Jerry Jones makes cryptic comments about the future of the Bills


The biggest splash from Monday’s edition of Cowboys Executives Say The Darnedest Things came when owner Jerry Jones suggested that the league could expand the postseason without union approval.

Before folks in Buffalo prepare to re-issue T.O.’s key to the city to one of his various former employers for helping to possibly end a 15-year playoff drought, they need to consider what Jones also had to say about the future of the local NFL team.

“Out of respect for Ralph Wilson, out of respect for everything he’s meant for the NFL — a Hall of Famer, but in my mind one of the founders of the NFL — I don’t want to get ahead of things at all in commenting about the future of the Bills,” Jones said Monday, via Tim Graham of the Buffalo News.

And then came the comment about the future of the Bills:  “We always ought to be looking for ways to improve not only the growing the pie but also growing the fan base.  And to the extent that you can involve more fans in any team location is something to be considered.”

It’s a not-so-subtle twist on the old Sam Kinision “live WHERE THE FOOD IS!” world hunger bit.  Jones wants the league to live where the fans are.  Specifically, where more of them are.  And more of them are in places like Los Angeles or Toronto than in Buffalo.

The good news (or at least the not-as-bad-as-possible news) is that Jones’ comments point more to Toronto than a faraway market like L.A. or London.

“We certainly want to create every opportunity we can to involve more fans,” Jones said. “At the end of the day, it’s my town against your town, Cowboys against whoever we’re playing.

“To the end that we can create more rivalries and involve larger viewing audiences, populations, that’s something that you have to look at when you get a chance to, and that’s the debate between Buffalo and Toronto.”

Of course, Jones may simply be trying to prime the pump for public dollars to build a new stadium on the American side of the Canadian border.

“Every team needs to look at how they can continually be as fan-friendly as they can,” Jones said.  “I can tell you first-hand a new stadium is a step in the right direction.”

It ultimately could be the giant leap in the direction that leads the Bills to stay in the only hometown they’ve known.

75 responses to “Jerry Jones makes cryptic comments about the future of the Bills

  1. I think I speak for the entire Buffalo fan base when I say this Jerry….Worry about your own circus and don’t comment about the Bills unless we give you permission first. Thanks.

  2. #1- he said about 4 things in there all of which meant something different, all in all indicating he knows nothing

    #2- It would be no surprise that Jerry Jones would be one of the owners to vote for the approval of the Bills, or any other team to move should the day come when an owner tries to move a team, because he is a greedy SOB

    #3- Most important one- Jerry Jones will have 0 effect on the future of the Bills, the new owner and a new stadium will. So this in essence means absolutely nothing.

  3. Growing the fan base? Are you kidding me? Buffalo has proven over & over a gain that they will always support this team. & with the team not being so good lately, we continue to sell out the Ralph. We can finally start seeing this team turn around in the right direction after several years of mis management & I guarantee you we will keep selling out the Ralph. Only when the team has been out of it later in the season lately have they not sold out. This team needs to remain in Buffalo where it belongs. I dont care how nice a guy Bon Jovi is. Keep your hands out of the Bills, Toronto will never support an NFL team, like Buffalo has for over 50 years.

  4. Everything the owners do is to squeeze more money from the public. Pitting cities against each other to build free stadiums for them is probably their prime tactic, which is the main reason L.A. will never get a team – it’s too useful to use as a threat. Pity the poor billionaire.

  5. Jerry Jones the mouth of the offseason when everyone has the same record. Then when the season starts he and his team become irrelevant again much like in Minnesota.

  6. “but in my mind one of the founders of the NFL” Uh, Jerruh, he IS one of the founders on the NFL.
    I love having this narcissist in my division. Please live to 200.

  7. Smaller cities with old teams give the league some of its character. They are needed. You can grow the game by adding just one week and having everyone play on a neutral field so cities without a team can host a game.

  8. Hey Jerry, it’s greedy owners like you that will ruin the NFL. How rich do you really need to be? I hope you choke on your bigger piece of the “pie”!

  9. Not only would there be more fans in a larger city but Jerry would also probably not be as sad as most NFL fans if a long storied franchise was removed to further solidify the potency of other long storied-franchises, such as his team as one example.

