NFL forms committee to study time and place of draft

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The NFL has yet to decide whether to keep the draft in May and in New York.  And like most decisions destined to linger and linger and linger, a group has been formed to make recommendations.

Via Mark Maske of the Washington Post, the a committee will take up the question of the date and location of the 2015 NFL draft.

“There’s a working committee being formed on that,” Giants co-owner John Mara said at Tuesday’s league meeting in Atlanta.  “One of the issues is where is it going to be next year, and that has yet to be determined.  And there are a lot of factors that go into that, including Radio City’s availability and some other issues, too.”

Count Mara among the many who would like to ditch May and return to April.

“If I were king of the world, I’d put it right back to where it was,” Mara said, via Maske.  “But that’s probably not realistic.  I certainly don’t think it ought to be on Mother’s Day weekend.  But we’ll see.”

A compromise could be April 30-May 2, a week after the usual April slot and a week before Mother’s Day weekend.  Regardless of timing, location remains a key question — and relocation could be the reality for the draft in 2015.

17 responses to “NFL forms committee to study time and place of draft

  1. These guys are really ridiculous, i dont watch the draft and based on what i gealned these past couple of weeks, move it back to its orginal start, keep it at two days etc.. There no need for a commission.

  2. They should do it in London, and show the fans there how many Americans are willing to fly there just to show up for this draft so maybe you should learn why it’s so exciting and stop by too. Maybe the locals can win the right to announce a pick on the 2nd day if they score well in learning how to do mocks for the First Round.

  3. Put the NFL draft on the weekend before Mother’s Day and there will be massive howls from the Horse Racing community. I would not be surprised if Churchill Downs, Inc. (parent company of Churchill Downs) threatened legal action against the NFL if they tried to schedule it that weekend because the Kentucky Derby is ALWAYS on the first Saturday in May and has been (with the exception of 1945 because of World War II) for over a century. Of course, the NFL might be wise if they tried that to work with Churchill Downs about staging the draft in the infield (yes, outdoors) at Churchill the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Kentucky Derby week (with a live race program each afternoon before each night of the NFL Draft) which would keep Churchill on the map.

  4. How hard is this? Every NFL team should be able to have the draft in their own city and rotate it again therein after. Problem solved.

  5. The NFL Draft at Churchill Downs? Yes, if there’s one thing that the NFL wants to associate themselves with, it’s gambling… (even though we all know football is as much of a bet as horse racing).

  6. Move it back to April.

    Put it in the city of the team that gets the Number #1 overall pick once it is decided. You’ll get the best reaction from the first overall pick. It moves the draft around and it helps the economy of the city of the team that came in last place.

  7. You don’t need a committee! The fans want the draft back to a Saturday and Sunday mid to late April. The place can be anywhere!

    Thanks Roger for listening!

  8. I think Grossman hit the nail on the head. Ist pick = draft central at home. Still think New York gave it away by booing the Commissioner every time he walked to the mike.

  9. Mara is ALWAYS sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong…will this guy just go away? His father was a DECENT man (certainly not a great man), but John is killing the gm w/his mouth/actions….pleaseJohn, GO AWAY, NOW!!!!!

  10. A committee? I really am starting to hate the NFL these days; it has become a corporation that hosts football games, football is secondary to profit and it shows.

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