Ray Rice can avoid assault charges, still under league review

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Ravens running back Ray Rice has been allowed to enter a pre-trial intervention which should prevent criminal charges for the alleged assault of his wife, but he still faces possible punishment from the NFL.

According to Lynda Cohen of the Press of Atlantic City, Rice was accepted into the program which could cause the third-degree charge of aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury to be dismissed. The arrest will remain on his record, but without a conviction.

Rice and his then-fiance, now-wife Janay Palmer were charged in February for simple assault after an incident at an Atlantic City casino. According to the police report, Palmer was knocked unconscious, and video showed her being dragged from an elevator.

“This decision was arrived at after careful consideration of the information contained in Mr. Rice’s application in light of all of the facts gathered during the investigation,” acting Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain said. “After considering all relevant information in light of applicable law, it was determined that this was the appropriate disposition.”

Of course, he still faces review under the league’s conduct policy, but teammate Joe Flacco said he doesn’t think Rice will be suspended.

74 responses to “Ray Rice can avoid assault charges, still under league review

  1. I’m SOOOOOOOOOOO glad that my Redskins, who are GOD’S CHOSEN TEAM, don’t employ such criminals. Anyone who even remotely supports Ray Rice is a piece of crap. #HTTR #RedskinsAreBetterThanTheRavens #RavensCommitCrimes

  2. This guy sucked last year anyway. Baltimore should be ESTATIC that Ray Rice might not carry the football in 2014. 660 yards, a 3.1 avg and only 4 TD’s? For 7 mil a year? Ridiculous! This guy should be charged criminally for literally stealing money from the Ravens.

  3. There’s a reason the classless ravens are the irrelevant team that wears purple and the vikings are the great historic franchise.ap>sugar ray rice.teddy bridgewater>22pick flacco.SKOL

  4. Though he may be suspended 4 games, I dont think he will necessarily serve 4 games as he will certainly appeal any punishment. And being that he is a first time offender (not only with the law but also within other punishable NFL offenses), he will probably miss 1 game, at most 2.

  5. Exactly when and for what will these guys get punished for what they do. It’s not like they don’t have proof.

  6. Baltimore Ravens are the best at getting good players out of little snafus. It was impossible to get Ray off scott free but dismissal of the most serious criminal charge is a good start.

  7. NFL is the domestic violence capital of professional sports, and I’d venture to guess that the ratio of offenders vs. employees is at or near the top of all career fields period.

  8. If you put your hands on a woman, you deserve what you get. I hope Ray losses some fans because of this.

  9. Baltimore Ravens are the best at getting good players out of little snafus. It was impossible to get Ray off scott free but dismissal of the most serious criminal charge is a good start.

    Little snafus? I guess Ravens would support a murderer…oh wait …nah he just lost his white suit.

  10. Ray Rice knocks out his now wife on camera and MIGHT get a slap on the wrist or no suspension. Josh Gordon doesn’t get arrested but fails a drug test and could potentially miss the season. Got it.

  11. Year for a joint, slap on the wrist for knocking out a woman and dragging her around, sounds about right. Wait, what?

  12. Wow! He literally knocked her out. He punch his girl in the face and nothing happens to him. Ravens should have cut him the day the video came out, to save face and money. Dude washed up anyway. We all know they won’t cut him since they propped up Lewis who murdered a guy for fun, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. However, if Plaxico got prison time for shooting himself by accident, how the heck does this guy not get a year in prison? Money.. if this was anyone of us, we would lose our job and go to jail.

  13. Where I come from, if you lay a hand on a woman you get the $h!t beat out of you! How did we lose this principle. Women are our mothers and sisters. I hope this guy seriously gets whats coming to him.

  14. This is why NFL players continue to abuse women and commit other crimes because they know the league will turn a blind eye. Shame on them

  15. An allegation was made, and you people want to judge him off a 57 second video?! I think all of you people that want to judge him, should worry about your own households. Its a reason the SA’s office did not pursue charges. Lets remember, she wasn’t innocent either.

  16. Why should he get no punishment?? He knocked the woman out, and that’s ok? They had probably been drinking or whatever. Everyone else gets a punishment so I don’t get this one.

  17. Knocked his wife unconscious? Check.
    Dragged her thru the casino? Check.
    Expects no repercussions? Check.

    Ehh, rush for at least 1200yds and at least 8 TD’s and if you can sprinkle in a few receiving TD’s, all is forgiven….

  18. Of you have seen the video all he does is carry her out of the elevator so where’s the proof he struck her? #factsneverlie

    So I guess you believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa, and the Easter Bunny…..why , Einstein would he make a plea arrangement. Drop the pompoms and read the charges….you’ll see how uninformed you are…pathetic.

  19. Ray Rice has done more for the Baltimore community than the entire Redslimes team combined. Focus on your own team that gave away 100 draft choices for a missing knee

  20. So the message here is: beat your woman and knock her out,on camera,and your punishment will be light compared to a guy who gets caught with weed or other banned substances. There should be a zero-tolerance policy for any guy who puts his hands on a woman. The NFL is a joke when it comes to handling it’s own criminals.

