Report: Draft will “likely” leave New York for 2015

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The NFL’s owners aren’t expected to make a decision about the timing and location of the 2015 draft when they convene on Tuesday in Atlanta.  When a decision eventually is made, the end result could be that the draft will happen in a place other than New York.

Peter King of, citing a “solid source” (not to be confused with our usual flimsy ones), reports that it’s “likely” the draft will be held in a new city next year.  King guesses that Chicago will be the destination.

The good news is that the league doesn’t want to hold the draft on Mother’s Day weekend again.  King believes it will unfold on April 30 through May 2.

The league, as King explains it, isn’t happy with Radio City Music Hall, which forced the draft to move two weeks later in 2014 due to a scheduling conflict that went away due to poor ticket sales.  Still, it seems that other considerations have taken over the process.  The league finally has decided to act on the reality that the draft is a commodity that can be marketed to the highest bidder, in the same way the Super Bowl is.  More competition means more money.

More money also may come from changes (eventually) to the way the draft is televised.  At some point, the league surely will move the first round from ESPN to a broadcast network, making the audience even larger and inevitably creating even more money.

Bigger.  Better.  More profitable.  That’s been the story for the NFL since the merger, and the NFL seems to be intent to apply that mindset fully and completely to the draft.

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  1. The NFL Draft would be a great event here in Houston. Houston has probably the most sporting venues than any other city in a 5-10 miles radius.

    If Houston be awarded the draft. Harris County could renovate astrodome into multi-propose facility, so visitors can eat and shop under one roof while supporting and cheering for their team when they make an selection. But do to NFL leaving NYC in 2015, the astrodome wouldn’t be complete. Instead, NFL could have the draft at the theater district, or Geroge R Brown Convention Center while astrodome is completed.

    Furthermore, Houston is booming! New restaurants, venues, extended rail, housing, hotels w/convention centers, retail, upgrade and renovation going on now with galleria and uptown. Houston is the place to be!

  2. Chicago is a good destination. I would like to see the draft go to cities that can’t get the Superbowl, either because they’re in cold weather cities or the market is too small.

  3. I personally dont care where the draft is held, but every day, it looks more and more to be about nothing but the money, and less about the game and its fans.

  4. It works for the NBA. As long as my team drafts the right players, who cares where it is?

    Btu complaining about Radio City when there a lot of venues in NYC is silly.

  5. It’s been 15 minutes and nobody has posted how great the Vikings are and always will be. What has happened to you guys? Where am I?

  6. Why not have it in Canton, Ohio if it’s really about football? Canton is symbolic with NFL career greatness and it would be cool for a player to start and end his career in Canton. Of course, since this is all about marketing and how to get the most bang for the fan buck, Roger will no doubt figure out a way to pimp the draft out to the highest bidder. If fans continue to allow themselves to be fleeced by the Owners they have nothing to cry about when ticket prices continue to go up and the game is watered down to being unrecognizable. Let’s bring some class and tradition back to the game!

  7. I thought has always been to have the draft in whatever city finished with the wrist record and gets the first pick. That would make it more interesting and would generate a lot of laughs and fun around the closing of the season to see what city everyone involved with the NFL will be in the following year.

    Even if the team who gets the 1st pick trades it, the fans of the city in attendance will still have a reason to see who they could of drafted and who they’ll get after trading their 1st pick.

  8. As long as it’s held earlier, like April 18th, I’m good. This mock draft nonsense has to be cut down a bit.

  9. For those suggesting Green Bay or Canton, I’m not so sure either of those places have a venue large enough to host the draft. Chicago remains the front runner. The best venue there would be McCormick Place, which is more of a convention center than a music hall, so the Draft would definitely have a different atmosphere there.

  10. The NFL Draft should be an outdoor event. We need to see how these draft picks can hold up their jerseys in real playing conditions.

  11. I think the real reason they want out of NYC is the booing of Goodell. I don’t blame him for want to leave. A bunch of idiots boo you every year. I’d leave too

  12. Keep the SB in warm weather cities and the draft in cold weather cities that are not NY.
    Get rid of the tackling restrictions and enforce grass pitches with weekly drug testing if ya want less injuries.

  13. The draft used to be much more fun in NY when the Jest were making picks like Jeff Lageman, Kyle Brady, Lam Jones and complete other busts.

    Now that they’ve improved their drafting, there’s no reason to keep the draft in NYC any longer.

  14. I blame Radio City Music Hall… they disrespected the NFL draft for whatever show didn’t sell enough tickets to even open. That’s three days of business lost due to a poor decision. I would fire whoever made that decision…. no offense to the small city-type places… but the NFL is going to want to be as big as possible and at a desirable location. If Oakland was chosen to host the NFL draft, they would still have it in San Fran, it’s just over the bridge.

  15. So morons will pay money to scream about minor league football players every few minutes in some other city. Neat.

    “I blame Radio City Music Hall… they disrespected the NFL draft for whatever show didn’t sell enough tickets to even open. That’s three days of business lost due to a poor decision.”

    Don’t think Radio City didn’t get their rental fee, friend. If you want to host a phallus festival at a particular venue on a particular date you need to book it before someone else does. This is not a new idea.

  16. Canton would be a good idea. If they can handle the Hall of Fame ceremonies they could possibly handle the 3 days of the draft. Just as long as it doesn’t move to Dallas to stroke Jerrah’s ego..

  17. I am going to echo what others have said and say that Canton, Ohio would be a great location to have the NFL Draft. I like the idea of having players potentially bookend their NFL career in the birthplace of the NFL. They do have a facility in the Canton Civic Center which seats around 5K, which is not much less than Radio City Music Hall. There are plenty of restaurants and attractions in the area to hold people’s interests. Quietly, the NFL has had their “rookie symposium” in the area the last couple years; this is something that could be combined with the draft. This is something that the NFL should strongly consider.

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