Minnesota will host Super Bowl LII


The NFL has announced that Super Bowl LII will be played in Minnesota.

The game, played in 2018, will be the first Super Bowl in the new Vikings’ stadium in Downtown Minneapolis, which is currently under construction. Minnesota had previously hosted a Super Bowl in the Metrodome.

Minnesota was chosen over New Orleans and Indianapolis. As expected, Indianapolis was voted out in the early rounds of voting, but it was a surprise that Minnesota was able to beat out the bid from New Orleans, which has hosted 10 Super Bowls. New Orleans was founded in 1718, and the 2018 game would have had special significance as a part of the city’s tricentennial celebration.

New Orleans will likely get another Super Bowl soon, but today is the time for Minnesota’s host committee to celebrate. The Super Bowl is heading to Minnesota.

244 responses to “Minnesota will host Super Bowl LII

  1. Terrible choice by the NFL Owners. I wish nothing but blizzards and ice from hell on Super Bowl 52.

  2. Can you feel it?

    Every piece is falling into place.

    We are creating a dynasty in front of everyone’s eyes.

    We officially have the best personnel and players on both sides of the ball.

    We’ve officially drafted our franchise QB in Teddy Bridgewater who will be a top 5 QB next year – the historic Minnesota Vikings dynasty will officially begin.

    We will be the first team to ever win a Super Bowl in our own stadium.

  3. In a few decades from now, the Lombardi trophy will be renamed as the Zimmer trophy.

    We will win multiple superbowls.

    We will soon be recognized as the greatest organization in all of sports.

    Let the purple and gold confetti fall.

  4. Ugh.

    Wish they would just rotate it among places that are nice to visit in winter (or anytime)… San Diego, New Orleans, Tampa, Phoenix, Miami.

    No more Minnesota, Detroit, Indy, New York, etc.

  5. Super Bowl 52 Prediction:

    Vikings vs Broncos.

    Score: Vikings 42 Broncos 35

    Super Bowl MVP = Teddy Bridgewater.

    We will recreate history.

    Your children’s children will be talking about this 80 years from now.

  6. I guess the Viking fans will finally get to watch two teams play that know the game of football…instead of just one.

  7. Since the Vikings can’t make it to the Super Bowl, lets have them host it..
    it almost seems like the league felt sorry for them..

  8. There has to be billions of people who want to visit Minneapolis in February.

    I better start buying my plane tickets and hotel now.

  9. Tricentennials only come once, stadiums can be considered “new” after one year.

    Dont see why NOLA couldnt take SB52 and just reward Minny SB53.

  10. I went to SB 22 in Minny.

    It was about 30 below zero with three feet of snow.

    Worst part was that the Redskins won the game…

  11. The best stadium in the NFL with the best team in the NFL with the best fans in the NFL get to host a Super Bowl.

    Seems pretty fitting to me.


  12. Congrats to MN. But sure hope its not -20 or in the middle of one of their 3 foot snow storms.

  13. No doubt the selection committee had no worries about awarding any “Home field advantage” as this is the closest a Viking fan will ever come to seeing a Lombardi trophy.

    Actually, there are 4 of them on display a mere 300 miles to the East.

  14. The only Super Bowl the town will ever witness, too bad it will be different teams. Nothing would be sweeter than the Pack playing in it, not to mention they flat out dominate in Minnesota.

  15. This is the only way Minnesota will ever beat New Orleans and Indianapolis to win a Super Bowl.

  16. This is so awesome! I kind figured this would happen. Goodell and the owners sort of owed it to us, flying in and forcing our legislature to build a new stadium. Happy to see Minny get one.

  17. Who the hell wants to be in the Twin Cities in Jan/Feb? Not me….maybe they can play in June so I can fish

  18. As for the Super Bowl trophy… no.
    Anyway, hope all the taxpayers who kicked in money but won’t be able to afford tickets or see any benefit from the SB at least enjoy the traffic jams.

  19. Travelling to Minnesota in early February, sounds like a blast!!

    Actually glad the SB is going to different places.

    Tired of the same ole same ole!

  20. New Orleans gets them twice a decade, and Indy and Minny sound like idyllic places to go to … in early February … in the heart of winter … where tens of thousands of people will need to fly to get to.

