PFT Live: Vikings got good value with Bridgewater

Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press joins ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio to discuss the Minnesota fan base’s reaction to the selection of Teddy Bridgewater in the 2014 NFL Draft, Matt Cassel starting next season and more.

12 responses to “PFT Live: Vikings got good value with Bridgewater

  1. The best pick in the draft will be the guy picking off passes from Teddy for the next few years until he’s booted out of town.

    That’s right. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

    Good pick with Webb. He will be solid. This kid will be out of the league within 5 years and hopefully gets his degree in hand.

    He’s had 2 pressure moments since playing against young punks in college, and that was his Pro Day and his workout day at the combine. He tanked in both and would’ve been a late 2nd or early 3rd if not for the Vikings REACHING in the first. Something they seem to be getting good at.

  2. hope peterson’s contract can be reduced for the team. Bridgewater may or may not be a top 5 QB in 3 years. I don’t know if he needs to be top 5. I know this kid will keep improving over the next few years and has the drive to become great. hopefully he attains that. Barr is really interesting to me. if you haven’t seen sports science anthony barr on youtube, check it out. He has the potential to be amazing. the third round running back is interesting as well. can you see a sweep to the left … wait no… he throws the ball and connects to Patterson….

  3. and one more thing… we don’t know who will shine or really take to Norv Turner’s offense. Cassel, Ponder, either one could click. New coordinator and new offensive scheme, new QB coach could be the difference. Other QBs around the league renewed their career once they settled in the right system. The OTAs and camps are just around the corner and I look forward to see who shines!

  4. The rookie contracts don’t suck up a lot of money. By the time Bridgewater contract is done Peterson will be finishing his and most likely be on the tail end of his career, So the money Peterson is getting wont even effect the Vikings cap in the next 4 years. Its not like when Bradford came in the league. Fix rookie cap structure are in place, As not setting your franchise back when you have a bust in the first round and have a lot of money that’s guaranteed to that player. Notice how teams are signing players quickly.

  5. No one can buy Packer stock. There’s none left. It’s all sold. All 370,000 shares…….all over the world. These shares can hang on the wall for the next 100 years and never go out of style. Pull your Randy Moss jersey out of the closet and wear it. You paid the same for it. But it’s not a real jersey and he’s old news. You’ll look odd.

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