Dolphins drop tax relief request as part of stadium renovation plan

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After the Dolphins struck out in their request for direct public financing for upgrades to Sun Life Stadium, the team proposed a deal where they would pay for renovations themselves while being freed from making annual property tax payments.

Douglas Hanks of the Miami Herald reported Tuesday morning that the team has abandoned that plan and Hanks’ colleague Armando Salguero confirmed the report with the Dolphins later in the day. The team is now pushing for an agreement that would see them pay for the renovations while Miami-Dade pays them for every major event the stadium brings to town. Those events could include collegiate football bowl and championship games, major soccer matches and, of course, the Super Bowl.

The amount of money that the Dolphins would receive is unclear, although the money would be paid after the event takes place.

The NFL has made it clear that the Super Bowl will not return to Miami unless there are improvements made to Sun Life Stadium and the Herald reports that the Dolphins will outline their new plan to the rest of the league’s owners at Tuesday’s meeting to decide the site of Super Bowl LII in 2018.

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  1. Seems fair. Why should the NFL and multi billionaires be exempt from paying their fair share of taxes? Why should the NFL and multi billionaires demand and expect that taxpayers pay for THEIR lavish palaces? The stadium was operating perfectly fine. They just wanted luxurious upgrades.

    If THEY pay for it themselves, they can recoup the money by holding other events. The arrogance and self-entitlement of the NFL and multi billionaires is simply appalling.

  2. The stench of greed from the nfl continues to grow. So the Fins want all the profits they’ll make from non-nfl events plus they want Miami to pay them extra?

    Just plain disgusting and drives another nail into the coffin of my interest in the nfl.

  3. of course dozens of other pro franchises have a deal where the city pay’s for some of the build with taxes or the teams get tax relief….but of course it’s the dolphins so it’s different right.

  4. “of course dozens of other pro franchises have a deal where the city pay’s for some of the build with taxes or the teams get tax relief….but of course it’s the dolphins so it’s different right.”

    Not at all. Miami has been royally screwed over before by the Marlins and are weary of paying for ANOTHER stadium. Plus Miami and the Florida legislature are pretty annoyed at Stephen Ross’ attempts to force payment through the state legislature. No one trusts this guy or the NFL. Goodell is acting like the mafia and his threats to withhold Super Bowls unless there is a renovation. The stadium is perfectly fine otherwise.

  5. exactly, Ross tried to get stadium upgrades and offered to pay for half of it, but because of the marlins, the dolphins are screwed. Ross did not do anything different than most other owners ask for. Ross has done a lot for that community and is trying to get the dolphins back to being a respected franchise that they should be, one of the most storied franchises in nfl history.

  6. The Dolphins will pay for the improvements to the stadium on their own. Something that doesn’t happen in most cities. In exchange they will get revenue from South Florida for bringing in big events. Since those events bring an economic benefit to the region why shouldn’t the team prosper? The stadium was built without tax dollars and so were the upgrades that Huizenga and Ross have done under their ownership.

    Of course the Dolphins could just blow it off and let S Florida find other ways to attract income but in this proposal the Fins are taking all of the risk.

  7. Wow, even miami dade hates the dolphins. Ross better get us a winner soon so we can get the hundred million bandwagoners back on our side.

  8. LOL, don’t pretend that Ross didn’t try to get the taxpayers in Miami-Dade County (and state of Florida) to pay for the stadium. He was forced to pay for the stadium renovations AFTER the taxpayers and state senators rejected his attempts to get a bill passed through to make the public pay for it. They wouldn’t even give him a hearing on the capitol floor. Remember, even PFT had a story about how angry Ross and Goodell were.

    Who cares if Ross has “done a lot of good” (questionable)? Are you going to reward his minimal charitable contributions by paying hundreds of millions upgrade his stadium and let him off tax free? Think about it rationally.

  9. The problem is the stadium is in the middle of nowhere, almost 30 mins from downtown miami, should have been built in the heart of miami off the water like AAA… When visitors come to watch a dolphin game its doesn’t have a miami feel

  10. I really feel bad for Ross on this one. He is making a honest attempt in seeking stadium improvement when he can just relocate the team to California, Nevada or wherever. Miami-Dade needs to stop playing with this thing.

  11. Meanwhile in Jacksonville… Khan is having (NO ISSUES) with getting Florida to pony up free money for everything he’s doing to his stadium… one of them a BRAND NEW MULTIMILLION DOLLAR TV SCREEN.

  12. Yea! Another reason to bash the Dolphins. Every owner in the league receives some sort of deal from the local government because of the mutual benefit resulting from the events.

  13. Why renovate a 30 year old stadium!!??
    Just build a new one in the parking lot.

    Bunch of idiots.

  14. DonRSD says:May 20, 2014 4:48 PM

    Why renovate a 30 year old stadium!!??
    Just build a new one in the parking lot.

    Bunch of idiots.

    Yes, they must be idiots (LOL)

  15. They should have just accepted the proposal last year. That one didn’t even affect people in Miami-Dade. it was a Hotel tax. No one in Miami should be staying in hotels in Miami. They were basically taking taxes from tourists…. THAT’S THE POINT OF TOURISTS. They’re going on vacation. They’re expecting to spend money.

    Now they’re actually asking for money from the county itself. Your proposals are getting worse. You should have accepted the one last year… you know… the one that didn’t even affect you.

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