Bucs latest team to face lawsuit from cheerleader

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The Buccaneers have joined the Raiders, Bengals, Bills and Jets on the receiving end of a lawsuit filed by one of their cheerleaders.

The Tampa Tribune reports that Manouchcar Pierre-Val, who spent less than a year on the team’s cheerleading squad, has filed a federal lawsuit accusing the team of violating federal and state wage laws. The allegations are familiar from previous suits as Pierre-Val says she was paid less than $2 an hour, which meant she “wasn’t being compensated for the majority of the time.”

Pierre-Val’s suit was filed as a class action, giving other cheerleaders for the team the option of joining the suit against the team. Pierre-Val’s attorney said she has spoken to other members of the Bucs’ cheerleading squad who expressed interest in adding their names, but none have done so at this point.

The Buccaneers had no comment, citing their policy not to comment on either pending litigation or “compensation practices for any members of our organization.” The league has also resisted comment on “team litigation issues” since the lawsuit against the Raiders started the recent rush of court actions.

25 responses to “Bucs latest team to face lawsuit from cheerleader

  1. Hold on LITTLE LADIES, corporate America didn’t make it by paying people fairly, so just be glad we let you sh-sh-shake it like a Polaroid picture and be quiet.

    Or go make it rain someplace else.


  2. Total BS! You signed up knowing what the pay was, nobody forced you to audition or take a spot on the team. Glad the STEELERS don’t have these cheerleader airheads on the sidelines

  3. Pay the Ladies, NFL with your muti-quadrillion $$ tv contracts. This is a travesty. The Ladies add a lot of flair to a violent sport and work long hard hours with practice, makeup, hair, personal appearances, etc. It’s not fair that everyone makes millions, and they get peanuts. Some say cut them. I say the teams that don’t have cheerleaders are missing something. Estrogen is always nice.

  4. All these girls know they are working as volunteers and any money they make is icing on the cake. If they don’t want to do it they can quit. There will be only about 100 girls begging to take her place.

  5. They’re getting hosed while people make money off of them. Bump their pay up a bit. The NFL can afford it. Jeez…

  6. like the NFL doesn’t have enough money. Pay these ladies. they are HOT, in shape, and very flexible. If that isn’t reason enough. It is kind of wrong if yu think about it…almost, dare I say, sexist.

  7. While the lawsuits are symptomatic of a larger problem relating to the system, there should be enough pie available for the teams to abide by wage laws.

  8. From some of the other lawsuit descriptions; part of the litigation is wanting to get paid for time spent doing makeup, hair and dressing time. Hell, I wish my wife could get paid for that, she would make another $40,000 a year at $2.00 an hour.

  9. The Browns’ cheerleaders buy tickets and sit in the stands.

    You will be hearing them a LOT this season…!

    GO BROWNS!!!

  10. They do this on the off chance it launches a career. I know Washington cheer leaders make good money if chosen for the calendar plus it includes one heck of a paid vacation. Most cheer leaders pay to compete. These women are being paid. Very little I admit, but this is a hobby, not career.

  11. Get in line cheerleaders. Bucs Interns are unpaid and work 80 hours a week during camp and even staff members are asked to work 80 hour work weeks and only get paid for 40.

  12. These women know that once they become a NFL cheerleader the money starts to flow in. Modeling contracts galore, a thousand dollars a picture. Instant fame. Heck, you can get a million dollars from playboy after your career is done, for one photo shoot.

    It’s sad though, I never watch the girls, I am always into the game.

    I think the NFL should just get rid of them, it is just another class action lawsuit waiting to happen.

  13. This is how we got to the point where lawyers are running the league now. It started when the former players asked the NFL for medical care. They were kicked out of the room and then the concussion lawsuits magically appeared and also the ridiculous fines and penalties for defenders.

    The cheerleaders ask for fair compensation for their time because they’re being paid LESS than minimum wage. They were told to take a hike and now the lawsuits come. The NFL, in all its greed, can’t even take care of the people working for them. They deserve to get sued.

  14. Isn’t this like ordering liver and onions and then asking for a refund because you don’t like liver and onions?

    If you knew it was a snake when you picked it up, don’t be surprised if it bites you.

    These girls knew what the deal was going into the job….

    Keep digging for gold ladies…….

  15. The same group of people that can defend the “business decision” to hold out for an extra $1.5 million a year can’t get behind cheerleaders being compensated reasonably for their time?

    It may not seem like it to everyone, but these ladies do more than sit around and look good in a short skirt. They might not “deserve” millions a year like the players do, but they certainly deserve to be paid at least as much as the guy working at the pretzel stand.

  16. They are the reason binoculars were invented… I’ve yet to meet a guy who said… “Boy, those cheerleaders were terrible today…

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