    Another Goodell masterstroke of genius.

  21. Yes, the place where everyone wants to go in February. Quite sure there will be flight cancellations either getting there or leaving afterwards.

  22. Everyone worrying about blizzards, we in Minnesota have this thing called human enginuity and intellect, where we built skyways so you don’t need to walk outside to get around downtown!

  23. Wow what a GREAT choice….NOT!!!!!!! This place has as much wow factor as DETROIT and JACKSONVILLE…both of them DUMPS!!! These are not exactly vacation hot spots..

  24. Oh the weather outside is frightful
    But the fire is so delightful
    And since we’ve got no place to go
    Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!!

    Oh, it doesn’t show signs of stopping
    And I’ve brought some corn for popping
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    But if you’ll really hold me tight
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    Oh, it doesn’t show signs of stopping
    And I’ve brought some corn for popping
    Since the lights are turned way down low
    Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

    When we finally kiss goodnight
    How I’ll hate going out in the storm!
    But if you’ll really hold me tight
    All the way home I’ll be warm

    The fire is slowly dying
    And my dear were still good-by-ing
    But as long as you love me so
    Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

  25. lesson:

    get tons of public financing for your stadium and the NFL gives you a super bowl within two years.

  26. Good for Minnesota and the economy — not really a surprise in lieu of the new stadium being built.

    I love Minnesota, but the NFL is cracked for putting a Superbowl there. Keep it in a warm and decent place like Florida, SoCal, Arizona, Houston. Really, that’s about it.

  27. So original! “The closest the vikings will come to winning the Super Bowl” hahahahaha, laugh all the way back to wherever it is u bottom feeders come from. SKOL

  28. Am I the only one that thinks this is going to be hilarious to listen the media people complain about it- in 4 years….

  29. After this payoff for building a stadium it’s time to get back to some warm weather. Bring it south. Bring it to warmth. Bring it to Tampa Bay!

  30. I’m sure Minneapolis will be able to muster up a suitable show for that $30 million, in spite of the weather. I hope their roof doesn’t collapse from a snow build up the week before the event.

  31. I don’t know why I even scrolled down the comments on this- did you all get your Vikings insults from the “insults for idiots book” at Walmart- that’s 3 minutes I’ll never get back-lol

  32. This the carrot that the NFL dangled while it extorted 1 billion from the Vikings fans and tax payers. Very expensive produce I would say.

  33. Good for them. It can’t be any worse than Dallas was a few years back.

  34. The NFL feels it is invincible and whatever bad decisions they make will be masked by unconditional fan support. Within the next 10-12 years, the NFL will learn otherwise.

  35. Should have known that N.O. wouldn’t get it when Peter King came out in favor of it…

  36. get tons of public financing for your stadium and the NFL gives you a super bowl within two years………..

    Just figured that out huh?

  37. That roof better be built to hold a lot of snow cause it will be ashame if the roof collapses the day before the Super Bowl.

  38. What’s funny during the presentation it will be the moment the Viking fans will be the closest to a S.B trophy in their lifetime. With that new stadium do you even think they budgeted for a trophy case? 53 years and counting.

  39. Skol Vikings, let’s win this game,
    Skol Vikings, honor your name,
    Go get that first down, then get a touchdown
    Rock em’… Sock em”….
    Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
    Go Vikings, run up the score,
    You’ll hear us cheer for more…
    Skol Vikings, let’s go!

  40. Great news, hopefully it will be a great venue. We wont know before then since there is little to no chance the Vikings will host a playoff game.
    SKOL =
    Own a

  41. Another generation of Viking fans that will be able to “sniff” a Lombardi Trophy. Of course, that will be from a great distance for two reasons. 1) Corporate sponsors and Hollywood will scoop up all the tickets. 2) It will be leaving Minneapolis after the game.

  42. Well….. we all know they will never be playing in one. #NoOnehasitbetter….

    Is Harbaugh even talking to Balke?

