Goodell thinks playoffs will expand next season


The 2014 season will probably be the last with only 12 playoff teams, Commissioner Roger Goodell said today.

Goodell said the league’s owners have discussed the issues related to expanding the playoffs to 14 teams, and he said he expects that to happen for the 2015 season. Goodell said the league will spend 2014 continuing to examine any issues related to beefing up the playoffs, and should be good to go for a 14-team playoff beginning in January of 2016.

“I do believe it will be approved for 2015,” he said. “I think we want to see one more year of, Will it impact the regular season in a positive way, from a competitive standpoint? Will it create more excitement, more races toward the end, of who’s going to qualify for the playoffs? And we also want to absorb the additional inventory into the marketplace, from an advertising standpoint.”

Goodell said “the primary reason” the NFL didn’t expand the playoffs this season is that the league wants to put all its focus on making the Thursday night package of games as good as they can be. The league doesn’t want to oversaturate the market with too much football, if such a thing is possible.

“We should proceed with the Thursday night focus that we have this year. We’re adding additional invoice to the marketplace,” Goodell said.

Although NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith has suggested that the players may not be on board with expanding the playoffs, Goodell said it will be good for the players because it will produce more revenue and therefore raise the salary cap.

“I’ve had numerous conversations with DeMaurice,” Goodell said. “I think there’s a lot of benefits to the players. That’s something they’ll have to evaluate, but they’re our partners and I’ve said on many occasions before that we’re going to continue to have dialogue with all of our partners.”

Whatever the continued dialogue may be, it will almost certainly result in an announcement at some point that there will be 14 playoff teams next season.

74 responses to “Goodell thinks playoffs will expand next season

  1. “We’re adding additional invoice to the marketplace,” Goodell said. lol Just in case you were under the illusion it was about the fans.

  2. Owners: “Expanded playoffs means higher revenue.

    Commish: “Expanded playoffs means higher salary cap.

    Players: “Expanded playoffs means more money for some, more injuries for all.”

  3. We already get team under .500 making it in, why do we need more? Make it much easier and the Bears might even make the playoffs.

  4. Really hope some terrible scandal comes out about this guy so we can finally get rid of him.

  5. It doesn’t matter what happened in the past, there’s still always going to be the chance that some team gets in with a freak weak record. It’s still technically possibly for a team to make the playoffs with 0 wins if they lose every game and every divisional game ends in a tie. Astronomical sure, but what if that happened? At what point do you draw the line, 1 win, 2 wins, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7? The NFL has no line drawn whatsoever and that’s concerning.

  6. I know most fans think this will “water down” the playoffs, but under the CURRENT system 8-8 and even 7-9 teams are getting in. Meanwhile 11-5 and 10-6 teams are left out

    If you look at the last several years, if this new system were in play, while an additional 8-8 team would often be let in so too would that 11-5 or 10-6 team

    I don’t understand why fans are opposed to letting strong teams into the playoffs.

    If they like having 8-8 and 7-9 teams in then keep the current system as that’s what you have now

  7. Listen to the fans for once, Roger. Every poll out there has fans strongly against this change.

  8. The best would be no preseason games and every team to the playoffs. You would only play two more playoff games than now, the regular season would become a fierce battle for home field advantage and everyone would have a fair chance to make it to the playoffs.

  9. Adding two more teams wth the potential to have a losing record in the playoffs is a joke.

    The sooner goodlell goes, the better off the NFL is.

    How has all of his wussying of the sport been allower.

  10. What the hell does the Thursday Night Football package have to do with expanding the playoffs?
    It’s gonna happen, it’s just a matter of when. The biggest change will be only one team getting a bye (in each conference) which will make getting the top seed very important. It could actually help add a little suspense toward the end of the season.

  11. Why mess with a good thing? I either hate or don’t care about every change Goodell has made. What has he done that changed the league for the positive?

  12. It’s all about quantity with Goodell. The quality of the league will go down until the fans stop paying outrageous prices.

