    We have been customers since 2000.

    When football season rolls around I have 3 TV’s in the Man Cave and that enables me to follow my favorite team, my fantasy players and just the NFL in General. This is my 40th season as an NFL fan and ST is a dream come true for me.

    Since I’ve been a loyal long time customer when I call each fall they give me a great deal on ST. Last year I got it with HD and mobile for $125. I know lots of customers who call and get great deals on ST, some even better than this.

    No complaints here. Let’s hope AT&T doesn’t screw it up.

  12. I think it is great. Its keeps my friends coming over every Sunday. Without Sunday ticket they could just stay at home with their “no rain fade but goes out randomly anyway” cable plans. And I’d be lonely.

  13. For a supposed “non-profit” that gets an anti-trust exemption being allowed to give a product like this to an exclusive provider is ridiculous.

    If you are in Mexico or Canada you can get this product on every system. Only in the US do they allow this sort of exclusivity when it comes to product that gets public funding and exemptions to the extent the NFL does.

    This seems like it should be a violation of the anti-trust laws.

  14. I refuse to comply with this racket. Ill go see my games at a bar until the direct tv monopoly is ended. I know im still supporting dtv at the bar but I refuse to pay for a sub par device provider just because they hold a deal with my favorite sport. NFL, do your fans a favor or in time we will learn to resent you. Mark my words, that will be the downfall of your sport. The millennial generation is already becoming disinterested.

  15. All I know is I am an ATT customer and a DirectTv customer, and in the end I am going to be the one getting screwed.

  16. How is this agreement legal? Sounds very similar to the antitrust class action EA is facing.

  17. Also for everyone wanting to just follow one team: find a reliable streaming site. I don’t even pay for cable and watch every NFL game I want to each week.

    Streaming from your pc to your tv is very simple and just requires either a $35 chromecast, $15 hdmi cord, an Apple TV+air parrot, or a raspberry pi.

  18. Sunday Ticket will NEVER EVER go to Cable. It would mess up their TV deals with FOX and CBS. The NFL doesn’t want everyone to have the Sunday Ticket. They are happy with a few million having it through DirecTV. The NFL doesn’t want the Sunday Ticket available to everyone.

  19. For those of you with high speed internet and a laptop with an HDMI connection just buy the online streaming version for 50 bucks instead of the full NFL package. Exact same features but you don’t get to click your remote you have to run the HDMI through your laptop to your flat screen. Minimal hassle for a 1/8 of the cost.

  20. Another sign that the NFL is not listening to its fans. Exclusive deals with satellite companies makes no sense. Even the MLB could figure this one out. Customer Service with Direct TV is so bad it hurts my brain.

  21. Bottom line is the NFL gets the most for Sunday Ticket by being exclusive with DirecTV. Even at $300 per subscriber DirecTV still loses money on it but they make up for it by increasing their subscriber base for their other services. If the NFL offered it everywhere it would no longer be a point of differentiation for DirecTV and they would pay waaaaay less for it. Allowing it on cable would also cannibalize all of the sales the NFL gets on cable for Red Zone Channel. Sunday Ticket Exclusivity on DirecTV is here to stay.

  22. For about 120 dollars I can watch every Orioles game on my phone, tablet and computer. I can also listen to each game on the radio. If I want to check out a Dodgers game to listen to Vin Scully I can do that too.

    I had Direct TV for years to watch the Redskins. But I live in the Giants territory so that’s two games on network, plus, the Skins usually have another 2-3 prime time games and a couple other Games of the Week on Sunday afternoon. Then, I usually go to one game a year in Washington. Once I realized I was paying $300+ for, at most 8-9 games, I realized that I could do better. I spend less now going to the sports bar, having a couple drinks and some wings – and I can watch the Orioles on my phone at the same time.

    Direct TV is not worth it.

  23. I have had DTV for over 20 years and they indeed are a strange company. Many comments here are correct but many are bogus. DTV has consistently raised prices across the board every year for over 20 years. Last year I paid $198. (six payments of $33) for the Sunday Ticket for the season; this did not include the Red Zone package or the package that allows streaming to a phone or tablet. Reliability with DTV is never an issue. In over 20 years I have never had an equipment failure either outdoors or in. Here in FL rain fade can be a problem during thunder storms, etc. My total monthly DTV bill runs $150./month for 6-months and when the NFL kicks in it’s around $183./mo. That does not include local channels, any baseball packages, any college football packages, any NHL packages, or any special NASCAR packages. It does include about 300 channels of trash and all the movie channels known to man. My gripes with DTV are what many others have stated…..that existing customers get treated like crap while all the programming deals go to new users. The other here in FL is the horrible state tax imposed on satellite customers……a full 15% of every month’s bill goes to state taxes. So much for equal taxation, eh; and thanks Comcast/Time Warner for paying off our politicians to make this a law. Also, black-out rules apply within your home market as on broadcast TV. Another thing is is that if local TV is broadcasting a given game then DTV blacks out your receiver and one must watch it on cable or over the air……a real pain in the a$$ sometimes. Let me just say that I’ve been waiting for years for DTV to loose the Sunday Ticket so that I can kill the whole system. I’m going broke here!

