Report: NFL Sunday Ticket deal coming soon

It’s highly unlikely that AT&T would publicize a purchase of DirecTV that hinges on DirecTV renewing the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket unless DirecTV had a pretty good idea that the rights will be renewed.

According to the Wall Street Journal (via SportsBusiness Daily), they will be.  Soon.

According to Joe Flint of the Los Angeles Times, the negotiations have lagged over the issue of expanded digital rights.  The combined companies presumably will want to extend NFL Sunday Ticket to AT&T’s U-Verse package.

As explained by the Wall Street Journal, AT&T has been trying to expand its relationship with the NFL.  Last year, the company purchased the naming rights to the billion-dollar stadium where the Cowboys play.  Now, AT&T will be spending much more than $1 billion per year to extend — and possibly to enhance — the NFL Sunday Ticket arrangement.

That said, the deal won’t be done until it’s done.  If someone else wants to take away the package that DirecTV has owned for two decades, the clock is ticking.

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  1. People still pay for TV and internet? $30 per month unlimited data on my rooted 4G Android phone supplies my entire home with TV and internet.

  2. I hate DirectTV’s exclusive hold on the NFL Sunday Ticket package more than I hate EA’s exclusive hold on the NFL/NFLPA video game licensing rights.

  3. As a Packers fan living in Oregon (and forced to watch the Seahawks and Niners) I have had the Sunday Ticket since its beginning on the big dishes then followed it to DirecTv..I will go where it goes lol

  4. Out of Baltimore-market Ravens fan here. Every game should be pay-per-view. I won’t cough up the DirecTV cash and I don’t want a dish on my house, but they’d get a lot of my cash over the course of a season if they charged $19.95 per game.

  5. Now that you mention AT&T’s naming rights on Dallas’ stadium, where’s the article that AT&T’s takeover of DirecTV creates a clear conflict of interest and appearance of impropriety???

    Don’t you think AT&T ownership of broadcasting rights will unfairly favor Dallas? Even if Dallas sucks worse than they already do, AT&T will maximize their prime time games to get more exposure of that fat AT&T on the side of that monstrosity of a building. Don’t even get me started with AT&T doing whatever it can broadcasting wise to keep the Cowboys as relevant for as long as possible.

  6. For all the Redzone people, I mean– do you even have a team you root for? Your home teams must love you guys.

  7. Still beats the cost of going to a sports bar to watch my 2 teams every Sunday.

    I really don’t have a problem with DTV and I have lost signal a total of ONE time in 3 years.

    It would be nice to have a choice if they pissed me off, though.

  8. frisco fan in Indiana! and i have to watch EVERY PLAY! EVERY PLAY!

    DirecTV and Sunday Ticket are beasts I will have to continue dealing with

  9. Redzone sucks and is for people with ADHD or are aspiring to give themselves ADHD. What kind of sinister corporate overlord does Comcast really think it is if it can’t pry some more legit content from the NFL and AT&T?

  10. If you live out of market if your favorite team $200-300 is not a bad deal. You will get to see all non prime time games for what it would cost you and a guest to attend 1 game live. Some people/families follow more then 1 team. No having direct tv I wish they would have an internet only package like they included with madden 25. I would imagine they would get a lot of business that way.

  11. i really wish the NFL would take control of their own product and sell the service themselves. they could even do a tiered structure that would allow you to have every game for just your team, or every team… and get rid of the local blackouts when you purchase these. i hate it on the NBA and NHL that if the game is a nationally televised game, i can’t watch it, even though i don’t have those channels…

  12. I hate this exclusivity deal that DirecTV (soon to be AT&T) has but it is what it is. It’s a business and the tone deaf clowns running the league at 345 Park Ave. could care less what I or any other fan thinks. They know I’ll consume the product regardless.

  13. I’d love to see what was rumored last year and have Google/YouTube get the rights. That would make it carrier agnostic, you’d simply have to have a screen, internet and a method of payment.

  14. Rather go to a bar for games that matter which I can’t see. No seat better than sitting field side to watch the 2 time world champion Baltimore Ravens at M&T!!!

    Guarantee the redzone channel people are the same people who send threatening tweets, etc. when their Fantasy players don’t score enough points for them.

  15. As a Bears fan, I remember having to listen to the 1963 Championship game against the Giants on the radio! Don’t complain…although it does seem a conflict of interest with AT&T and the COWGIRLS. Seems to me that’s why they broke up AT&T to begin with..and now here they are stronger than ever!!

  16. As someone who live out of market AND doesnt pay for cable, I hate the idea of a TV company owning Sunday ticket rights. Cable and satellite providers are scraping for anything to keep viewers away from more viable internet alternatives.

    All this deal means is either no streaming games, or streaming games at such a terrible quality that they are unwatchable…ie. last seasons sunday ticket.(I received a year of streaming free from a friend…would not pay over $10 for it, let alone $100)

  17. I get all my local team games over the antenna in HD for FREE as well as 2 or 3 extra Sunday games… Hooked up a TiVo and record everything. Dish/ cable is horrible price wise. I don’t watch that much TV.

  18. I just asking, is money the only reason that the NFL has dealt strictly with DirecTV? Are there other reasons why they would open it to other providers? I believe Verizon has more customers and Comcast surely does. DirecTV has 20 million customers and someone can correct me if I’m wrong. Again what direcTV have that the others don’t?