  21. For all the people who think RR got special treatment I suggest you spend some time in a courtroom. This happens more than any decent person would admit for first offenders and especially ones that have a clean record.

    That said the guy is stained for life for hitting a woman. Lot’s of bad things happen when you are drunk at 2 in the am but hitting a woman should never be one of them.

    On the football side I can’t wait to have him back in week 3. My guess is little Ray will come back ready to at least earn his reputation back on the football field.

  22. For you raven fans who only like to smack talk when it’s NOT a player on your team….he beat up a woman. First offense, second, none…he hit his wife. He should have been cut immediately, no questions asked, and, he belongs in jail. Stained???? He’s more than stained if you have half a brain.
    Worst organization in sports.

  23. I think Nofoolnodrool just set a record for the most comments on a football site without a shred of football talk.

  24. Ray the “women beater” Rice can avoid assault charges after assaulting his wife. Makes sense. Lets hope goodell doesnt look the other way on this matter.

  25. If Goodell does not suspend him with that video out there , the NFL & it’s conduct policy is one big Joke . A great example for our YOUTH Roger! Whatever
    the circumstances were,we all saw what we saw! Maybe Pats can get Hernandez out on bail in time for season? Still not convicted, or Big Ben can get another free pass.Disgusting, Oh yeah this is the league so concerned about player safety,Wait to facts come out and we find out what they new & when. WHEN IT SMELLS LIKE TOBACCO ,LOOKS LIKE TOBACCO , GUESS F…NG WHAT!!!!!!

  26. I wonder if nofool was this hard on ben after his accusations. Probably not. Typical steeler fan. By the way, did Mike Adams lie to the police? If so he should be cut and out of the league.

  27. Knocked out, face down, on a cold casino floor on Tuesday.
    Marry the guy who knocked you out on Wednesday.

    Money is one helluva drug.

  28. Probably the only time I will be shaking my head at Ozzie and the Ravens …

    “A man who hits a woman is the lowest form of coward”

  29. briggsisbrokeagain says: May 20, 2014 5:05 PM

    It’s OK to beat up woman, just don’t take a banned substance or hit another football player in the head. What a world.

    And be sure not to “bully” a 300 pound lineman.

  30. Big time Raven fan here but if Rice gets out of this with no punishment by the league, the team or the state of NJ I am Gonna be totally floored. Its a statistic that there is an overwhelming chance that he will do it again. Once an abuser…… always an abuser. Also going to say that with his stats last year, he is very lucky to still be a Raven. If he puts up those numbers again this year I would wager to say it will be his last year with the team.

  31. thevikesarebest says: May 20, 2014 5:06 PM

    There’s a reason the classless ravens are the irrelevant team that wears purple and the vikings are the great historic franchise.ap>sugar ray rice.teddy bridgewater>22pick flacco.SKOL


    Vikings!!!! 1st team to lose 4 SBs. The original, and still strong, definition of chokers. They refined the art and took it to new levels.

  32. hakunamangata says: May 20, 2014 5:17 PM

    The vikings are only historic because their championship must have come in the paleolithic era.


    The only vikings that were winners traveled around in sailing ships.

  33. Look on the bright side – a 4 game suspension would mean about 40 less hits from LB’s blowing up the checkdown. Probably will add a season to hs career. Unless he continues that impressive 2 yds/carry, then he’s finished either way.

  34. Goodell supports the ban the NBA handed to Sterling and a grown man knocking out a woman is WAY worse than ignorant comments from an old man. Step up and boot the bum, Roger!

  35. I wonder if nofool was this hard on ben after his accusations. Probably not. Typical steeler fan. By the way, did Mike Adams lie to the police? If so he should be cut and out of the league.

    So your suggesting Adams get kicked out for lying to police like Ray Lewis did …oh wait he didn’t. Stoogy ban was never convicted of hitting anyone big difference, but one you have a hard time comprehending as usual.

  36. As someone said in a previous post,the NFL fully supports breast cancer awareness for the entire month of October. Now a guy KO’s his girlfriend/wife and he could possibly skate ? Talk about hypocrisy…Roger Goodell,if you’re going to hand down a punishment to Ray Rice,make sure it fits the crime. Just because it’s the first time he got caught,doesn’t mean it’s the first time he’s done this.

  37. What happened to good ole justice. Doesn’t Parker have any brothers, male cousins, uncles, etc? At the very least, we should have read a follow-up story about Rice getting beat up outside his home by unidentified assailants. Nothing too violent, just enough to render him unconscious so he can be dragged across the floor for a bit.

    I guess it’ll be up to the steelers, again, to straighten this young man out on the field. Shamarko, get ready.

  38. Mike Adams lies to police. Fabricates a robbery story to avoid punishment but supposedly it’s ok because he was “never convicted” of anything. No one sees the character flaw of lying to avoid your mistake.

    Gordon fails his second drug test which by policy means a one year suspension. It’s not like he didn’t have a warning after the first time.

    Rice faces his first account against the personal conduct policy. His issue was stupid but he owned it. Still, he should get what the policy says.

    Adams and Rice should face the personal conduct policy as first time offenders. Gordon should face the consequences of twice failing a drug test. The policies are there so enforce them.

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