Jeff Fisher: Rams on Hard Knocks is “highly unlikely”


Rams coach Jeff Fisher doesn’t expect his team to be the subject of this year’s Hard Knocks.

I think it’s unlikely,” Fisher told the Post-Dispatch. “We are eligible, but I think it’s highly unlikely they’d ask us to do it. I think this organization has a right to go through training camp with some normalcy.”

The NFL can force a team to appear on Hard Knocks if it hasn’t been on the show in the last 10 years, hasn’t made the playoffs in the last two years and doesn’t have a first-year head coach. That means the Rams are one of the eight teams that can be forced to do it, along with the Cardinals, Bills, Bears, Jaguars, Giants, Raiders and Steelers.

When the Rams drafted Michael Sam, the NFL’s first openly gay player, it led to some calls for the Rams to appear on the show. But Sam has scrapped plans for his own reality show, and if Fisher gets his way, he won’t be on the NFL’s annual reality show, either.

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  1. The only one of these teams i would watch is the Giants. Of course i would be expecting to see Coughlin implode. lol.

  2. .

    Many in media circles have been tone deaf to the backlash against Sam, the Rams, the NFL and particularly the media itself for turning the draft into a sideshow.

    Many NFL fans recognize a prepackaged storyline, especially when it’s being crammed down our throats with a ramrod and funnel.


  3. Why does Fisher think his team has the right to a normal training camp? Surely he’s not putting his team above the other 31. As a member of the Competition Committee, that wouldn’t be good. Or is he quietly rebelling against his Fuhrer, who has mandated Hard Knocks, Michael Sam, Don Jones and many, many other things that have little to do with the game itself.

  4. “I think it’s unlikely,” Fisher told the Post-Dispatch. “We are eligible, but I think it’s highly unlikely they’d ask us to do it. I think this organization has a right to go through training camp with some normalcy.”

    That statement alone suggests that Michael Sam is abnormal. If you didn’t want the attention you never should have let Goodell force you to draft this guy (but maybe as part of the deal the League promised them they wouldn’t be forced to do Hard Knocks). On a different note, right now would be the perfect time for the Rams to sign Tebow… nobody would even notice he’s there.

  5. You just know that if the Rams are slated to appear on Hard Knocks, Michael Sam and his representatives are gonna throw a hissy fit because the organization shut down HIS reality show!

    Yeah Mikey, there might actually be a camera or two NOT aimed at you!

  6. Mike Zimmer is Hard Knocks gold. But the Vikings aren’t eligible because he’s a first year head coach. Maybe next year …

  7. You don’t need Hard Knocks, you already created enough knocks. You would of won the division and now you blew that right out the door with that pick! Tooooooooooo much of a distraction to overcome!!!!!

  8. My money is on the Jaguars after that draft they just had. Khan is exactly the kind of nice guy that Goodell will sucker into thinking it’s good for his franchise. And everyone wants to see how Bortles develops after he got taken #3 overall.

  9. What would be exciting about seeing the Rams? Run right, run left, throw an incomplete screen. Let the fireworks begin!

  10. Most of the teams that do it say that after a while they learn to become oblivious to the cameras and respect the professionalism of the Hard Knocks crew. Maybe the NFL should consider throwing in a compensatory 3rd round draft pick for whichever team does it as a sweetener.

  11. By drafting Sam, you just put yourself in second place. Steelers are in first, because they have the highest chance of not being eligible again. My educated guess is the only team eligible that would want to do it is Jacksonville. The football operations staff would LOVE to be on TV.

  12. “I think this organization has a right to go through training camp with some normalcy.”

    Why just your organization and not everyone else?

  13. That sideshow to correspond with the building sideshow with “The 7th Rounder”? No thanks. We learned our lesson with my Boys. Never again.

  14. Sincere question: I get why the league wants this circus, but can any one offer reasons why being forced to take part in it is a good thing for a team?

  15. Bottom line is I think it is ridiculous that the NFL would force this on any team but if they are going to force it on someone I don’t think the Rams should get a pass… They should have the same odds as the other teams in the pool.

  16. It would be bad for the NFL, they would be seen as exploiting Sam and making it a circus would discourage others. If the NFL really wants to be viewed as tolerant they’d leave the Rams alone.

    Pick the Steelers. The fans claim they are the best organization in all sports so let us see the inside and judge for ourselves.

  17. If the Raiders were featured this season it would be a nice watch. After the Vets they added in free agency, Al Davis being gone, and the rookies they just added it would make for a decent watch to see how that all meshes together, at least in the pre-season.