  43. 1. Nobody wants another dome Super Bowl.
    2. Nobody wants to go to Minnesota in February
    3. Their new dome will probably collapse like the old one.
    4. Who wants to trudge through two feet of snow to watch a football game.
    5. Minnesota is known for its great night life???…

  44. The media members are praying that global warming speeds up considerably. Like in 4years?

  45. DAMMIT!!! Why, again, didn’t we build a domed stadium when we had the chance?

    Signed, City of Cleveland


  46. superbowl should always be in a warm city. i understood it being in nyc/nj because there is just so much to do here, but minnesota??? haha get the heck out of here. the good news is tickets will probably a lot cheaper than they normall are.

  47. 2018?
    Vikings 28 – Patriots 31
    MVP Jimmy Garapollo although a case can be made for Dennard who’s interception of Cassel sealed the game. (That other bust QB is long forgotten by then.)

  48. This is the closest the QUEENS will ever SNIFF an SB ! If the Packers are the NFC Champs that year , it will be like a home game for them. Putting the SB in MINN in FEB is a STUPID IDEA ! This past winter was brutal . There will BLIZZARDS in FEB for sure . The NFL should put the SB in Hawaii permanently to reward the players & move the pro bowl around. This deal was done to stop Ziggy Wilf from to LA . Green Bay cannot host a SB because they don’t have the hotel rooms to do it. They just have the Trophys and the most NFL titles . lol!

  49. Oh, swell. I’ll get to go to a 20-30 degree below zero wasteland for my midwinter vacation to watch the Ravens win a Lombardi. MUCH rather go there than Miami, New Orleans or San Diego!

  50. New Orleans is the best possible place to host a super bowl. There are more hotels within walking distance of the stadium than any other city. The city has one of the most tourist friendly atmospheres. It’s also one of the cheapest.

    Minneapolis outdoors in February will be 10 times worse than what people feared about New York.

  51. I am a frequent visitor to the Twin Cities and I say it’s a great choice. If there is a big storm, no problem, the friendly people there will handle it.

  52. All superbowls need to be in San Diego
    The city and weather can’t be beat Anytime of the year
    All of you dome team fans need to get real
    Football is to be played on grass outside
    Anything else is arena football

  53. 2018???? Peterson washed up, Bridgewater, washed out, Cassels, long gone, Patterson, bagging groceries at the local grocery store. I can smell the dynasty a-brewin’. Reminds me of a Minnesota stock yard.

    At least a Lombardi Trophy will be in the state for a visit.


  54. Somewhere in Dallas Mark Cuban is quietly laughing to himself.

    The NFL better tap the brakes a little. Between Super Bowls in northern cities, games 3 days a week, expanded playoffs, stringing the draft our until May, moving multiple games overseas, and possibly expanding the regular season fans are going to be more than a little turned off. The oversaturation must be a little more tapered.

    Just sayin

  55. this is the thread for ORIGINAL people i see. Jelousy is a wicked thing. Yah they havent won a SB, so that means they shouldnt enjoy this? Be happy for Minnesota and their fans. Just be thankful it isnt in the crappy superdome for the 11th time .

  56. Personally I think this is a great idea.
    It’s about time Lambeau West got the Super Bowl again.

    If Green Bay plays their cards right that season, it could be the 1st time a team has won a Championship in one of their own venues.

  57. This is one of the things I hate about Goodell. None of these stadiums bring any real economic value into the cities they are built in. It is simply a brazen prize for building a new toy for the NFL. I hope it is 40 below and the NFL drops this ridiculous idea of putting Super Bowls wherever a new stadium pops up.

  58. Well, to pass the time the guys can go ice fishing on one of the 1000 frozen lakes while the ladies max out their credit cards in the largest mall in the U.S.
    Sounds much more fun than Bourbon St. or South Beach.

  59. Wow. The jealousy is very thick in here today. That’s ok. I see most of the ignorant people here have never been to Minneapolis. Gorgeous city. Fortune 500 corporations. Outstanding restaurants, sights, and things to do. There are many great cities around the country. New Orleans is one of them. But did we really want N.O. to get an 11th SB?

    And, the weather? Sure, it will be cold. But, do we care if the media doesn’t get to visit a beach? Do we care what the temp is when you are in another part of the country sitting in your living room? Do we care that the rich people and corporations that buy the tickets won’t be in 70’s and sunshine? The game will be indoors. And it will be epic!

