Arthur Blank uses groundbreaking to lobby for Atlanta Super Bowl


After he broke ground for a new stadium last night, Falcons owner Arthur Blank followed a well-worn path in hoping for the perk that comes along with new buildings.

According to Tim Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Falcons used the occasion of a glitzy prime-time shoveling of dirt to lobby for a future Super Bowl.

“Welcome to a typical evening in Atlanta,” Blank said at the outdoor event. “So for those of my NFL partners who will one day vote for a Super Bowl, this is normal weather in Atlanta — even in February.”

Of course, the last time Atlanta hosted a Super Bowl in 2000, the weather was far from perfect. In fact, as weather-related headaches go, it took Dallas in 2011 to surpass it thanks to an unexpected ice storm.

But Blank said he hoped to bid for the 2019 game for the new building, and as he spoke, a plane was pulling a banner overhead which read: “Break Ground on Super Bowl Too.”

“We’re in queue. There will be other cities and stadiums in queue as well. It’ll be very competitive,” Blank said. “This is a competitive world we’re living in, but this stadium and this great city, with the hospitality and the restaurants and the hotels it has, will give us an opportunity to compete at the highest level.”

Guaranteeing good weather is something Blank can’t do, but he secured enough public money to get it built, which is always a solid first step.