  24. Maybe I’m missing something but Direct TV has not been charging for NFL Sunday Ticket for two years now and has it for free again for the 2014 season. Now that Uverse is in the picture you can get it through that system.

  25. Great .I escaped ATT phone/internet because of crappy service. They are like the federal government…they will screw up anything they get their hands on

  26. this is gonna get complicated..i bet the nfl is gonna ask for more money now knowing the merger is worth 40 billion + dollars… also verizon is the official wireless company of the nfl and verizon could site conflict of interest bringing in a company owned by at&t infringing on their ground thye paid the nfl to get the rights as the official wireless carrier of the nfl .i cant stand AT&T ,their customer service sucks,way too many people on their network it slows it down,their prices are horrible as well..match this with direct tv who has great programming,but horrible customer service as well and its a nightmare!! apple finally got it by not using AT&T as an exclusive carrier for iphones.they were selling themselves short by only being with one company.why the nfl doesnt see it the same way i dont know? why cant the NFL do what MLB extra innings does and NBA and NHL offering league pass on all platforms and gives all fans access!! i bet this gets a little dicey now as the nfl knows of the proposed merger with AT&T / DIRECT TV and its buisness dealings with VERIZON!! VERIZON>>>>AT&T by a mile!!

  27. also for people saying direct tv will collapse without nfl sunday ticket are wrong…dish network has been fine and is still in buisness after a long time and they have never had nfl sunday ticket!!

  28. Why can’t the NFL run their games like MLB does, and offer an online streaming option for fans who don’t have DirecTV? They’re losing revenue, no question. I’d pay for it happily. But there’s no way I’m switching my TV service to DirecTV to get NFL games.

  29. Last year was my last year of the Sunday ticket. Too much money. I just moved and closed my DTV account. They won’t show the PAC 12 channel as well I’ll go to a local sports bar and watch the Vikings with other fans. I’m ‘likely’ never to go back unless they offer a single team subscription. Comcast has the PAC 12 channel for us to watch the U of Arizona Wildcats.

  30. I order it every year and the only games I use it for are the Dolphins. The rest of the games go unwatched. I’m with whoever said a lower price for a certain team.

  31. I did DTV and the ticket for years, when I moved trees prevented from continuing it. I get Red Zone on Verizon (plus local coverage of home team) and spend a lot less.
    No, I can’t see every minute of those Jaguars – Raiders or Browns – Bucs battles, – somehow I’m getting by . . .

  32. Paying upwards of $80 a month for monthly TV service just so you can get Sunday Ticket for “free” doesn’t make it free. It makes it $80 a month (which is about the cheapest you can work it to get over-the-air broadcast games in hi-def – don’t be fooled by the “$29.99 teaser rate” that’s only good for three months and requires rebate coupons that no one will ever tell you about), or $960 per year, with a two-year contract and an early termination fee of $400.

    I loved Sunday Ticket back when DTV was an independent company that let you buy the equipment and pay a la carte, no contract pricing. Once Murdoch took over, it nosedived so quickly a lot of customers got whiplash.

  33. I had been hoping DirecTV would drop Sunday Ticket and let Red Zone be an a la carte channel. Prefer Red Zone but you have to get Sunday Ticket for $300 just to get it.

  34. I’ve been a DirecTV customer for 20 years, since they got the NFL ticket. They’re better than any of the cable services. Sure we’d all like it for free, but that’s not the way it works nor is that what you get, it’s an amazing package. The NFL can’t partner with one of the cable companies because they are not offered in all areas. DTV is available in all markets, individual houses might not work, but the number is much smaller. Go DTV, not crazy about the AT&T merger yet…

  35. I say dump the Sunday part and make an NFL Ticket. I want the ability to follow just my team on all days and times.

    SUNDAY NFL TICKET WAS A WASTE OF $$$ AS A BRONCO FAN! I only watched 3 games on the ticket. all the rest were either blacked out or on a different day or a Sunday night game.

    I should have the ability to go to one channel and see all the games for my team regardless of the entity broadcasting it.

    There are only 32 teams. there should be 32 channels set aside for each teams game broadcast. it would broadcast the game live and then keep repeating it until the next new game. similar to how the alex jones show is repeated on the net until the next live broadcast.

  36. My only problem with DirectTV is that I live in the Philadelphia area. Being a huge sports fan, I’m a big Phillies/Flyers/ 76ers fan. However, I’m a HUGE Oakland Raiders fan, and have been for well over 20 years. I can’t see every Raider game without DirectTV; the agreement currently with Philadelphia (specifically Phillies/ Flyers) is that I can’t see their games on DirectTV because of an exclusive agreement with Comcast. I understand and can appreciate big business; I just wish they gave a crap about the middle class who simply wants to enjoy the little things in life like watching the teams they love from the comfort of their own home.

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