    BTW: Packer fans don’t hate the state Monday through Friday, when they make the drive across the bridge to find work.

  60. Hmmm…Warm climate plus the 300th anniversary of the quintessential party town, or Teeny-opolis under two feet of snow and ice?

    Way to test the limits of reason and sanity, NFL!

  61. Congrats to Minnesota. Giant fan here who had a blast watching Giants-Vikings there. Fans are classy. If my team don’t make it, hope yours does.

  62. People have no clue what they are talking about. Do you not know Minnesota is getting a new INDOOR stadium in 2016! People are just jealous and wish their outdoor crappy stadium could get a super bowl. That’s the only reason viking articles always get negative comments, they are jealous. Haters will hate and they usually hate on successfull things.


  63. What a joke! Minneapolis? Enjoy the the city and tourists attractions. Mall of America. Ice fishing. Sweater knitting. Come on NFL.

  64. Uh, MN hosted a Super Bowl in 1992. You know, in the big baggie. So, MN and Super Bowl have been uttered before. Skol.

  65. Why do people care about the stupid weather? Who freaking cares it’s a indoor stadium! The weather won’t affect the game!

  66. I’m sure Minneapolis will be able to muster up a suitable show for that $30 million, in spite of the weather. I hope their roof doesn’t collapse from a snow build up the week before the event.


  67. UNBELIEVEABLE!!! Who in their right mind goes to Minnesota in February??? A large portion of the Minnesota population live in Arizona in February where there is golf, night life, recreation, sights to see, resort life, and you car will start since it’s not -30 degrees. New Orleans would have been an awesome place on the occasion of their tricentennial, talk about built in festivities! The NFL needs to hire a new marketing consultant who has a clue about the public’s spending habits!

  68. It’s not jealousy biking fans. It’s business. Warm weather stadiums and cities are proven to be more lucrative than bringing the masses to an igloo. And no your vikings won’t be playing in the big game. Lame.

  69. There is no such thing as it being to cold outside. Just not being prepared for the cold. If you go outside and it’s 30 below with a leather coat on you’re going to be miserable, and deserve to be for being so poorly provisioned. Bundle up and grow a pair. Remember when football was a tough guy sport. The fans were tough too. Everyone pointing fingers about how soft the players are getting may want to take a look inward.

  70. To those complaining about the weather….once Herr Goodell’s full plan of year round football, all 32 teams making the playoffs and playing best of 7 series, this SB won’t be played until 4th of July weekend when it’s a perfect 75 deg.

  71. well at least Adrian Peterson won’t have far to travel at least. He most certainly won’t be playing in the if he’s still with the queens.
    Now with that being said….I like the idea that the GREEN BAY PACKERS won’t have far to travel to play in the 2018 Super Bowl.
    Oh yeah for the viking fan out there “skoal” dude

  72. Anyone who thinks it’s stupid to have a superbowl here, clearly has never been here. Yeah it sucks when it’s cold, but… grow a pair? go inside to thousands of different great restaurants.. if you’re into it, hit the clubs, along with all the art and science museums.. skiing/snowboarding… and hundreds of other random things to do around this state. I mean… 99.9% of people posting here will never GO to a superbowl anyway, so why do you care where it is? Cuz it isn’t in your town..? Boo hoo.

    If seeing snow in the background on TV really gets under your skin that much… you need to get a hobby.

  73. Well, at least we know for sure the hometown Vikings won’t be playing football that day…..

    I do know one thing. Rodgers will be retiring about that time.. 4-12 come the packers. I wouldn’t pack your coat…

  74. Don’t know why everyone is complaining about the weather. Not like any of you are going anyway.

  75. Minnesota Boring?
    Are you kidding me?

    Haven’t any of you heard about the Love Boat?

    Welcome to town America. Bring your parkas and your platinum credit cards. Just remember, tho, what happens in the Cities STAYS in the Cities.

  76. Personally I think this is a great idea.
    It’s about time Lambeau West got the Super Bowl again.

    If Green Bay plays their cards right that season, it could be the 1st time a team has won a Championship in one of their own venues…..

    With that defense and Ted’s terrible drafting? You will be cellar dwellers by that time..

