Vikings sign Mike Zimmer, the player


How many Mike Zimmers does it take for the Vikings to build a team for the 2014 season?

Right now, the answer is two. The Vikings announced a number of roster moves on Monday, including the signing of linebacker Mike Zimmer after he tried out for the team during their rookie minicamp.

That name is a familiar one to the Vikings after they hired Mike Zimmer to be their head coach. The linebacker is not the as the coach trying to draw an extra salary, the younger Zimmer spent preseason with Jacksonville last year, and is not related to the coach. He did, however, attend Illinois State, which is also the alma mater of the Vikings’ head coach.

Time is a flat circle, my friends.

Zimmer will try to earn a spot on the roster, but there’s a good chance that we’ll find out what happens when Mike Zimmer tells Mike Zimmer that there’s no place for him on a team coached by Mike Zimmer.

The Vikes also signed linebacker Dom DeCicco, who played 20 games for the Bears in 2011 and 2012. He didn’t play in the NFL last season after failing to make the roster in Tampa, but did enough during his tryout to earn more time.

Minnesota waived quarterback Travis Partridge and guard Conor Boffeli in the roster shuffle.

29 responses to “Vikings sign Mike Zimmer, the player

  1. I’d have kept Travis Partridge over Christian Ponder (No, I’ve never heard of Travis Partridge before).

  2. When Coach Zimmer was with the Cincinnati Bengals, his Head Coach (Marvin Lewis) drafted a WR named Marvin Lewis Jones…. who’s doing quite well. Good Luck Coach Zim, your a Good Coach. From a Cincinnati Bengals Fan.

  3. Teddy Bridgewater threw 17 TDs to 0 interceptions while in the red zone last year.

    He was the #1 ranked QB in college against the blitz with a passer rating of 130.1 and 16 TDs / 1 interception.

    For everyone questioning his hand size, they are only 1/8 of an inch smaller than Aaron Rodgers, so you can throw that criticism in the garbage.

    He is also the smartest QB on the field and has executed looking off safeties and gets to his 3-4th progression while staying firm in the pocket.

    For people questioning his arm strength, he had the highest velocity of all QB’s in this NFL draft according to a Sports Science test.

    Teddy Bridgewater will be a successful QB in this league.

  4. Mike Zimmer has never not coached a top 10 defense in his career.

    Even when the Bengals had lackluster defensive talent around them, he still managed to be successful.

    The Vikings defense will be top 8 this year.

    With the emergence of Anthony Barr, Captain Munnerlyn and Linval Joseph, we filled our biggest defensive holes.

    While creating addition by subtraction getting rid of Letroy Guion (Now a Green Bay Packer) and Erin Henderson.

    What’s stopping us from being a dominant team this year?

    Here’s a clue: Nothing

  5. Vikes let a partridge in the hand go and grabbed for a couple of second hand turkeys.

  6. It’s the NFL where teams keep guys for all sorts of ridiculous reasons. Might as well keep him just because of the same name mike!

  7. Tell us about the extremely competent play of the Packers’ D-B’s last year . . .
    um yeah, still waiting?

  8. I am willing to be he players better than a 40 million dollar Shields..

  9. Neither one is worth keeping but the Vikings will take a couple of seasons to determine that Mike Zimmer the coach should go while Mike Zimmer the LB will be cut toward the end of training camp.

  10. All-Pro!!!! Gosh the vikes are so good. I can’t believe they don’t have 12 super bowls by now. What a great move by a world class organization. Congrats guys. Again just bravo.

    Can I get a Rick Flair!?!?


  11. Tell you about the extremely competent play of the Packers’ DBs?
    Well, the safeties were awful, which is why GB drafted Clinton-Dix.
    The CBs weren’t much to write home about at times, but came on later in the year. Shields had 4 INTs; Williams had 3. I don’t think any MN DB had as many as either. And both of them had key INTs in the Dallas game, which would have been a loss otherwise.
    Since you asked.

  12. Both Zimmers suck. One will be gone before training camp, and the other after two years of being dominated by the 13-time world champion Green Bay Packers.

  13. even when these guys do something right, I still feel like it won’t work and usually doesn’t…are they cursed unlucky or just bad. maybe all of the above.

  14. What would it hurt??? Bring in Vince Young and give him a fair and honest tryout….

  15. Hope the Vikings payroll department don’t issue the paycheck of Mike Zimmer the coach to Mike Zimmer the player and vice-versa.

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