Flacco expects that Rice won’t be suspended

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Ravens running back Ray Rice has had a rough offseason.  His quarterback believes that, come September, all will be well.

According to Jordan Ranaan of NJ.com, Joe Flacco said Monday at Ron Jaworski’s celebrity golf tournament that Flacco believes Rice won’t be suspended in the wake of allegations that he knocked out at a casino a woman Rice has since married.

“I don’t foresee anything crazy happening with that,” Flacco said.  “I’m expecting to have him [for the entire season].”

Still, if Rice pleads guilty or no contest to the charges, or if he enters a diversion program, his case becomes ripe for review under the personal conduct policy.  At that point, Rice could be suspended.

Given the allegations against Rice and a troubling video that shows Rice dragging the mostly-unconscious woman out of an elevator, it’s hard to imagine the NFL not taking a hard line.  Violence against women is inexcusable in all settings and contexts, and any perception that the NFL is soft on that subject could jeopardize its popularity among female fans.

The Ravens therefore need to be prepared for anything when it comes to Rice.  While it’s Flacco’s prerogative to be optimistic, there’s a good chance he’ll be handing off for a game or two to someone other than Rice this year.

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  1. NFL Logic:

    Josh Gordon gets suspended a year for marijuana use.

    Ray Rice Beats his wife and drags her into an elevator caught on video and most likely won’t get a suspension.

  2. To be honest I’m starting to think he won’t. For reasons I don’t know why, the NFL simply just doesn’t measure domestic violence to the same degree as failed drug tests and the use of PED’s. To me I think the use of weed is lesser than domestic violence but hey, the NFL cares more about weed then actual violence.

  3. It’s not just female fans the NFL should be worried about. It’s all fans. Violence against any human is intolerable. If the NFL is so worried about “the shield” they need to suspend Rice.

  4. The sad thing about this thread is that Flacco evidently condones men rendering women unconscious.

  5. I’m a Ravens fan but think that Ray’s “wife” had a worse off-season than Rice.
    It hard to explain what I saw with my own eyes at that elevator…so whatever happens to Ray he deserves.
    I really loved the guy and thought he was different – but once again our organization was embarrassed – and we’ll always have to walk a straighter line than the Steelers. Everyone looks the other way when Big Ben goes after strange girls. At least Ray had a problem with someone he’s known most of his life…but still no excuse.
    Sorry it had to happen and ruin someone who made a difference to a lot of kids.

  6. Flacco seems beyond optimistic by suggesting it would be crazy for Rice to be suspended. I’d like to know to what extent Flacco investigated the incident and what he concluded to come to that assessment. I’m skeptical that he would have been very thorough with his interrogation of all the involved witnesses though. He even says that he hasn’t talked to Ray very much about it, so what’s his understanding of exactly what happened that day?

  7. Beat you old lady in elevator = no suspension
    Smoke weed = immediate suspension
    somethings not right with that

  8. lolwut? As a Ravens fan, I kinda expect not to have Rice for 4 or more games. There was a reason why we drafted a running back and signed Forsett…Flacco might be a little too optimistic…

  9. being suspended should be the least of his worries. he should do jail time for that… anyone who beats a woman is not a man. He’s a puke…

  10. There’s basically video of him knocking out a woman and a suspension would be crazy? That’s almost as dumb as before last season when Flacco said they wouldn’t apologize for winning a lot of football games.

  11. If he isnt suspended for at least 4 games, its a joke.

    Ben Roethlisberger gets falsely accused of something and gets suspended. Ray Rice knocks out his fiancee and deserves a suspension at least as long as Ben’s.

  12. And yet… ZERO tolerance for the Robert Mathis situation.

    Nice priorities, Goodell.

  13. Once the prosecution chose not to pursue jail time for Rice (as well as offer a year’s probation should Rice enter an anger management counseling course), the odds of him being suspended for a significant portion of the season started dropping. I think he’ll still be suspended, but I’m betting only 1-2 games. If Goodell does levy any suspension at all, I hope Rice serves it no questions asked.

  14. Flacco is a returd! Of course he’s getting suspended. Get the eyebrow out of your ear Joe. What a moroon!

  15. And, let us not forget an owner who was arrested for four (count ’em) four felony (felony!) counts of possession of a controlled substance as well as operating a vehicle while intoxicated over two months ago …

  16. Isn’t the female fanbase is the fastest growing market for the NFL? Way to piss them off and show that domestic violence is of no concern to this league.

  17. “Everyone looks the other way when Big Ben goes after strange girls. ”

    Ben was suspended for 4 games for what’s been shown to be a nonviolent encounter with a girl in a bathroom, no charges were filed. That’s hardly “looking the other way”. Before you yammer on about him paying the girl off, it’s not up to her to press charges. The law does that if there is evidence to show a crime was committed. Case in point, Ray Rice was charged by police based on the evidence, even though the battered woman met him at the altar a week later.

    And can we please stop with the belly aching about Gordon? I love me some ganja as much as the next guy but he stupidly broke a well documented rule and will pay the price. If you want to make a difference, start by showing up to vote this November.