  77. Minnesota will finally have a Lombardi Trophy in the state. Too bad SBLII winner will be taking it with them after the game! The Vilings will undoubtedly be eliminated from the playoffs by week 10, just like every year!

  78. I’ve been to New Orleans a few times, and that place is a dump. Smells like crap, Bourbon Street is terrible and the rest of the city is too dangerous to go anywhere after dark.

    Minneapolis is a beautiful city with world class restaurants, the largest shopping mall in the US, multiple “watering holes” as well as more upscale bars and clubs, and a wonderful skyway system connecting most of downtown (and will be expanded once the new stadium is built) to keep pedestrians out of the elements during inclement weather.

    Add to that the awesome public transit system to assist in circumnavigating the sprawling metropolis and you have a great venue for a Super Bowl.

    Good choice.

  79. Who would ever want to go to Minnesota? Personally have never been there but have had friends tell me it is almost as bad as St. Louis and Indianapolis. We know the Vikings won’t be playing in it so at least the city will have some money thrown around in it and help businesses.

  80. They don’t have gerbil tunnels connecting all the downtown buildings for nothing folks.

  81. Good job Minnesota. I’ll be there, even if the Packers aren’t in it.

  82. I think they’re taking this Disney “Frozen” thing just a little too far. Maybe Queen Elsa can sing the National Anthem. Terrible decision, but nothing involving God-dell surprises me anymore. He really reminds me of Little Nicky.

  83. I was happy to hear that Minnesota was chosen to host Super Bowl 52 but after reading that it would have been New Orleans’ tricentennial I believe it should have been held there. We could have always had 53 instead. Also anyone making predictions that Vikes will be playing in SB52 needs to wake up. I am a huge fan, of the Vikings, but I am also not crazy. Lets just try to make the playoffs before we forecast ourselves as the next great dynasty.

  84. Minnesota rocks! Went there plenty of times when I was stationed in North Dakota. Winter or not, hundreds of thousands of fans will travel there. Friendly people, plenty to do, and great hosts. Plus, last time they hosted one, my beloved REDSKINS blew the Bills right out of the stadium. Congrats MIN and #HTTR!

  85. How many Vikings players had to google “Super Bowl” when this news broke? I say at least 30.

  86. Man up, people. Snow is snow. You can’t get through life without witnessing snowfall. If you can’t, I wish I’d show pity for you, but I won’t. Meanwhile, the Super Bowl will bring much needed revenue to Minnesota.

  87. I suspect many people will find religion who go to this Super Bowl.

    Nothing like having to visit Minneapolis to get a taste of what hell could truly be like.

    Seriously, after visiting Applebees and hanging around the mall you’ve pretty much seen all Minneapolis has to offer. Fun city.

  88. Green bays bid package included a olive Garden certificate, a moose hunting license and a Darren sharper high light VHS, and of course fake stock.

  89. Great. New Orleans and its Super Dome host more Super Bowls (and NCAA finals and NCAA football title games) than any other city. Give others a chance. I hate watching games on television played in the Super Dome. I’m sick of the Saints AND the monopoly the city of N.O. seems to have on hosting a title games…

  90. Al Gore just called in and said that due to Global Warming the game will most likely be played in 80 degree weather. Stay Calm and SKOL!

  91. In mentioning the Skyway system, pillowporker left out the fact that the skyway stops 4 blocks from the stadium. Look, the Twin Cities have a great quality of life and I like living here, but the first week of February will most likely be brutal.

    Congrats to the Vikings; hopefully it will be the Saints in SB LII…

  92. Is there a prize for the person who leaves the 1000th comment referring to MN finally being able to go to the superbowl?

  93. At least we KNOW its going to be cold so we are prepared for it unlike Dallas , Atlanta, New Orleans where its been lousy weather for Super Bowls lately and the entire city shuts down if it snows 3 inches. we have an indoor amusement park and water park in the Mall of America. Not to mention Minneapolis is the 13th biggest city in the U.S. and you can get from one end of the city to the other by walking through indoor skyways or take the light rail anywhere from the Airport to Minneapolis to the Mall of America. It’ll be a great venue between the red carpet treatment visitors will get to the new state of the art stadium.