  10. Speaking as someone who lives in Toronto. We don’t want the Bills here. The majority of us already have a team we cheer for. We won’t just up and forget where our loyalties lie. Refer to the failed Toronto Bills Series. Keep the team in Buffalo, the fans are wild and love their team. No need to send them to LA where they’ll just be moved again in another 8 years.

  11. Why would one assume there are more NFL fans in Los Angeles or Toronto? There are likely more NFL fans in Buffalo and the tri-state area than in LA and Toronto combined. A move out of Buffalo would hurt a long-established fan base and put a team where no one cares about football (i.e. Los Angeles, Toronto).

  12. The lesser of the evils would be for the Bills to “share” the team with Toronto. They already have games there occasionally. If the team decides to move to L.A., Bills fans are done. Talk them into moving the Chargers there instead. They already have a built in clientele.

  13. Dear Jerry Jones – You have enough troubles with your own dysfunctional NFL wart. Keep your mouth shut, hire a real GM, and win some games for your fans.

  14. The NFL had TWO shots in the LA market and both times the owners decided it wasn’t worth it to continue doing business in LA. Just because it is a big TV market doesn’t mean it will fill the seats. Perhaps the people in LA prefer being able watch games rather than being blacked out.

  15. I love how Jerry says ‘build the fanbase’… it’s never about actual fans, it’s the ‘corporate fanbase’ they are trying to build.

    The fans are a splash in the bucket, corporate box seats are where the money is.

  16. Keep your eyes on Dallas and your mouth off of the Bills, they do a lot more with 1/10th of the money and press the Cowgirls get!

  17. Say what you want about Jones, the man is great at what he does. He makes money. He’s consistently convinced one of the largest fanbases in pro sports that EVERY YEAR is a superbowl year, regardless of roster,talent, coaching, schedule, etc.
    The man can sell snow to an eskimo.

  18. You know what this is? Sand! You know what it’s going to be in a 100 years? Sand! Don’t send’em food! Send’em U-Hauls!
    Loved that! Good pull, Florio.

  19. Just get it over with already. Move the Rams and Raiders back to LA where they belong, move the Jags to St. Louis and have them swap franchise ID’s with the Cardinals. Move the Bills to Toronto.

    There, problem solved.

  20. Then the Bills could become Browns fans. But, I guess that would be 2 Mistakes on the same Lake!

  21. How this guy has made it as far as he has in life is beyond me. No offense to stupid people, but he is too stupid to put together coherent thoughts.

    His team is struggling and he should be worrying about that not the Bills.

    A new stadium is exactly what fans DONT want. We are tired of subsidizing rich people’s sports teams. They already get tax breaks, stadiums on the fans dimes should not be allowed.

    If you want to know what fans want Jerry, it’s something more like a Jerry Jones vs. Jim Irsay bare knuckle brawl. Or maybe you just retiring.

  22. Lets start with the fact that Jerry thinks abandoning the NFLs most loyal fanbase is a good buisness idea.

    Second, lets examine the fact that he thinks a billion dollar stadium with $1000 PSLs is the best way to maintain that fanbase.

    Third, lets examine the fact that hes even suggesting that a city that couldnt get 30,000 people to go to a once a year NFL experience would go to an 8 time a year event.

    I dont know if Jerry Jones is stupid or foolish. Buffalo, Toronto and LA are not Dallas. The way you approach business there is very different than in Jerrys world. Success in Buffalo is all about volume and price. Everyone wants to go to a Bills game, not everyone can afford the tickets. The best path for the team is not a new stadium, but an arrowhead or lambeau like refit of the existing one. Its cheaper and you end up with just as nice a stadium. And dont raise ticket prices, lower them $5. Sell an extra 5000 seats at 5$ less on average and you still make more.

    Dont run a Buffalo market like a Dallas market. And dont act like you run things you dont!

  23. Why in the world would they put a team in L.A? They had not one but two NFL teams and nobody supported them. Why would it be any different the second time around?