  13. Might as well add more play off teams, that made the NBA regular season much more important, oh yeah, the NHL has higher ratings than the NBA for regular season games.

  14. Why does Gooddell think he has to constantly change things just because he’s the Commissioner? I’d be fine if he worked one day a week and collected his fat check without changing what works.

  15. There is a way to improve the Thursday night package – Get rid of it. There is football Sunday, sunday night and Monday. ENOUGH. You tried this a decade ago and it didn’t work and your gonna lose money if you try it again.

  16. Ugh. Can’t we vote this off the island before he completely wrecks the league!? Please? If his tenure lasts as long as Roselle or Tagliabue, the sport we love will be unrecognizable in 10 years … maybe less.

  17. VERY dangerous (borderline stupid) for Goodell to ever refer to the union/players as “partners”. That kind of definitive statement from the commissioner of football can come back and bite the owners in the rear end.

  18. I hope there’s five 6-10 teams that would qualify for a 7th spot and there’s no mathematical way to settle the winner. Make this fool and his “inventory in the marketplace” look like the dopey bean counter he is.

  19. Do not expand the playoffs, it is fine the way it is. It cannot always be about money, or maybe 40 million to Roger Goodell was not enough. You are ruining the game Goodell!

  20. The NFL is tuning out its fans yet again. At some point, people are going to get fed up and their bubble will burst.

  21. There will be a book coming out in 2025 titled “How Goodell and Greed Killed the NFL.”

  22. There are already one or two teams in every year that don’t belong, and it’s obvious when they play and get pounded.

    Now there will be more, and the first round will be a waste of time.

  23. My favorite moment of this league year: the fans at Radio City Music Hall giving him a robust booing at the start of the draft.

  24. People keep forgetting Goodell is just a mouthpiece for the owners. He’s not like Bud Selig, who can (and will) just do whatever he wants.

  25. The hot hand scenario

    If we are going to add two more teams to the playoffs let’s make sure they are the most dangerous teams available. Here is the selection criteria the NFL should use.

    • This criteria would only be used to determine the final two teams only

    • Best record of remaining teams not in the playoffs over the last 8 games. The previous 8 games may be used as a tiebreaker if needed. An 8-8 team could eliminate a 10-6 team under this scenario

    • First Tiebreaker: team who have their last loss most recently in the past. So if you lost week 17 and the other teams did not you would be eliminated. Continue until two teams are left
    The hot hand teams may not host unless they are play

  26. Everybody hates the Thursday night games, the timing and travel is a set up to lose for teams coming off Sunday games and having to travel two time zones away only to get a subpar viewing audience because some people are just getting home from work, have family responsibilities and have to work the next day…best thing would be to get rid of them all together. As long as fans continue to buy merchandise, buy season tickets, and sell out stadiums they are only feeding the greed monster and have no room to complain; they are enabling a bunch of billionaires who care nothing about the fans, the players or the integrity of the game…it’s business and the business is to be profitable as measured in $$$. So, as fans we can refuse to buy the NFL Ticket channel, boycott the purchase of merchandise and quit going to games, supporting the local sports bar instead (beer is cheaper and it’s a safer environment). When owners start seeing half empty stadiums and they can’t give tickets away, they will change their perspective and see that the consumer has the power to make or break them. Time to take back the power!

  27. My kid is about to graduate first grade. We’re throwing a big party for him.

    Same thing we did after he graduated kindergarten, after graduating pre-school, and after he completed his potty training.

    Everybody’s a winner. Why only 14 teams? Get them all in the playoffs!

  28. It seems like most fans dislike the idea, myself included. It’s a money grab by the league, but will we actually stop watching? Probably not and that’s why the NFL is doing it.

  29. It’s clear that the league thinks they know what the fans want more then the fans themselves. Every fan poll hates the idea in every part of the US. Somehow the league doesn’t care. It will devalue the league… The 40 million extra dollars will be lost in less then 5 years as the regular season value is reduced and the final standings are watered down so that a 5 seed can play a 7 seed in the Super Bowl.