  94. I like how more cities are getting Super Bowls. Not a big Vikings fan but good for the city.

  95. I love how people are claiming Minneapolis is “as bad” as St. Louis or Indianapolis — all the while having never been there.

    Stay classy, folks.

    I won’t mention the awesome restaurant scene, new light rail lines, great music, explosion of microbreweries, and friendly people then — because obviously you’ve made up your mind that it’s bad place because of “winter”. Yes, it’s cold, but you’ll be fine going from the cab into a building.

    Really, do we need yet another SB in New Orleans after they *just* hosted it? Not to mention the little power failure that occurred.. Snore.

    Variety is the spice of life, people. Relax. Everything will be fine — and Minneapolis will throw a great party.

  96. FYI, the Mall of America is the nation’s second largest tourist destination next to Disney.

    Millions of people visit every month, 35 to 40 million people a year. Or an average of 110,000 people every single day. I’m sure the town will be just fine.

  97. Hilarious. The billionaires will be freezing in the stands eating frozen lutefisk.

    The NFL has gone crazy. Not just a little bit. A lot.

  98. So silly. Idiot packer fans just looking for any Viking headline on PFT so they can spout off. Guys nobody knows who will or will not be good. Nobody knows which draft pick will work out. Good grief, Packer fans, you scored with Aaron Rodgers and now you have basically a one-man team. When he’s out, you’re done. You know this. Please use some common sense on this board. Unless you are under like 17 years old, which I suspect is the case. G’nite.

  99. Green bays bid package included a olive Garden certificate, a moose hunting license and a Darren sharper high light VHS, and of course fake stock………….

    Psst..I don’t think they have an Olive Garden in Green Bay…))) But McCarthy said they just opened a Walmart…

  100. Can you imagine what will happen when the Packers win a Superbowl in MN’s stadium?

    It would be humiliating, much like the Bears loss at Soldier Field for the NFC Championship. Only worse.

  101. Stop with the snow talk already! It’s not poisonous. If it snows, it snows. Big deal.

  102. Adrian Peterson will be watching Super Bowl LII from his retirement home in Florida, while Teddy Bridgwatter will read about the game in the papers he uses for blankets while sleeping under a bridge somewhare.

  103. In light of the good SuperBowl news (congratulations by the way,) the childish putdowns of Green Bay by some of you only confirms the obvious: Even if you win something, you’re losers.

  104. I really don’t know how you can host a game up there? How many hotel rooms, good restaurants, and fun stuff to do in the dead of winter. I am sure New Orleans has them beat in all areas and probably more affordable for the normal fan.

    I guess I will figure it out when the saints get there.

  105. To all of you nay sayers. Like you losers could afford a ticket to a regular season game, yet alone a Super Bowl ticket. Not! Oh, and by the way. K M A!

  106. Hilarious how the Viking fans are taking this like some kind of compliment, especially after most of you bitched about the financing of this new stadium. Love the irony.

    Hey enjoy this Minnesota. Hell, bask in it for as long it lasts. It’s the closest thing you’re ever going to get to a Super Bowl.

    Know nothing fans, for a do nothing team!

  107. Do you realize that you sound like weenies complaining about our weather when you aren’t even going to be here for the game?

    We have earned our place in the sun. We have one of the most dedicated fan bases who just shelled out a billion bucks for the greatest stadium in the league. WHY does the Super Bowl belong to teams who can’t even pay their light bill at their dilapidated stadium? Oh? Because you aren’t tough enough to watch people “edure” our way of life which we deal with for 9 months of the year? You people are soft like your mothers kisses.

    We are going to do great, coming on here also reminds me of how rude most Americans are, we are also the friendliest people in America and we are going to show you a good time weather you like it or not, than we are going to smile and thank you and genuinely hope we did enough to give you a good time… So there…

    Oh yeah, and Wisconsin literally smells like poop when you cross the border, thats not a joke, anyone who has ever crossed the border into that backwater will attest to this. And YOU never won a Super Bowl, the team you root for did, so hush children its nap time.

  108. Hey packers “fans”, think about it for 2 seconds. Green Bay will never host. We don’t even have to look at that crappy, out of date “stadium” to see why. Just look at that crappy, out of date town! You still want to talk about places not to be in the winter, anyone?