  24. That’s right, let’s all ignore the man who’s brought championships to his town and listen to the people who’s only claim to fame is being blasted 4 straight years in the biggest games in their history! SMH…

  25. Who cares what Jerry Jones has to say???

    umm.. Considering his voice is one of the 31 owners deciding who your next owner would be, like him or not, you better care what any of these owners have to say about the fate of your franchise……

  26. Jerry thinks fans are all knuckle dragging idiots. We don’t want your overpriced, new stadiums. Not only are most completely UN fan friendly (ask a cowboy fan who has been displaced to the uppers where the moon is closer than the field), new stadiums are just another mechanism to gouge the fans.

    I hope they move the bills to LA and the team fails there like it always has. Then, dominos will call and this crappy league will crumble.

  27. Jerry Jones is correct to state that moving the Bills to another city (cough, LA) would likely increase league revenues. It is important to try and transfer teams from small markets to ensure large markets are saturated with a team.

  28. Population of Dallas: 1.241 million

    Population of Los Angeles: 3.858 million

    The Cowboys should be moved to LA.

  29. Any bills fan could tell you Toronto will fall flat on it’s face for three reasons
    1) The roger center game has NEVER SOLD OUT and the Canadian fans that do go are roughly twenty five percent of the fans in attendance.
    2)Toronto would need a FOOTBALL stadium, seeings how the Rogers Center is designed for baseball and has terrible seats for football.
    3) Of the Canadian fans I have talked to on game day, the majority prefer, coming to Buffalo over staying in Toronto.
    So Jerry Jones stop making yourself, and the NFL, look stupid. Also I have a feeling that the Rams, Raiders, Chargers, and Jags are all more likely to end up in LA. Also London is a very bad idea for an NFL team. Roger you make plenty the way things are now do not allow a team in London, it would be insanely difficult for all the players, especially the ones who would have to fly from London to the States and back for away games

  30. Jerry Jones is everything that is wrong with professional sports. He is a corporate loving joke that doesn’t care about the real fan.

    Are there more NFL fans in Toronto?? NO WAY

    There are however more corporations which will sell more corporate boxes in the short term. Then after the luster wears off the excitement will die down. Toronto is a hockey, and a CFL town.

    I am a 14 year Buffalo Bills season ticket owner who hasn’t missed one game during that miserable stretch. For the author of this article to even insinuate that moving the team to Toronto wouldn’t be as bad as LA is an insult. It would be worse. We would be close enough to have it rubbed in our faces for the rest of time. I would prefer them to move to LA if they did leave because either way the team and the NFL would be dead to me. I am certain this pertains to most if not all Bills fans.

  31. LA should never get a football team. Two teams already failed there and based on how they support their other sports teams, the stadium won’t be full until about half way through the second quarter and it will be empty again with 5 minutes left in the fourth. LA has the most unloyal fan base in the country. The second their teams aren’t doing well they stop going to games and want the coach, gm, and everyone else fired. I hope to God they never get a NFL team again.

  32. Greed will ruin almost everything…I’m not a Bills fan, however, why in the H#ll would you move a team with great fans and great fan support to a place i.e. Toronto where the chances of success are small or to L.A. where time and time again it’s been proven they wont’ support a professional football team? Why do you think the Rams left the Raiders moved in and then they left, if Jerruh and his greedy buds want to move a team or two look no further than the 3 in the sunshine state…

  33. Funny what the Bills fans think of Jerry.

    Still bitter about the SB? When was the last time the Bills made the playoffs? Was the Jerry’s fault too?

    Bills and the browns need to moved to China.

  34. Plenty of food in WNY … We have a list of billionaires here too!

    Bills moving will be a non-topic of conversation by end of this year!!!

    Toronto fans are welcome here just as we WNY fans are there for MLB & NBA!

  35. Jerry’s priorities on display once again.

    #1- His money, #2- other peoples money that effects his money, and a verrrrry distant #3- his team winning football games.

  36. Not that I’m a Bills fan, but (unlike, say, the whiners, fair weather-types, and other constant complainers that call themselves Dolphins fans), but I truly love the Bills fans for continuing to support their team no matter what. GET A CLUE DOLPHINS FANS!! but anyway, why should Jerry Jones give a crap about the Bills? Unless he wants to swap teams (Cowboys fans would LOVE the idea)!