    Today, at least one #1 seed or #2 seed makes the big game every year. It makes sense.

  30. Goodell is mostly a thief… midling corporate lawyer paid himself $43M last year… all he cares about is making money for “himself”

    don’t want playoff expansion… but 14 makes no sense… may as well go to 16 and get rid of any bye

    LOL at Cowgirls – looking for a loophole to make playoffs…. still wont happen… would have to expand to at least 24 teams for Cowgirls to have a chance.. sorry Jerry

  31. Sure, just make it like the NBA where 3/4 of the league is in the playoffs and it takes 2.5 months just to get thru it….and hell maybe even Jerry Jones can say he is a good GM because his teams MAY finally make it in the playoffs.

  32. The equivalent for a 10-6 team to miss the playoffs in baseball is a team that wins 100 games. How many times has that happened in Major League history? Like twice in over 100 years.

    It’s happened 7 times in the last 10 years where a team has won at least 10 games and missed the playoffs in the NFL.

    Again, better teams will actually MAKE the playoffs, not worse teams get in. Research it…I don’t know how many times I have to keep saying this. Look it up.

  33. Fantastic. So we’ll have 4 months of relatively pointless games where the only thing that’s determined will be the seedings, followed by having 6-10 teams rewarded with the playoffs.

  34. Good idea for making more money but bad idea in general. Eventually a 7-9 team will win the SB.

  35. My God the readers are crabby today. Two things most of you haven’t even considered:
    1) Rog WORKS FOR THE OWNERS. They are the ones pushing this. If most weren’t interested in expanding, it wouldn’t be on the table. Quit throwing all the blame for every initiative his way, he’s not doing this in a vacuum.
    2) Most of us (me included) like the format just as it is, but it changed to 12 teams in 1990. How many of you/us would have bitched and complained 15 years ago about the playoffs being watered down if 12 teams played. Same goes for an 18 game season (which I’m against). We love 16, but how many of us would support going to 14 like it used to be?????

    Think things thru before you sound off.

    OK, lets see all the thumbs down because I pointed out you are acting like idiots.

  36. Explain to me again why we’re trying to reward teams that aren’t even good enough to win their division, or beat out teams with similar records head-to-head. This is stupid. The NFL is going to end up like the NHL and NBA with half the teams getting in.

  37. This whole “Roger works for the owners” argument is a farce. It’s him and mostly him. He’s the one conducting the studies, talking to the networks, listening to the lawyers, etc. If he says based upon “x” it’s time to jump, the owners say “how high”. Quit being naive.

    Dude is KILLING the game. I for one am pleased to start seeing the huge momentum shift from fans on this site. Before, he could do no wrong. Now….you get comments with 40 thumbs up and 3 thumbs down against him. Next step….the guy above is right….we need to STOP WATCHING! Start with Thursday nite games as an experiment and watch how quick they’ll be gone.

  38. need to add 8 more teams to the league then take 2 teams from each div to playoffs, 4 playoff games sat, 4 games, sunday, next week 2 games sat, 2 games sunday… next week the final 4 conference title games, those 2 games on sunday..

    2 weeks later the Superbowl..

    seriously add way more FEVER to the title games and playoffs..

    make it a 20 game season, with 2 pre-season scrimmage games..

    this way the league can bump the salary cap and teams can afford to build dynasties, as it is there isn’t enough money to build competitive teams so what fans get is lackluster football..

    ramp this thing up or go home, their choice, either way they need more teams in the playoffs or people will continue to give up cuz their team never makes it..

    there are other things they can do to make the competition level, COMPETENT rules changes, kite me an email if you;re that lost and obviously you are, its not that simple get some free advice and go down as a hero not a zero…

    holla… no joke I have free answers, I can make this league EQUAL across the board so any team at any time can win the superbowl and thats what fans really want, there team to have a chance year in and year out…

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