  18. I’d watch any team on there. HK is must see TV for me. But I’d like to see the Bills on there with everything going on up there with new owners & all.

  19. Which team has a better chance of winning their division this year? Rams or Raiders?
    Trick question, both teams have zero chance.

  20. I still find it amazing that anyone listens to Fisher. His coaching career has been largely mediocre but he does get along well with the media.

  21. Should offer up a 3rd round draft pick for anyone who wants to do it. All the teams who want it go in to a lottery for that pick.

    If you’re going to disadvantage a team may as well have a reward.

  22. I like Hard Knocks. I think it gives teams more exposure to grow their fan base and help improve their public image. I also like being able to see various aspects of the business you don’t see on game day.

    However, I think it should go through a rotation: Alternate conference and division each year until all divisions have participated
    Repeat until all 32 teams have taken part.

    While it may be a royal pain for the teams, I don’t think it would be that big of a hardship having to do this once every 32 years

  23. Jeff Fisher and reality TV don’t have a great history: First Vince Young’s rookie pre-season, then Michael Sam, and now this?

  24. As unlikely as any of the other teams who are likely to be on Hard Knocks, I suppose.

  25. I think this organization has a right to go through training camp with some normalcy.

    I wonder if he really feels they are above everyone else, or if he is a little upset that Goodell forced him to draft Sam.

  26. I like the idea of getting a decent draft pick for doing it. I still don’t know that teams will volunteer every year, but they can do the system they have now + compensatory draft picks and it’d at least be more fair.

  27. Why not just follow a select group of teams for a week at a time instead of just one?

  28. Coming from a Ram’s fan I do NOT want them to be on HK. They need to concentrate on trying to get out of the cellar of the toughest division in football. The problem is the league wants to capitalize on this whole Sam fascination. The only potential saving grace I see is that Fisher is on the rules commitee so he might have more pull than the other teams.

  29. @Canton Bulldogs… I think it could be good for the NFL. Especially if Sam gets cut and is treated fairly by the Rams for all to see. And if he does get cut, ( a real possibility given the Rams depth at the position) it could be good for Sam if other teams get a better look at him.

  30. The Rams should be on Hard Knocks. I am dying to see what the coaches see in Bradford that everyone else does not. I have a feeling this show will expose him as clueless.

  31. Gang Green, by far! (CJ2K handed-off from Geno and Vick, and seeing whether Jace Amaro can really catch like the Cam-rolina Panthers’ Greg Olsen)

  32. Do a Hard Knocks on Goodell and his office as they discuss the fines for players’, coaches’, and owners’ off season activities.

  33. Dang, a lot of people hating on Michael Sam because he did something that a lot of other player didn’t the guts to do. Some of you guys really don’t have a clue. Hes the 1st to do something! Hes going to get exposure. There will be cameras. Get used to it. Him being gay, isn’t a publicity stunt like Some of you make it seem lol.

  34. i dont know why some are so against hard knocks. i loved when the jets were on it. i dont think i’ve ever been so interested in the nfl during the preseason. really made the games far more interesting getting to see what was said behind the scenes.

  35. I think Hard Knocks is neat to watch, but teams have to be careful what they choose to show on there.

    As a Dolphins fan, watching the Miami series was cool, but also kind of humiliating seeing Joe Philbin and his staff trying to be super-strict, which later came to be just blowing smoke as that locker-room got out of hand with Bullygate.
    Also the comments by J.J. Watt that he was learning Tannehill’s snap-count mannerisms just from watching the show (he later went on to break up a ton of his passes in game 1 of that season).

    The NFL and teams need to do better in regulating what can be broadcast, to protect the team’s preparation.

  36. as a Steelers fan i hope its not my team. that being said, I think if they are going to force it on them. It’s not very often that they have two non playoff seasons in a row (lot of haters out there but you know its true) and on top of that they are always one of the most popular teams out there. They always draw the biggest ratings for Monday/Sunday night football. Having a team like the Steelers would be a huge ratings boost.

  37. Rams are perfect for HKs. Historic! All fans around the country deserves to see how the rookie progresses and his transition into the pros. Why should Fisher and the Rams expect a pass on this significant social issue. They selected him and now expect a pass. Wrong, let the country watch the social engineering of the NFL. It’s great to see social reform happening in this or any sport, the US military has been the epic center for social engineering for decades with great success. Good luck to Sam’s.

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