Roger Goodell calls DirecTV “a terrific partner” for the NFL


Amid reports that a new agreement is near for the NFL Sunday Ticket Package to remain exclusively on DirecTV, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suggested at today’s owners meeting that he expects to be in business with DirecTV for years to come.

“We’re still within an exclusive negotiation period with DirecTV. They’ve been a teriffic partner,” Goodell said.

AT&T is in the process of purchasing DirecTV, and Goodell said he sees no reason to believe that there will be any significant obstacles to doing business with DirecTV under its new ownership.

“We’ll continue our negotiations but they have been very productive to date and we hope to bring them to a successful conclusion soon,” Goodell said.

Many fans wish their cable companies could get in on the Sunday Ticket action, but that appears awfully unlikely. It sounds like if you want to be able to watch every NFL game from the comfort of your home, you’re going to have to have a satellite dish.

58 responses to “Roger Goodell calls DirecTV “a terrific partner” for the NFL

  1. Direct TV sucks! Obviously Goodell has a relative someone in the chain of Direct TV. Because there is no other reason why the NFL would go with a third rate satellite company….

  2. Sunday ticket is the reason I installed DirecTV over a decade ago…..

  3. Sunday Ticket was not enough to keep me with DirectTV. First, you still don’t get all the games, despite the ads to the contrary. Second, the dishes love to get blown out of alignment right as the game starts even if you have a reinforced dish (you need 6 satellites for HD and in the blustery fall weather that can be a challenge). Third, as soon as I tried to switch they started offering huge discounts on the package, revealing I’d been gouged all along. Switched to fios and never looked back.

  4. Sure wish someone would explain to me how this is legal. Baseball tried to do the same thing a couple years ago and got smacked down by the government so hard their heads are still spinning.

  5. The NFL-DirectTV deal has single-handedly SCREWED millions of displaced NFL fans from being able to watch their favorite teams play.

    When I lived out of state, I never once lived in either a south-facing apartment or had a house that had an unobstructed view to the south.

    I would have even been willing to put up the insane cost of the package and DirectTV if it was physically possible to receive it. But it wasn’t.

    The DirectTV/NFL deal is a frigging JOKE.

  6. In 6 seasons with ST, I have always gotten every Sunday game. I live in Minnesota blizzard country, and my dish has never “blown out if alignment”. DirecTV had been excellent to me. I would suggest it to anyone.

  7. This makes little sense to me, why offer exclusive to these clowns when you can get something from ALL the cable providers….the technology is there.

  8. For the cost of the Direct TV package I go to a sports bar, eat, and watch all the games there. All I need is a seat with a swivel. I’m probably in the minority but I like it this way.

  9. The DirecTV deal makes a lot of sense for the NFL. There is no cable carrier that has more coverage area in the US than satellite tv. DTV can cover metro cities to rural areas in the middle of nowhere. So NFL can get the most subs from a DTV deal.

  10. Went to a pub with Sunday Ticket to catch some games. Guess what, it started pouring and ZERO games watchable while it rained.

    Just one more idiotic move by Goodell. The only reason to have Direct TV is the ticket. Too much hassel and unreliable. Might as well change the name to Directly to Goodell.

  11. That’s OK Commish… Keep screwing the Fans! You are making this unaffordable for the average guy. I had DirecTV for the Ticket, but it was so expensive and horrible service, just switched to the fastest Cable and now EVERYTHING is Free from the Internet! If you got the know how ;). My intention was not to be a Thief, but the lack of consumer choice and monopoly gouging forced the decision.

  12. This policy makes as much sense as the blackout policy. Goodell can’t go soon enough.

    And take your lapdog Jeff Fisher with you.

  13. Reportedly, the AT&T acquisition offer includes language to either reduce the offer or back out completely if DirecTV doesn’t renew Sunday Ticket. The NFL’s not stupid, but neither is AT&T.

  14. I stream online for “Free” on my computer and catch any NFL game live in the comfort of my mancave…peace of mind and never have to deal with rude fans, high priced drinks and food..screw directv and nfl sunday your money and put it to better use

    keep Goodell out of your pocket!

  15. I’ve had Sunday Ticket since 1997. I have never had an issue. If you add up the amount of money you spend in going to a bar during the season Sunday Ticket is cheaper and you get to watch from the comfort of your home.

  16. For people suggesting that directtv would get more customers if the package was individualized, that could be true…but they would have to offer it at a much lower price for you to want to pay for it. And I will tell you right now it is not going to be 1/32nd of what you would pay now. It would probably be 1/2 or more. And at that point, you might as well get the rest of the games too.

  17. I said it in the other thread and I’ll say it again here: Unless they expand the rights to allow viewers to pay DirecTV and watch it online, WITHOUT subscribing to satellite DirecTV (which is unavailable where I am) then the NFL has blown it, again. The devil is in the details.

  18. I think its funny people complaining about dtv. i’ve been with them for years. i have never had an issue. all the games i want to watch. great customer service and great programming.

  19. Lol people still pay for tv?!?!!!

    Do yourself a favor and connect an hdmi cord to your nearest laptop that goes to your tv. Pull up the website ” ” on the google chrome browser (make sure ad block is downloaded) and enjoy any sport you want for free. Sundays consist of free red zone on one browser till my saints come on. Works like a champ. You will thank me later, it’s idiot proof. Gl bros

  20. People saying that they would have to lower the price I think are wrong. I would most definitely pay the NFL directly the same price $300 roughly for the entire season and EVERY game. I would even understand if I couldn’t get the ESPN games. If we could stream them here in the US like they do elsewhere directly over the internet, I would pay for sure. Keeping Directv out of my pocket is good enough for me.

