Mike Glennon: Lovie told me I was QB of future all along

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Plenty of reports about interest in players go up in smoke during the first round of the NFL Draft and this year’s list includes the Buccaneers’ desire to add quarterback Johnny Manziel to the roster.

The Bucs passed on Manziel in favor of his favorite college receiver Mike Evans and coach Lovie Smith said that Mike Glennon was the team’s quarterback of the future during the draft. Smith’s statement was accompanied by reports that the Bucs turned down trade overtures for Glennon, which didn’t come as a surprise to Glennon because he says he’d been assured all along that he was a big part of the team’s plans.

“It was communicated a while ago both with Lovie and [General Manager] Jason [Licht],” Glennon said, via ESPN.com. “We sat down and they discussed what the plans were for Josh moving forward and they told me this all along, that I was their guy moving forward. Right now, it’s a different situation with Josh [McCown] here, but they told me this for a while now, that this was the plan, this is what’s going to happen and I’m looking forward to this season still competing and helping the team in any way I can and just following their lead.”

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported on NFL Insiders Tuesday that Glennon has “opened some eyes” around the Bucs so far this spring and will compete with McCown this summer even though Smith anointed McCown the starter when he signed as a free agent. McCown would seem to be the favorite in any competition given how quickly the Bucs moved to bring him on board, but Glennon certainly looks like a part of the picture.

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  1. Nothing wrong with bringing in Josh McCown in an effort to let Mike Glennon prove himself as the team’s future.

  2. I seriously doubt that. I dont think Glennon will ever be even an average starter in the league, he should a couple flashes last year but they were far and apart, i just dont think he has “it”. A good year from this guy would probably be 3500 yards, 20 touchdowns and like 12 interceptions.

  3. yes sir nothing says being the QB of the future than being benched for a career back up who knows Lovie’s get of the bus running offense by heart. do not let all the talk about how he learned how important offense was to winning fool you, he is still lovie smith and he still loves defense. you may see some flashes but it will be the same as it was with the bears and the dozen oc’s he had while he was there.there will be times when he let’s the offense loose but for only short bursts and not every week just like with the Bears. he does not believe in scoring as many points as possible and will put the brakes on it as soon as they do get the lead. they will win but it will be with defense as always.

  4. Glennon had 83.9 QBR as a rookie, which isn’t anything special but not bad considering the talent around him. Evans gives him a legit second target opposite V. Jackson.
    OTOH you don’t spend premium coin to bring in a greybeard like McCown just to ride the bench.

  5. Glennon definitely has potential to be a stud. Best rookie qb as of last year. Came into a terrible offensive situation in week 4 or 5. Still had a 2 to 1 TD/INT ratio. He’s only going to get better and he has great work ethic. I’d start him now over mccown personally.

  6. It comes as absolutely no surprise, except by media members who were lied to about their “scoop”, that the Bucs wouldn’t take Manziel. If you followed college football, you’d realize that the offensive coordinator, Jeff Teford, likes pro style QBs. The one running QB he had was a disaster.

  7. Last season when the Bucs traveled up to Foxboro for training camp two QB’s on the field threw the ball well. One was Tom Teriffic and the other was Glennon. Tim Tebow looked so bad the fans were laughing at his inability to complete a simple short pass. So while Tebow and Freeman received all the publicity Glennon simply went out and worked the offense and completed passes.

  8. Lovie Smith created a QB controversy the whole time he was in Chicago & created one in Tampa Bay before his 1st practice. The guy is soft & he knows nothing about scoring or offense. Don’t get too excited Bucs fans. It’s gonna be a rough year so brace yourselves.

  9. thank you for an actual football news, instead of the crime section or the updating on the signings… isn´t everyone gonna sign anyway eventually?

  10. I am excited to see Mike Glennon, Geno Smith and E. J. Manuel in their 2nd year. All three had some very rough games but their respected teams really went out to improve their weapons. It should be a fun year.

  11. I think Glennon sitting behind McCown for a year might do him some good. He was average/above-average when he was on the field last year, and showed some promise. Sure, he’s not gonna blow your socks off, but if he studies the game well and he definitely needs to beef up his frame a little, but otherwise he could be a decent starter to build a team around (especially while he’s on the cheap with his rookie contract)

  12. I can’t imagine a players ever been told something that wasn’t true….and if this kid believes what Lovie told him he’d still better save some of his paycheck, as he might not be getting a bigger one later.

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