Dolphins stacking up guys who were kicked off college teams

We noted earlier that Packers General Manager Ted Thompson took a calculated risk, giving undrafted rookie free agent Colt Lyerla a shot at a comeback.

The Dolphins are taking such risks to new heights.

As pointed out by Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins have added three players who were kicked off their college teams, and a fourth who was suspended for a year.

Fourth-round cornerback Walt Aikens was kicked off the team at Illinois (after being arrested for theft) before finishing at Liberty.

Seventh-round defensive end Terrence Fede was suspended a year at Marist for violating team rules.

Also, undrafted rookies Damien Williams (from Oklahoma, reportedly for failed drug tests) and Chris McCain (from Cal, for conduct detrimental to the team) were each sent packing from their college teams.

Taken individually, there’s nothing to say that each player doesn’t deserve a chance to set things right.

But the Dolphins haven’t proven themselves to be stable enough to pull off so many reclamation projects at once, which makes it seem as if little was learned from the Richie Incognito situation after all.

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  1. And the Giants drafter SEVEN team captains.

    After Plaxico, the Giants learned a lesson.

    Seems like the Dolphins are destined to repeat history…

  2. Dolphins plumbing the depths for locker room leaders to replace big Richie. Once there, they will study under Richie’s chief lieutenant – Mike Pouncey. Only then will they be ready to live the ‘Dolphin’ way.

  3. Well, maybe the Dolphins have hired Roma Downey and Della Reese to come in and work with these guys and get them to straighten up. Angels in the Huddle!

  4. hmm.. this seem to go against everything theyve been saying about bringing in “high character guys” and team captains. guess we’ll see…

  5. And how many team captains did the Dolphins draft or sign via the UDFA process? What is the average # of kicked off players per 90 man roster?

    But yes, it’s the Dolphins, so they must be different right?

  6. It’s too early to say these players are going to be bad apples but it surely doesn’t send a good message especially after Bully-gate.

    Give these players a chance to prove themselves before labeling them problems.

  7. I’ll say this: everyone deserves a SECOND chance, but in many of these cases it’s beyond a second chance. Guys don’t get kicked off the team after one bad transgression so I’ve got to assume that there’s more to these guys being kicked out of there schools. You begin to wonder if they’ve truly learned a lesson in being kicked off their squads. Hopefully they have, time will tell. That said, I wish them luck and success getting their careers back on track. They have a life changing opportunity right in front of them.

  8. “But the Dolphins haven’t proven themselves to be stable enough …”

    What franchise is stable enough then and who determines stability? The Saints? (Bounty’s anyone?) The Cowboys with Jerry Jones? The Redskins with Snyder at the helm? The 49ers and Aldon Smith? Aaron Hernandez & The Patriots? The daily reports on this site from around the league about players getting in trouble with drugs, arrests, guns, etc. etc.

    Sorry – but if you are saying that Icognito being a moron and bullying Martin, an overly sensitive individual, constitutes the Dolphins not being a “stable franchise”…. Yet every other franchise is somehow stable because.. Well, just because the crimes and acts of those players is somehow different.

  9. In fairness, Incognito was kicked off two college teams. Adding guys who were kicked off only one team could be seen as an improvement.

  10. What the hell do you expect you hired a GM that got how many coaches fired because the talent sucked?

  11. Who knows maybe they will strike gold! I’m sure they conducted exhaustive interviews with each potential player, and they will keep them on a short leash. However, if my Jets did this, there would be 100 negative comments!

  12. i keep forgetting that the dolphins are the only team that have had issues with players.

    great job by the other 31 nfl teams for not having players who use drugs, ped’s, murder, harrass/hit women, have an arsenal of weapons in thier closet that rivals the mafia and other problems that make thier teams look bad……only the dolphins organization has issues.

  13. Its so early yet that signing these guys really isnt a big deal. Will they make the final 53? Who knows.

    Being kicked off their college teams is a big punishment, and a hard lesson. The question is have they learned from their lesson, and will they make the effort to be better people as a result of the opportunities that are being given to them?

    I say give them a chance, and it wont take long if its obvious that they arent going to change. The Dolphins organization will be particularly picky about them following Incognito and Martin, so I think they have to be extra special to warrant this.

    Besides, with all the stuff that goes on around the NFL with other teams, this really is small stuff. Did they get accused of rape? Murder?

  14. Maybe you should have every player fill out a background check application they must pass before they can play. If you do you won’t have enough players to create a team never mind a league. Also, I like the fact that the Dolphins are giving people a 2nd chance.

  15. Btw, has the stability in New England been cured because their tight end has not been officialy convicted of three murders or are they not stable because of being associated with the New England tight end they are officially dead.

  16. So?

    The steelers have a rapist
    The ravens have a wife beater
    The cowboys have a mother beater

  17. lol at the Dolphins fanbase rage over this observation.

    “Oh so the Dolphins are the only team to sign guys with character issues?!” No, the Dolphins certainly aren’t the only team to take risks on players. It’s just that typically you handle one or two headcases at a time (Tyrann Mathieu, Pacman Jones, Janoris Jenkins) and surround them with leaders aka no one you’d find at Mike Pouncey’s house.

  18. It’s not even just the players.. What about the stability in Indy due to Irsay, or Cleveland due to Haslam or Minnesota due to Wilf’s RICO case… The list goes on.

    Yet the Dolphins are the poster-child for instability?!?!

  19. Another thing..if your going to over look the guy Suh in Detroit stepping on players after the whistle with the intent to injure and a media explosion over guy making out with another guy on national tv and all the other crap that goes on in this league then I would say you give Richie a chance an redeeming himself.

  20. Sounds like the Dolphins will be ripe for another bullying scandal next year. Good move by Jonathan Martin to get away from this freak show.

  21. These are all day 3 guys aka fliers. Our early picks were all team leaders and captains.

  22. We are going to compare employing a bully to a serial killer? A serial rapist? Wife beaters?

  23. Lol at the Pats fans lack of rage that their starting tight end had just murdered two guys and was still at the time lining up and starting for the New England Patriots.

  24. As I said before I see no point in trashing a 7th rounder and two UDFA’s.

    Walt Aikens on the other hand is a whole different matter. He messed up his freshman year buying a laptop he found out was stolen. He was a standout as a freshman on the team at Illinois and instead of fighting it transferred to Liberty, which is known for it’s strict moral honor code. This kid never got in trouble again.

    All’s I’m saying is Quit the witch-hunt on the Dolphins because one meathead messed with an overly sensitive man-child who needs to be coddled the rest of his life.

  25. The Dolphins gave a 2nd chance to guy kicked off his team accused of murder – spent 25 months in jail before his 2nd trial acquitted him.

    He’s been nothing but a solid player, no problems with media, the police, on SouthBeach or even involved with BullyGate – plays hard and does what is asked.

    Congrats Jimmy Wilson for showing the world that people deserve a second chance and Dolphins camp is as good as anywhere to get that chance.

  26. Aiken bought a computer from a friend that was stolen. He had no idea but Illinois was having problems at the time and had to take a strong stance. He could have been a 1st or 2nd round guy had he stayed at Illinois so I’m willing to take the risk.

    Fede is apparently an athletic freak and could end up being a steal. I don’t know what he did, but with it being Marist, they can afford to suspend a guy the entire year for violating team rules much more than a school like Alabama could. Their football program doesn’t matter so it could have easily been something that FBS guys do all the time.

    The other guys are UDFA. That’s the point of UDFA. Take a risk and see if they pan out, if they don’t no harm done. You don’t draft those guys, you pay them basically nothing (for pro-sports standards) and hope for the best.

    This isn’t a big deal.

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