Eric Ebron: Lions’ offense “should take it to a whole new level”


Lions rookie tight end Eric Ebron says there’s so much talent in Detroit that the Lions’ offense could be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

The options are — it’s insane,” Ebron told the Detroit Free Press. “The things that we’re going to do, the things that he has in store for me, other draftees and the guys that’s already there, we should take it to a whole new level, we hope.”

Ebron said the attention that Lions receiver Calvin Johnson draws from opposing defenses means Ebron and other receivers will have plenty of opportunities to get open.

“I’m here to help Calvin out,” Ebron said. “Calvin gets a million and one double teams a game, so hopefully, I can be that X factor in the middle of the field that frees Calvin up so he can do what he does and it’ll make our offense that much better.”

With the addition of Ebron and the presence of Megatron, plus the signing of Golden Tate and the presence of running backs Reggie Bush and Joique Bell, few teams have as much talent at the skill positions as the Lions. There’s really no excuse for them not to take their offense to the next level.

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  1. Lions 35, opponent 49. Obviously there will be variance in a 16 game regular season.

    Their back 7 on D will be worse than Minnesota’s last year, but hey, they have a TE.

  2. I think I’ve heard this before. Like Mike Tyson said….”everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”.

  3. Anthony Barr will already be throwing Matthew Stafford on the ground for a sack before he even gets a chance to catch the ball.

    While Teddy Bridgewater will light up that hopeless secondary two games a year for 4TDs.

  4. Forward down the field…a lot more Touchdowns your teams will yield! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONSSSSS!!!! 🙂

  5. Yet another guy who thinks he invented football. Why thinks suddenly the team goes to another level is pretty apparent – it’s all about him, the Johnny Manziel of TEs.

    Last time I checked, the Lions had nearly as many inflated yards as the Broncos. More offensive yards don’t guarantee anything. Any improvement is more due to HC than an overrated tweener.

  6. I am sure the new coach Jim “Dungy Fraiser” will do a great job with him

  7. can we not ask these guys questions until the season beyond the initial interview

    sounds kind of silly talking about taking it to another level, when the guy wasn’t there to see what level they were playing at last year.

  8. I have been disappointed by Stafford surrounded by weapons for quite awhile. unless Ebron is the next tony gonzalez, they reached in a draft full of defensive talent. this will be a draft where teams look back wondering why those guys who went in the 20’s fell, while ebron went 10th to a team without a defense

  9. He’s right. They should, he can and he will take their offense to a whole new level.

    Joe Lombardi will know exactly how to use this guy.

  10. Everyone posting about defense clearly wasn’t watching the Lions last year. When they finished 1-6 to end the season the defense gave up all of 17 ppg (after removing FUM/INT returns for TDs by the offense).

    17 point per game. So yeah, keep blaming the defense and saying that the Lions should have drafted a corner when the reason they floundered down the stretch was not having anyone to throw to besides Calvin Johnson.

  11. Based on the all the “Lions 35, opponent 49” you’d think the Lions offense was the worst in the NFCN. Turns out they were the best in both total yards and most importantly, POINTS!

    You people are clueless. GO LIONS!

  12. The Lions hired Jim Caldwell, the man who tanked Colts games because he did not want the pressure of going undefeated.

  13. Also, for the season the defense gave up 23.5 ppg (15th ranked in the NFL). They signed Ihedigbo to lay SS from Baltimore and added Kyle Van Noy to play LB from the draft. So I’m failing to see how adding two better players will make them start giving up MORE points.

  14. The Lions were the only team in the NFC North last year that scored more points than they allowed. They stumbled down the stretch because of the offense, not the D. In the final 3 losses last year the defense allowed just 2 td.

    If you look at the advanced stats compiled by Football Outsiders the Lions D was 14th last year, in between San Fran and Denver. The offense was 19th, between Miami and Arizona.

    The O-line ranked 2nd in pass protection and 13th in run blocking. Not the problem.

    Pettigrew as a TE? 54th.

    After Calvin at wr? Burleson was 58th.
    Golden Tate was 23rd.

    Turns out the Lions front office knows more about the team the ViQueen fan trolls that frequent this site.

  15. Lots of negativity and trash talk from fans of teams that don’t have half the talent that we do. Keep running your mouths it will make it all that much more satisfying when we destroy your team.
    If any of you actually watched their games last year you would know that the defense actually wasn’t bad. The reason we weren’t in the playoffs was Stafford throwing late game picks. Since I actually do pay attention I can tell you that the DBs we’ve drafted in the last few years (Green, Greenwood, Bentley, Slay etc…) have had time to develop and should be solid or better next year. Jim Schwartz and his staff were a big part of what was holding us back last year and they’re gone. If your team plays the Lions this season prepare to lose and please don’t forget all the inaccurate negative things you’ve said about them. Just in case you do I’ll be here to remind you.

  16. I wonder when all this off-season proclaimed offensive talent will result in a playoff win, or even a playoff appearance?

  17. Did you all forget Detroit had one of the top Offensive Lines in NFL last year. Reiff at LT, 2 year vet. Waddle and warford on the right side and both are Rookies. Detroit has one of the most promising OL in NFL and thats a fact. Most you guys speak without thinking. And we drafted our future C to replace Raiola. And hen took offense to that. Expect our OL to be top 10.

  18. I don’t understand half these comments, I believe the Lions finished 16th in Points allowed (or close to it) how is that “giving up 40+ points a game?”