  18. Marriage may trigger the marital communications privilege, spousal privilege, or other state-specific privileges that may preclude Mrs. Rice from testifying against her husband. Also, it’s unclear whether she ever pressed charges against him or is otherwise cooperating with the state’s investigation. Needless to say, Ray may be off the hook from a legal standpoint. As far as the NFL, may not be enough there to discipline him.

  19. I like Flaco. But his comments are very troubling to me. And i like Rice too. But the NFL better take a hard line on a player knocking his girlfriend out. That’s crazy. If players can’t keep the violence on the field then they have major social issues to resolve. All i can figure is Flaco might have off the field violence issues also. Which might be why he thinks knocking out a woman is okay. Crazy. Geaux Saints!

  20. Of course he is, these fools will support themselves if they beat each others wives short of murder, hey Joe concentrate on getting better and not chucking the ball up for picks and incomplete passes. Boy, this kid got lucky his super bowl run, but he truly is an inconsistent to mediocre qb.

  21. The NFL always hands down suspensions based on hardline reports and investigations.

    Rice’s investigation will show a report, with no charges filed, of a domestic dispute between Rice and his now wife.

    Josh Gordon failed a drug test, testing positive in a certified testing agency for an illegal substance.

    Stoners sometimes have a jaded perspective of the facts.

  22. 2 games tops, move on.hope all teams take him lightly.will not be last years guy for sure.thats why they play the games,all this talk means nothing!!!

  23. I think Flacco is implying Rice won’t get suspended. I just think he’s implying it won’t be a “crazy” suspension. I don’t think anyone sees a 2-6 game suspension as “crazy”. Maybe I’m wrong but at least I hope that’s the case.

  24. Complete BS if he doesn’t get suspended four games. Anything less is the typical favoritism for the ravens from the commissioners office. Crap is getting old

  25. Flacco should spend less time talking to the media and more time on his completion %.

  26. Speaking of Big Ben, seems he got suspended for games for much less and basically nothing of evidence than what Ray Rice is accused of and has been video taped of doing. And speaking of Ben he was not charged nor convicted of any crime and was suspended. Rice has been charged and there is a pending trial. So if Ray does not receive at least double what Ben got and others for PED abuse the NFL and Goodell is a total farce in regards to discipline and policy.

  27. How can the league not suspend him for knocking out his wife and dragging her unconsious body around in public. If that doesn’t break the conduct policy I don’t know what does. Sure it might be 2 games, but they can’t just let it go completely.

  28. Flacco’s comments reflect the culture of the Ravens that started with Ray Lewis and continues with Ray a Rice. Above the law….the problem is the fans believe and support this…..beat women and not penalty…..shameless the team won’t suspend them on their own, but it is the Ravens so don’t expect that to happen.

  29. Absolutely Absurd! If Mike Pouncey is Suspended for calling a guy bigger than him; names in a Lockerroom whereby he participated and returned the teasing and this Felon gets nothing? Then every player should grab some guns and weed and head out for a night of fun, cause you will never serve any NFL justice. The League is out of control, Gay Social Conscience trumps Felony Assaults. Weed (legal in 21states) is grounds for Suspension, but Drunk Driving with unregistered weapons is fine. Lockerroom shananigans are bad but, beating a Girlfriend or Raping women is OK. Got it.

  30. A real man wouldn’t give a crap about his team and demand that Ray Rice be suspended. Screw everyone in the Ravens organization that isn’t standing up against Ray. BS league is running thin on me.

  31. Flacco just comes off like such a doofus

    Even if you think he’s not going to get suspended don’t be so casual about it like it’s no big thing

    There are about zero believable excuses for what happened on that tape, stand behind your dude if you believe in him, but don’t be a turd about it. The nfl has every right and reason to suspend him.

  32. I bet Flacco’s wife is really proud of what her husband said. It must be something in the water in Baltimore that makes the inhabitants do and say some incredibly dumb things….maybe the CDC should look into it.


    Ray was basically let off with a probation before judgement. The only footage made public does not show him BEATING his then fiance. This is his first brush with the law and prior to that he has been an upstanding citizen.

    Stop crucifying the man and let our justice system do its job.

    If you don’t like it, move to North Korea.

    With that said, if there is footage of him beating his fiance and the league has seen it, they need to come down hard on him. And this comes from a Ravens fan.

  34. How are there so many people who think Flacco is “supporting domestic violence” with his comments?

    He didn’t say “Ray Rice shouldn’t be suspended.” He said he doesn’t think Ray Rice WILL be suspended.

    That’s an honest opinion with absolutely no implications about his feelings on domestic violence. People always say they want honest athletes who don’t give cookie-cutter soundboard answers to questions, but Flacco’s refreshing and innocuous honesty is almost always negatively received. I don’t get it.

  35. It’s apparent to me that Flacco is still suffering from post concussion syndrome. I always believed that he played like a zombie and now it’s clear that he thinks like one, too.

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