  109. Now that I’ve read a few more comments, I bet these clowns who are complaining are the same ones we see on TV, somewhere south of Iowa, in two inches of snow…or less….. spinning out of control on the road LOL

  110. With the 200th comment screw New Orleans because they had it two years ago. Mn finally beats N.O. Haha

  111. Dear Cheeseheads, don’t fret. Since a Super Bowl will never, ever, ever be held at the Lambeau trailer park, you can rest assured that there will be many more opportunities for the Packers cheerleader tryouts, cow-tipping playoffs, and of course the Wisconsin State Fair. Wait, what? The state fairs not held there? It sure looks like one on Sundays in the fall!

  112. I think I’ll be watching from Bourbon St., sazerac’s are on me.

  113. As much as I love San Diego, beautiful city and New Orleans which is a great place to visit and party. Holy crap, I need to invest into some Puffs stock. There are a lot of whiny little bitches out there, 99% of you probably never even been here! If you bother coming here during the SB the light rail and taxi cabs will drop you off in front of the stadium. If you are outside for any length of time dress for the conditions. Personally, the Vikings and the State of Minnesota will to a great job hosting the game.

  114. Lmao!!… It’s almost as if the 2014 SB wasn’t just played in NJ??… It likely as cold there ….it’s disappointing to here delusional Vikings fans (as I’m a fan myself) say some ridiculous crap like “we got this dynasty” blah blah wake up …there’s nothing wrong with being optimistic but god!!!!! #Clueless

  115. What do any of you care about the weather? None of you will be there. If for some reason you are, and you’re complaining about “having” to go to a Super Bowl in a cold weather city, you need to smack yourself in the face.

  116. How in the world is it a surprise that Minnesota beat out that dump in New Orleans? Do you remember what happened with the lights? I think it’s more surprising they beat out Indy, but I am not shocked Minnesota got it. It was part of the deal when the stadium was financed.

    Minnesota is a beautiful state and Minneapolis is a great city. If you’ve never been there, I highly recommend it. Don’t listen to all these packer fans. Minnesota and Wisconsin are essentially the exact same in terms of things to do and the people. But Minneapolis is far far better than Milwaukee. It’s not even close. Nfl is taking a big risk with the weather though. Minnesota always delivers the cold but that is only affecting Super Bowl week festivities, not the game.

  117. This is a great day for MN. They finally accomplish two things previously unfathomable:

    1) Beat New Orleans at something…. anything.

    2) Win a SuperBowl ….. well, at least something related to the SuperBowl.

  118. It doesn’t matter if I am a fan or not, it is going to be a beautiful stadium and th Vikings deserve is. Metrodome SUCKED. I’m glad we are building one of the most unique and classy stadiums. We have something to be happy for. Players should be happy and fans tht we are no longer playing in that pile of crap metrodome

  119. And all the sissy’s whined! It’s good to know we live where the winters keep the girly men away.

  120. Unfortunate Indy didn’t get it. By all accounts Indy was best host city ever. They certainly host enough Final Fours, races, conventions, etc… to handle the crowds. Plus, it’s a fantastic downtown.

  121. You people do realize that Roger has no say in who gets to host the SB.The team owners vote
    You could argue that the commish is strong arming teams into building stadiums or what not but the bottom line is that Roger Goodell works for the 32 owners in the league.The owners voted him in and if they are unhappy with that decision then they will vote him out.He’s making them a lot of money though…

  122. Why would most of us care if our teams aren’t participating and we aren’t planning on going to Mineapolis for the game?

  123. Ok so to all the genius fans out there Minnesota has been to superbowls to compete just have never won one… So now that we are clear on that…. Many of you idiots have asked why Minnesota over New Orleans…. Minnesotas Stdium has a couple of ammenties that you might not be aware of… I will tell you about some of them: 1) A Roof, now this object is used to shelter people from falling elements most commonly in the form of water from the sky. 2) Walls, these things help shelter those same people from elements of temperature or a wind that may make the people cold or any type of moisture that the roof doesnt stop. So why Minnesota and not New Orleans? What happened last time the Superbowl was in New Orleans…. the correct answer is the lights went out and held up the game for quite a bit… So would you rather have the superbowl in a state of the art new Stadium or some run down malfunctioning piece of crap that needs to be imploded and rebuilt?