    The real problem is Stafford and his turnovers. Fix that and if the defense makes a little bit of improvement then they got a Super Bowl competing squad, but if Stafford keeps throwing picks and losing fumbles, well, then it’s back to the top 10 in the draft.

  19. And who is this clown saying “Too bad about the Lions O line”?
    Their O line graded out in the top quarter of the league!
    If you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about you really shouldn’t comment here. That goes for all of you.

  20. I’m just glad he didn’t say a “whole nother”

    The offense will be good but if the defense can’t hold onto leads at the end of games the team won’t be able to take the next step.

  21. Your offense still won’t be anywhere near what Denver’s was last year….and you saw what a great defense like Seattle’s did to them in the Super Bowl.

    It was a wasted pick, Detroit….you need a much better defense.

  22. All these Lions fans “we scored more points and had more yards in our division” well you guys still lost and Aaron Rodgers was out so just stay quite

  23. So they will lose by less this year? Their defense is still a bunch of hot heads that will get dumb penalties no matter who there coach is…

  24. Don’t you have to be standing to throw ? Adding another weapon isn’t going to help Stafford throw from his back.

  25. I remember the San Diego teams of the 80’s that had Dan Fouts. They’d score 40 points a game…… and lose….their defense couldn’t have stopped a middle school practice squad.

    Detroit is like that, only they don’t have Fouts to make it interesting.

  26. Not for nothin’, man, but Brandon Pettigrew is pretty damn big and athletic too, and he is just a slightly above average TE option. Eric, go out there and do something before you get all existential.

  27. Yes, beware of punkface’s and his mighty 12 yard bombs. Defenses are scrambling on how to prepare.

  28. He is right. The Lions have to remember the objective is to score so if they convert the drives into points then we will have an insane offense.

  29. Man a lot of you really make yourselves sound bad with your ignorant and completely inaccurate comments.
    Some guy said that our defense is a bunch of hotheads that will get dumb penalties no matter what and then used a hashtag to try to prove his point. Here are two helpful hints for you 1) This isn’t twitter so it is both stupid and unnecessary to use hashtags and 2) Suh got one 15 yard penalty all of last season which was for a low block after a Lions interception.
    Please do some homework before you embarrass yourself on the internet.

  30. Knowing the Lions pretty well though not a fan here’s my issue. If TE was such an issue then why pay Pettiguw like 4 mil per year to stay then draft Ebron? That’s what’s confusing to me. If you want to say Pettiguw isn’t good enough fine but then don’t pay him that much and draft a first round TE that high. And then they have that rookie TE who was pretty good for them too. 3 TEs but yet hurting other places.

    The defense did lose their DE young and their highly drafted safety. CB was never a strength. Their front 7 is quality but their DBs are highly questionable.

    But Detroit is still very talented and could emerge. I just think going TE at 10 didn’t make sense for them.

    Their improvement this year is on Stafford playing smarter (and the team as a whole) more than any additions.

  31. It’s certainly taken the Loins a long time to recover from the Matt Millen era — which was made longer by the Jim Schwartz debacle.

    All I’ll say for now is it’ll be an interesting season.

    I’m forecasting they choose not to resign Suh for the mega-bucks he’ll be wanting.

  32. If Stafford can get the ball to those weapons instead of throwing it to the other team, the Lions probably will improve from a top 6 offense to a top 3 offense.

    Given that Caldwell worked with Peyton Manning after his 20+ INT seasons early in his career, and Lombardi helped Drew Brees improve, there’s reason to be optimistic.

    That being said, can the CBs cover anybody? That’s the big question.

  33. The same old song & dance with the Lions.

    We’ll see.

    Caldwell was a very lackluster hire for a Lions team finally trying to capitalize on it’s playmakers. Decent coordinator, but a milquetoast head coach.

  34. The Lions have a problem at QB. Stafford put’s on a good show from time to time, but he’s not good enough. Too many INTs and a poor completion percentage. It shows in the wins losses too. That team has been too talented for too long for the record they have so far in the Stafford era. If you put a great QB on that team they would dominate.

  35. Wow, there’s a lot of uninformed posters here. Either that, or it’s empty-headed trolls.

    “Same old Lions” – wow, that’s a new one.

    Any argument that includes “LOL” already identifies you as an idiot.

    Any argument typed in all-caps quickly shows your intellect.

    The Lions had a defense in the top half of the NFL and allowed the fewest points in the NFC North. So many here think that a single defensive pick at #10 would have suddenly made Detroit the best defense since the 85 Bears. What player was that?

  36. The problem with the defense last year was not lack of talent, but the play calling. it was predictable. both sides. if i could call it from the couch, the opponents for sure knew what was coming. the db’s were still weak and thats why prevent exposed them. wont be like that this year. the offense stalled at times because no one besides calvin could get seperation and again, the play calling was pedictable. even when cj ran a slant it worked because hes calvin but other than that, other teams knew what was coming. everyone keeps saying tight end was not a need, but a big body play maker was. they got that in the first round at a discounted price because of the position. thats why brady has been sucessful without big name wr’s and they still have cap room.

  37. The Lions have a lot of offensive weapons. However, at the end of the day, they still have Stafford as their QB and until he makes a commitment to change his style, the Lions will never amount to much..

  38. …I wanted Mike Evans :p turns out Ebron can do everything he can do, and more.

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