Ndamukong Suh back to work with the Lions

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Lions coach Jim Caldwell said last week that he anticipated defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh would join his teammates for OTAs and that premonition proved correct on Tuesday.

Suh has not been at the team’s voluntary workouts this year, which is his usual approach to offseason activities but has drawn a bit more notice this year because of talks about a contract extension. Pictures on the Lions website show Suh going through drills with his teammates and former Lions defensive end Al “Bubba” Baker spoke to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press about what he saw as a visitor to practice.

“You got to remember this: Guys like Suh look in the program on Sunday and find a reason not to like that guy that they’re watching film on all week long. So the word is ‘intensity,'” Baker said. “That’s what I saw today. I saw a guy, I looked at him, he looked me right in my eyes. I just nodded my head, and he nodded his head, I know he’s ready.”

The Lions haven’t shown any public concern about Suh’s usual absence for the early part of offseason workouts. Assuming he doesn’t skip any mandatory work down the line, there’s no reason to think that would change.

24 responses to “Ndamukong Suh back to work with the Lions

  1. Gotta make Al Baker a player evaluation scout. Anybody that can tell if a player is ready by the way they tilt their head needs to be hired immeadiatly.

  2. As a Browns fan, I can personally tell you that Bubba is dead-on. “Suh finds a reason not to like a guy.” Suh comes to Cleveland and throws our QB’s down like a ragdoll by their necks. I don’t like him much as a person but he definitely fits that description and has a lot of talent.

  3. Suh is dirty. So was Albert Haynesworth, among many others. His best days are likely behind him but still can come up big in games from time to time, but for the most part he has been Lion-ized. The culture there is awful and Jim Caldwell is just happy to have a gig.

  4. Where ya at now Suh haters?
    Poor leadership blah blah blah blah….Dirtiest player blah blah blah blah….
    I guess now he’s showing the leadership that you geniuses said he wouldn’t and since he had one unsportsmanlike conduct penalty all of last season it looks like you’re wrong about everything you’ve said.
    So glad to have the best DT in the league on my team.
    Hate on haters

  5. Unfortunately, this whole thing is way too typical with local sports reporting. Suh is not the most cordial person on the team to the press, and when that happens in concert with him being a star, and with his high profile incidents on the field, the most thin-skinned reports decide to pander to the lowest common denominator fans to draw attention to themselves. We know in Detroit that this started with Mike Valenti who didn’t like that Suh didn’t “kiss the ring” in a radio interview. With him it is a very common thing, as he insecurity personified. Dave Birkett and Kyle Meinke, both of whom will write about seemingly low hanging fruit topics followed in suit. We have a problem in the Detroit area with a lot of very sub-par Lions coverage since Killer left us too soon. I think many of us tune into national coverage because the local talk is so childish. Fact is that Suh has been healthy, is motivated, and has cut way down on the personal fouls. We have a very vocal, very ignorant minority of fans that take to the airwaves and message boards, but the more quiet majority appreciate Suh and are hoping for his continued development and maturity, as we would with any other star player.

  6. Suh is the man!

    For everyone that cries because their QB gets taken down in a dirty way, maybe you should worry about your offensive line not being able to block him.

  7. Suh is intense, nothing dirty about him. People need to get over that. This is football, not golf. And this whole, “I don’t like them as a person” trend needs to stop. To not like somebody as a person you generally need to know who they are.

    I’m going to throw around a random number and say 98.9% of fans don’t know the players on any type of personal level other than a hand shake, autograph and tv interviews.

  8. Suh is the man! Bears fans are petrified 2x a year as this beast throws around little baby brittle Cutler! Go Lions!!!

  9. He also showed up in camp ripped – in awesome shape. His personal workouts were more intense than the team’s voluntary sessions.

    If Ansah plays as well as expected this season, the Lions D-line will be a force to be reckoned with.

  10. firejerry says: May 20, 2014 7:58 PM

    Suh is still a jerk!!!
    Yep..thats how we prefer our players that play in the trenches in Detroit.

    Maybe tennis is more your style.

  11. Yep. That’s ol’ Bubba” Baker evaluating Bubba Suh on his fine attributes and readiness achieved by studying a program he bought on the concourse.

    Isn’t this how all the teams do it?

  12. bearshaterseverywhere hats it when Suh pushes Cutler down with one hand on the back. WAH WAH WAH. Youre still 12 years old hater. More like lionshaterseverywhere

  13. He quit against the Eagles in the snow last year. They ran right over him. Talented guy, but I still think he’s a bum. He could be unstoppable but he isn’t.

  14. Bubba may be the most underrated DE ever….he was an absolute beast….78 DROY, 78-80 Pro Bowl, 78 1st team all pro as a rookie…65 sacks in his career with his first 4 seasons 78-81 sacks weren’t kept as an official stat….unofficial film has him at 23 sacks his rookie year and 67 those 4 year…132 overall….


  15. It seems Suh always gets a bad word from people outside of Detroit. All you have to ask yourself is “Would you want him playing on your favorite team?” Trade him to my Chargers, pick up Micheal Sam on the other side and let Mante Teo’s fake dead girlfriend stuff what’s left of the run up the middle.
    That combo and the Bolts are going to the Bowl!
    On a serious note, Suh is a monster to defend against, and playing in a contract year, I bet he is even more Godzila like. Like him, hate him, look for the highlight reel and I bet you find him there a lot.

  16. Many would argue he’s the best DT in the NFL (PFF rated him #2) and he hates QBs. It’s no wonder people outside of the ad don’t like him!

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