Taylor Lewan to be arraigned in Ann Arbor on Monday


Tackle Taylor Lewan spent the weekend taking the first steps of his professional career in Nashville at the Titans’ rookie minicamp, but he hasn’t totally cut all ties to his college days.

WDIV reports Lewan will be arraigned in an Ann Arbor, Michigan courtroom on Monday on one count of aggravated assault and two counts of assault and battery related to an altercation with fans of Ohio State after last year’s game between the Buckeyes and Lewan’s Michigan Wolverines. Lewan has said that he wasn’t in a fight and that he was trying to break up a scuffle involving other people, but the hearing will still go on on Monday.

Assuming Lewan can clear up everything back in his college town, he’ll be available to return to the Titans for the rest of the offseason. We got some idea of how the Titans might start using him over the weekend as Lewan saw time at both left and right tackle during minicamp drills. Lewan said there were some “growing pains” involved with playing right tackle after spending his career thus far on the left side, but that he’s open to whatever the Titans need.

“We’ve got some great coaches willing to help me out. I definitely feel more comfortable at left tackle, but like I said when I got drafted, I’ll play wherever,” Lewan said, via the Tennessean.

With Michael Roos returning at left tackle and Michael Oher signed as a free agent for the right side, the Titans have a variety of ways they could go at tackle come the regular season. Lewan could wind up a starter on either side or as a reserve waiting to take over for Roos, all of which are better places to find yourself than on the wrong end of assault charges.

6 responses to “Taylor Lewan to be arraigned in Ann Arbor on Monday

  1. The huge issue with Lewan are the calls he made to a female student that was accusing U of M kicker of sexual misconduct. It is not a he said/she said situation as the kicker was kicked out of the school, and the team talked to Lewan and told him to stop intimidating her. This was years ago, but is a very serious matter that isn’t covered well. Two female students left the university because they felt very uncomfortable, and I am sure at least civil action is underway. If it were just talk I can understand the reluctance to speak about it in the press, but there has been university action related to it. It was early on in Lewan’s career at Michigan, so let’s hope it was immaturity and that he is making ammends, but that is so much more troubling than some rough housing with some Ohio State fans. That, and he can’t contain the speed rush.

  2. Dude is a scumbag.

    Called a woman that his friend (the kicker Gibbons) allegedly raped and told her that he would rape her if she didn’t stop talking.

    Completely messed up situation up in Ann Arbor. The AD department is bullying the rest of the school on this. Not cool.

  3. Send him over to my Seahawks, I like a guy who stands up for his brothers. How do u know she did not lie? Were you there? As soon as a female squawks, BOOM!, guilty until proven innocent. Did u not see what happens to Kap this spring? Keep in mind I am from Seattle but in the real world freedom means more than money or fame.

  4. Richie Incognito 2.0. I keep reading all these reports of how scrappy is he on the field as well. Now if he gone off and raped that girl than it would b a different story but he didn’t. As long as he can get his legal matters resolved I’m all for having him play for the Titans. I think he already is an up grade to M.Oher at right tackle and the guy hasn’t even played right tackle. I wish the Titans weren’t that stupid in giving Oher such a big contract.

  5. I hope the NFL can change Lewan’s life around. If it does, he can play to his height!

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