  21. Not a monopoly because the package is up for bid. If DirecTV offers the most money they win the package of games.

    When ESPN airs MNF is that a monopoly? Why doesn’t CBS just air the game. It’s TV programming that goes up for bid and DirecTV pays the most to win the package. Therefore NOT a monopoly

  22. You can get NFL Game Rewind on the NFL’s website for $40 a year…. every game and every team. Only thing is you can’t watch the games until the Sunday night game is over. So is $200+ more worth watching it live with DirecTV??

  23. I have had DirecTV since 2001 and I could not be any happier. The picture quality is superb, they have the most HD channels and I’ve never had a bad customer service experience. Rarely does the picture go out due to weather. If there is a problem with a receiver it is fixed 99.9 of the time over the telephone as opposed to the dreaded “someone will need to be home between the hours of 8am and 5pm to have this resolved” like you get from Cable and FIOS. The Sunday Ticket for $300 per season is very cheap considering what it costs to go to a game especially if the team that you follow is in a different state from which you live in. They are also very willing to apply credit promotions to your bill if you ask for them.

  24. Directv is great and all but if you can’t afford it you’re screwed. You have to go to a bar or a friends’ house. Which does create more drunk drivers. This is a monopoly that’s legal I guess.

  25. Great directv bid the most. So the NFL makes a great profit off the fact that directv has a monopoly over the at home NFL viewing experience. If Directv offered a-la-cart they’d see more money, though I’m not sure.

  26. If you already pay for cable and get NFL games through whatever channel that is offering those games, does this deal create a monopoly to force the regular NFL viewer to pay for the games.

    I think that’s all people care about. I don’t care for Direct TV anymore than Comcast or ATT. Can someone explain what it means to consumers if for example one uses Comcast.

  27. The offer they made with madden 25 last year was a step in the right direction.

    I have no interest in directTV as a year round provider. But I’d definitely buy The season package by itself.

  28. Anyone that complains about their dish getting blown out of whack too easily had a bad installer. The technology has gotten sooooo much better over the years. Mine rarely goes out, less than it did when I had cable. And the HD picture is top shelf.

  29. Folks here seem to think that Goodell gives a rat’s a– what we, the fans, think. Empirical evidence has proven to him and the owners time and again that NFL fans stay fans no matter how many injustices and indignities are heaped upon them. We who complain can simply walk, but they know we won’t.

  30. Have no problem with DTV….yet. great service, HD for anything worth watching, NFL package and no cable, local sucks. I am hoping to get a price break, it’s getting a bit too rich for this working-class man.

  31. I wish someone would bring an anti-trust suit against the NFL and DirecTV. This satellite company has had diminishing service and I find that any conversation I have with them is repulsive. NFL fans should be given a choice on where they watch the games.

  32. If I want to watch an “Out of Market” game…you know, not broadcast locally…

    I just go to my local bar which always has Sunday game specials like:

    10 Wings/Bleu Cheese and Celery-$8.00
    1 Bucket of Beers (5 domestics)-$12.00

    Tip: $5.00

    Total $25.00…
    Beats buying a ticket to the game, parking, etc.

  33. Does God dell wake up everyday and ask himself “what can I do to make fans more angry at me?” MLB has figured out how to make this work for everyone, yet the NFL doesn’t give a crap.

  34. This is a slap in the face. Every other major professional sports league in the US is available through my cable company. They all manage to get by without screwing the fans by giving one provider a monopoly on the games.

  35. Obvious there are some “cable” trolls here. I’ve had it for 20 years and never has the dish been “blown out of alinement”. I watch every game at home and if I’m traveling on my phone or iPad. If you go to bar, two games into the season you’ve blown through the ticket’s fee. Good going NFL, I appreciate the move.

  36. directv is awesome and it’s terrific with the Sunday ticket i’ve had it for the past 8 years or more.. lock it up Nfl and for those who just want to watch their own team go to and subscribe and watch it on your computer (yes you can subscribe to only your team) NFL ,Directv + Sunday Ticket = a winning combination!!! Oh yeah go Cowboys!

  37. Um, not sure what Herr Goodell is talking about. Direct TV and the Sunday Ticket has been exclusive with the NFL for two decades.

    What he fails to mention (or the article) is that AT & T bought Direct TV and in turn the Sunday Ticket. Not sure what that means for satellite services and the fees associated with the buyout but one can imagine that the buyer plans to expand how the NFL is accessed through smart phones.

    Perhaps THAT’s what our favorite dictator is referring to.

  38. I would have DTV if I could, but I need cable for internet service where I live…I would buy Sunday Ticket in a second if Comcast ever got it.

  39. If the NFL was smart they would partner with Microsoft and offer NFL ticket on Xbox 1. This would certainly boost XB1 sales, and allow everyone access to NFL ticket. You can argue that the Xbox is too expensive, but it’s the same as having a DirectTV account for months on end just to watch football. Microsoft and the NFL have already shook hands on other deals, why not NFL ticket. Just an idea though folks take it or leave it.

  40. Not so fast!!

    Google is in a position to offer the NFL even more than DirecTV and likely can make it back through the sales of Google TV, Google Glass and other products they have or are currently in development. I would NOT underestimate Google taking the NFL Sunday Ticket package away from DirecTV.

  41. Displaced eagle fan, I paid $1,200 for DirecTV year one to get the NFL Sunday Ticket and 20 years later I am still here. DTV has decent tech (we have 3 750gb dvrs), the most channels, the most hdtv, and 99% of the time the signal is good (rain effects very little). I would buy again in a heartbeat. My Dish has never had alignment issues, and if a box beaks, they send a new one in two days. I have tried streaming games (preseason fron the nfl) and despite having a 20mb line from Comcast, it stutters at times, and drops from hd to sd alot. Plus I want to watch games on my 10 foot screen not on my computer.

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