Rod Marinelli to Bruce Carter: It’s a man’s game, play it the right way


The Cowboys defense had many problems last season, including linebacker Bruce Carter’s rough transition to Monte Kiffin’s defensive scheme.

Carter struggled enough that he was benched for a couple of games in October and didn’t make much of a positive impact when he was back in the lineup in the second half. That’s why the Cowboys were considering taking linebacker Ryan Shazier in the first round before Pittsburgh made Shazier the 15th overall pick.

Kiffin’s no longer the defensive coordinator, but Rod Marinelli is going to be running the same scheme that Carter said left him feeling less confident as a player last year. Marinelli said he doesn’t “do confidence stuff,” but that Carter, who didn’t force a turnover or recover a fumble last year, has to “take the ball away.”

“Go play,” Marinelli said, via Tim McMahon of “It’s a man’s game, man. Play it the right way. That’s what I want. We’re going to coach it. We’ll coach you hard. Be where you’re supposed to be. This is what we expect. And then go.”

Carter can’t say that Marinelli didn’t make it simple for him. Or for any of the other returning Cowboys who need to be a lot better than they were in 2013 if the team is going to make it farther than Week 17 this time around.

18 responses to “Rod Marinelli to Bruce Carter: It’s a man’s game, play it the right way

  1. Why would anyone stop worrying about their ego and play football as they are coached to? Don’t they know you need to have swagger much more than you need to understand your playbook?

  2. What happened to all the comparing him to Derrick Brooks…now his manhood is getting questioned….. Oh how they fall in Dallas

  3. Wow. Talk about being called out. I like it.

    Man up and quit crying. Play your position like you did in college or leave. We were terrible on the defensive side of the ball. They couldn’t hold leads if their lives depended on it. If you aren’t going to help try to make it better, we’re better off with a rookie who wants it more.

  4. hell yea, that’s whatvwe need now follow through with what u said and take him out sooner if he doesn’t pick it up this time

  5. Ha Ha. Marinelli is delusional! He thinks he can make a couple “toughen up” statements and that’s going to make the defense better. LOL! LOL! Cowboys are a .500 team. Have been for 3 years in a row. They even had the opportunity to win their division in the last week of the season the last 3 seasons in a row with a win and they failed. Ha Ha! It is what it is. Geaux Saints!

  6. Rod Marinelli to Bruce Carter & Jerry Jones: It’s a man’s game, play/manage it the right way!!

    There fixed it.

  7. Love Marinelli’s approach. After the way their defense performed last year, no time to worry about egos and getting feelings hurt.

    Carter did struggle and the Cowboys did draft a couple LBs (Anthony Hitchens and Will Smith) to compete and step in if needed. Time to step it up Carter.

  8. Sounds like Marinelli is still peeved that Jerry Jones wouldn’t release him from his contract in order to pursue last post-season’s crop of available HC jobs lol

  9. Marinelli’s uber old school approach is fun to watch but it makes his shelf life pretty short as an effective coach. By the time he left Chicago it seemed like most of the Bears DLinemen were either burnt out, or tuning him out. He will get a lot of guys to overachieve but you had better have a lot of good young blood in the pipeline at all times cause he tends to run through players fairly quickly with his over the top style. He played a great bad cop to Lovies good cop in Chicago but he’s not a guy who’s gonna succeed just anywhere. He’s also out of his depth at anything higher than a position coach… as was seen in both Detroit and Chicago.

  10. Marinelli sounds like OLD SCHOOL coach Greg Schiano. How did that work out in Tampa Bay??

  11. Theres a big problem in Dallas and has been for years. The Cowboys need to draft players who have a passion to win games. The big three were part of that in the 90s. Garrett is too nice a guy to take this team any place. He talked about giving Austin another try? Why? Because Austin is a nice guy? lol He robbed Jerry of millions and would not redue his contract adfter corners found out only strength was the reason for his gaudy year and not speed so his yac yards diminished as long as they tackled well. Same with Ware who was overpaid for his services and wanted no part of taking less money. We have to hope the guys of tomarrow like Smith, Dixon, Bishop, Martin, Lawrence and others are players who want to win. Thank god Dallas cut low life RATliff.

  12. Shockingly we Dallas fans will find out Ware was not a good thing for the team and him gone will be a positive. Time and time again Ware failed to do anything “great” in the 4th quarter of games. How often did you see him going off after his teams failure in 4th quarters in his career? Never. His sacks came at meaningless times. He was compared to LT? Lol who his sister? Please…. sacks are overrated. Lee is a better player then Ware who was a “garbage” player when the game was on the line. Name me a big play he made? lol Lellow linebackers like Jordan 26 interceptions and Howley with 32 interceptions dwarf the laughable Ware who had one career interception? Ware was nothing more then a pass rusher who disappeared in 4th quarters of big games? LTs little sister. Glad hes gone!

  13. First players love playing for coach Marinelli. Unlike Ryan, who ran a more complemented scheme. Under Marinelli, and Kiffin, the DL job was to play the run while trying to sack the QB. LB responsibility was to look for the run first, pass second. DB were responsible for any receiver coming into their zone. Everyone was responsible to hustle to the ball on every play. Not very complicated at all. Players love the freedom of this defense.

    I believe Bruce Carter didn’t want to play outside last year in a 4-3 scheme. His play was very poor. He and Lee played inside under Ryan in a 3-4 scheme, and both played well. If Carter doesn’t want to play outside, then let him back up Lee at MLB.

  14. Had Jerry Jones let Rod Marinelli out of his contract, he would have become the DC of Tampa Bay. It would have reunited Lovie Smith with Rod Marinelli which was what both coaches wanted.

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