  37. Yes, it is funny what we think of Jerry. Hes a fool!

    Jerry Jones is the biggest mouthed idiot of a group of 32 people containing at least 1 addict and 1 guy under federal investigation. Hes slowly alienating his own fans with massive overpricing and an ego not even the Biggest stadium in the NFL can hold.

    The fact of the matter is, yes, big market teams will make more money…in some aspects. However, most of the country is small markets. Cincinatti is only 20,000 citizens larger than Buffalo. Pittsburgh and St. Louis only 30,000 citizens larger than Buffalo. I suppose they should move. New Orleans and Tampa Bay are within 80,000 citizens.

    When it gets down to it, if you consider under 400,000 citizens as a small market, then 1/2 the NFL is a small market. If you consider a 1 hr travel time, Buffalos market doubles in size with nearby Niagara falls and Rochester. And if you consider Toronto (2 hrs away and second largest population of Bills season ticket holders) as part of Buffalos market, suddenly its larger than Dallas at nearly 3 million people to Dallas’ 1.3 million.

    I suppose that means that Dallas should move to a larger market. I hear San Antonio is a larger market without a team

  38. Jerry is making it increasingly difficult to be a Cowboys fan. I’d like to apologize to all the non-Cowboys fans out there. Jerry Jones doesn’t speak for all of us.


    The “Cowboys Executives Say The Darnedest Things” line had me cracking up big time.

  39. Actually, since the population of the Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington area is almost 7 million, maybe Dallas is a good re-location area. Love to see Jerry sweat out another team in Texas.

  40. The fact is that the Bills are one of if not the weakest franchise in the league. They can’t fill the seats, they can’t win, they have subpar facilities, they are simply not a competitive franchise. Add the death of the owner to that litany and it is far likelier that they move than they stay.

  41. As a lifelong Bills fan who lives in Toronto I hope this greedy bastard chokes on a wad of $100 bills

  42. Doesn’t matter if more fans are in places like Toronto or LA if they don’t support the team like those fans in Buffalo. They’ve done nothing to lose their team and support it through thick and thin, and there’s a lot of thin they’ve gone through the last 16 years.

  43. So Jerrah thinks Ralph Wilson was one of the founders of the NFL. Wrong. He was one of the founders of the AFL, and by the time the Bills joined the NFL in 1970, the NFL was in its fifty-first year. I suppose Jerrah considers himself the original owner of the Cowboys, also. Just like he considers himself an NFL general manager.

  44. “And more of them (fans) are in places like Los Angeles or Toronto than in Buffalo.”

    INCORRECT! I lived in LA and now in Buffalo. Yes, there are a lot of NFL fans in LA. But LA is a transplant City like Toronto. The fans are already fans… of other teams. There are already more fans in the Greater Buffalo area for the Bills than there are or would be for an LA or Toronto team combined… NFL will fail and has already failed in these 2 transplant cities.

  45. I think everyone knows (including Bills fans) that the franchise will not stay in Buffalo. No chance.

    The NFL would never ever consider putting a team there again. The only thing keeping the Bills in Buffalo was the influence of and respect for Ralph Wilson. With his passing, so passes the anchor keeping the team in Western New York.

    I like the Bills. I think they are cool. I also think they will not be in Buffalo for very long.

  46. Los Angeles never could support a football team They had the Rams and Raiders and an empty stadium. Even when the Bills were 2-14, they were in the top 5 in attendance. When the Bills play in Toronto, it is a novelty. They have trouble supporting the Argonauts with half as many games.

  47. According to a report by Forbes…the Buffalo Bills generate more revenue than big markets San Francisco and Atlanta. They also generate more revenue than new stadium markets Detroit, Cincinnati, and Arizona. But they don’t belong?

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  48. Bills fans don’t give darn what Jerry Jones thinks. They’re busy taking out loan, cashing in 401k’s, and emptying out their kids college funds to be able to pay for the PSL’s at the new stadium they’ll have soon

  49. this post is from my husband….. Jerry Jones how can any body for 17 years keep doing the same thing and not realize that doing it their way is not getting the job done. wouldn’t any leader who had employed a coach of any kind not have fired that coach for having this kind of record. Mr. Jones i feel i speak for a lot of cowboy fans when i say 0 and 17 in super bowls is enough it is time for a real change please humble yourself and call jimmy he will know what to do

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