Mike Evans would rather level a guy than score a touchdown


After Buccaneers receiver Mike Evans made an appearance on The Jim Rome Show, the seventh overall pick in the 2014 draft dialed up NBCSN for a previously-scheduled visit to Pro Football Talk.

Asked to identify his best trait, Evans pointed to his physicality.  And he said he’s most proud of his willingness to block.

“[I]n high school I played for a running team, so I had to make sure I knew how to block,” Evans told Erik Kuselias.  “And then you know I got to college and Coach [Kevin] Sumlin and [receivers coach] David Beaty said, ‘If you don’t block, you don’t play.’  That’s what their motto was, so you know I had to block and I just like helping my teammates out as much as possible.”

Asked if he’d rather catch a touchdown pass or level a defensive back who didn’t see it coming, springing a teammate for a score, Evans didn’t hesitate.

“Let me level a guy,” Evans said.  “If it’s clean.  If it’s clean, no flag.  Yeah, definitely.”

At six-five and 240 pounds, we’ve got a feeling that Evans will be doing plenty of leveling at the next level.