  19. I got it thru Playstation 2 years ago. Then they took that away last year. I don’t want to switch to DirectTV. If you know somebody who has DirectTV and they are willing just sign into their account on a computer and connect your computer to a TV screen

  20. I won’t pay for the Sunday Ticket— It’s my way of protesting what Roger Goodell has done to the game I love(d).

    Less action/more advertising. Greed reigns supreme in the NFL… I pay attention… I just don’t pay the ridiculous prices.

  21. Wow. So some of you are just now realizing that NFL Redzone (which has been out for years now) was basically created for people who play fantasy football? And I’m a 9ers fan who lives in VA and works for my local cable company so I get almost free cable, which is why I go out somewhere to watch my team play their 10 games that aren’t in Primetime. Buying DirecTV and Sunday Ticket for 10 games and duplicates of all the other channels is a complete waste of money. I like the idea of being able to buy my teams’ games as a pay-per-view. Not likely to happen anytime soon though…

  22. The deal has always been DirecTV’s to lose but unless they expand the rights to allow viewers to pay DirecTV and watch it online, WITHOUT subscribing to DirecTV (which is unavailable where I am) then the NFL has blown it, again. The devil is in the details.

  23. How come Google doesn’t work out a deal with the NFL where you can just watch your team’s games live online? Or you can buy the whole package. And they should get a better deal with NFL than directv as the games would only be available on line. Say $50 to just watch YOUR team’s games.

  24. I used to live out of market for my team and I always made sure I had DTV and Sunday Ticket. Now, I’m back living in the local viewing area, but I’ve just gotten used to being able to watch any game that looks good or is a close score – so I still get Sunday Ticket.

  25. How the NFL continues to create a Monopoly with their programming with a sub standard service company like D TV that not everyone can get amazes me. There has to be something behind the scenes going on that we don’t know about. Somebody is getting rich, tax free, under the table.

  26. They should have the games online at, same as MLB has all the games on They could easily charge $19.95 per game and people would pay it to see the games that they want to see.

  27. Had sunday ticket since 1998 and will keep it until the day i die or lose DTV. It is worth every damn dime no matter the cost.

  28. Exclusivity needs to end with DirecTv, as more carriers selling this would mean lower prices for fans. At the very least allow purchase of just one team’s game for a fraction of the cost. Probably will not happen since DirecTv will pay whatever it cost and just pass that on to subscribers.

  29. When I returned to DirecTV after using ATT I got Sunday Ticket for free. Anything wrong with free? And my bill was lowered about 30 bucks.

  30. Redzone channel is perfect for those who only care about fantasy football… for those who LOVE a team, there is no better product than the Sunday Ticket.

  31. Whatever they do, they all need to go after the FCC and do away with this Black out crap they the continually pull.
    if that’s not a slap in the face as to ow many times over the last year i couldn’t watch my team because of Blackout restrictions. it’s total BS.

  32. Sorry, but sunday ticket is majorly overpriced. Not to mention the fact that if your local game is blacked out, you can’t even watch it on sunday ticket!!! If I pay over $200, I better be able to watch EVERY game, including ones that are blacked out

  33. Remember…. you can get every NFL game for two and a half bucks a game according to Chris Collingsworth. LOL !!!

  34. I am going to have a major problem as it stands now. I have Sunday Ticket to watch the Vikings but next year the SEC and my Razorbacks will be on the SEC network which will be carried by Dish TV. There should be some way to let us pick what we want to pay for, on tv or computer.

  35. Online only package via Amazon & Madden again please! Best $100 I ever spent in my life. Technically it was like $60 since I sold Madden to GameStop for $40.

    Doubt they’ll do it again, but as long as there’s an option for the online-only Sunday Ticket again, I’ll be paying it. Been doing it for the last two seasons.

  36. Hopefully Sunday Ticket will continue to come to PS3/PS4 that way I have the option to get it. I like the idea that was stated above, do a PPV for each out of market game every week. Time for the dictator to step down, need a ruler that is for the people!

  37. If my Raiders are playing thats the game i watch if not then i love watching the redzone its the perfect station for todays NFL fan…wow did i just say it that way

  38. I have DirectV because the picture is clearer than cable. Hands down.

    But living in New Jersey and rooting for the only New York team means I need Sunday ticket. Good thing I live near other New Yorks only team fans so we can go Dutch.

    Go Bills

  39. If my Raiders are playing then thats the game i watch but if there not playing then i enjoy watching Redzone during the other games commercials…redzone has no commercials btw

  40. AT&T has one the most affordable internet options out there, hopefully the Sunday Ticket package, and pay tv, will now follow suit.

  41. Whoa…..guys. I agree Sunday Ticket is expensive. But I have to laugh when I hear about the Redzone channel. Guys there is a night and day difference between the NFL Network Redzone channel and the NFL Sunday Ticket Redzone channel. Everyone here knows the ridiculous amount of commercials in every NFL game. Any Sunday Ticket fan will tell you the Sunday Ticket Redzone channel is almost worth the price of Sunday Ticket alone. It’s a must during commercial brakes. Believe me if you haven’t experienced the Sunday Ticket Redzone channel you don’t know what your missing.

  42. Ya well I don’t pay a penny to watch any games Cuzco I watch them online for free that includes ppv. an any other sports free

  43. I just purchased direct tv the only reason was for the ticket. I have waited several years to have this. I live in cincinnati ohio. Not a Bengals fan. Steeler Nation. I will pay whatever it cost after my first free year of the ticket. My son is a niner fan he can be happy as well. Not everyone likes the market they are in.

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