  124. Whole Downtown is inter connected with skyways so the hotels and bars and resturants night clubs… You can spend it that way…I do like the fact if the city spreads the legs and builds a stadium they host a super bowl. Least NFL holds their word to that. It help off sets the cost to me who lives in Minneapolis and prolly will not attend a game because I cant afford it unless my rich friends has a free ticket. Im a fan of the warm weather cities holding the super bowl,. I like weather not affecting the two great team compete evenly but if cities blow the wad they have to get some cheese…

  125. @noladat
    More drinking happens in the winter than the summer up North for a reason. Considering the amount of business HQed in the twin cities…and the fact that they have the largest mall in America, lends you to believe that drinking eating and shopping are the ONLY things to do during winter.

  126. Cmon, New Orleans is a stinky pit, though the people have been extremely gracious on my visits there. And who cares if it’s the city’s 300th birthday – has absolutely nothing to do with football. Celebrate it in other ways, and you can bet the folks there will.

    By the time the Bowl rolls around there will be skyways connected to the stadium, though it could be 50 above there that day. And don’t forget that Minny already hosted a Super Bowl to generally and hugely positive reviews – just ask Kornheiser or Wilbon.

    To those who have never been to the Twin Cities, you know not of what you write. Visit any time of the year and you will discover that it has as much or more to offer as any other metro area (Besides NY, Chitown and LA) in the US – at least as much as New Orleans.

  127. Just because the Superbowl game will be played and someone will Win the game in Minnesota, does not mean that Minnesota won a Superbowl. Just as long as Vikings fans understand this does not all the sudden make them a contender.

  128. As said above, it’s a pretty simple equation – rake the taxpayers over the coals for a new stadium, give the owner a Super Bowl. The 49’ers new Levi’s Stadium gets it in 2016, and I would expect Atlanta’s new stadium to be added to the list very soon.

    The only question left is whether other cold weather teams with newer open air stadiums (Philly, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Denver) will ever get a chance to host a game, or if the NYC Super Bowl was a one-off.

  129. Unlike New York and despite their shared stadium with two teams footing the bill, Minny can afford a roof for their stadium.

  130. It’s going to be weird watching a Super Bowl in 2018. It will be the first played where the players are in NASCAR type advertisement uniforms with flags that help accentuate their waists.

    And all of the participants will STILL sue the league in 15-20 years because their knees hurt, or their backs are achy.

  131. BTW: Packer fans don’t hate the state Monday through Friday, when they make the drive across the bridge to find work.

    someone has to bring up the natives low IQ level

  132. Let me remind you that the worst Super Bowl week weather in recent memory was in Dallas. South doesn’t always mean better.

    You think a $1 billion stadium built in Minnesota won’t find ways to keep players and spectators comfortable? To start, it will have the best heated field that the game has seen.

  133. What do they give free snowmobiles to everybody who comes to the city for the game? Nah 2 feet of snow and 2 degrees is not a good time. Everybody will be hanging out in the Mall of America.

  134. Man, the way people are talking about Minneapolis it is quite surprising to me that 19 fortune 500 companies are based there (only behind New York, Dallas, Houston and Atlanta)…Not to mention it is the 11th biggest market in the NFL, it is not like the Twin Cities are some towns out in the boonies.

  135. Here’s the funny part: as much as everyone wants to complain about Minnesota and the freezing cold weather, demand will still be sky high for tickets. Prices will only go up as they have over the years. Say what you will about the glass roof but the stadium is absolutely gorgeous and Minneapolis is actually a nice city with some of the nicest people you will meet and pretty cool bars and restaurants. If people were willing to go to *New Jersey* for a Super Bowl they will absolutely go to Minnesota.

  136. Regardless what the folks in the Minneapolis area think… the billionaires will still be inconvenienced by the cold weather.
    Most likely people will be watching the weather like a hawk in the weeks prior to the game…
    Large numbers of people that do go will arrive either one or two days before and stay in their hotels for the most part IF the weather is bad.

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