Steve Gleason undergoes tracheotomy

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Former Saints player Steve Gleason is recovering after undergoing what he called a “semi-planned tracheotomy” on Monday in New Orleans.

Gleason suffers from ALS, which he has battled courageously for years and whose Team Gleason helps others battling the disease, and was admitted to the hospital while undergoing airway issues. The procedure was something that was planned for the coming months, but the onset of issues on Monday pushed up the timeline.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that tracheotomies, which surgically open the windpipe to aid breathing, are common for ALS patients as they gradually lose the use of their lungs as a result of the disease.

Gleason announced the procedure in a tweet. An update to the Team Gleason Facebook page said that Gleason was doing well after the surgery and that there was “no doubt this will enable him to be more active in his mission to continue living a productive and rich life as a husband, father, adventurer and advocate for the end of ALS.” We hope that the recovery continues to go smoothly and that Gleason is back to work on all fronts as soon as possible.

9 responses to “Steve Gleason undergoes tracheotomy

  1. My late sister-in-law developed ALS and succumbed to it about 11 years ago. Not a pleasant experience for anyone.

  2. It’s heartbreaking that anyone should suffer from this horrible disease. Good luck, Steve.

  3. ALS is a heartbreaking, horrific disease. People who suffer from it have to be unbelievably strong willed just to not give up in the face of the physical misery they endure.

    People like Steve Gleason deserve all the respect they get and more for the example they show of never giving up and remaining active with their friends, family and community. Its fantastic that even with all his ailments, that Gleason and his wonderful supportive family and friends, strive to seek treatments and improved living conditions for people suffering from this disease.

    Gleason may not have been a 6’7″ 330lb lineman, but he is a mountain of a man in terms of personal character and inner strength.

  4. Just what kind of slug gives a thumbs down on a post like this? Get a life, twits.

  5. That Gleason is able to not only fight this disease himself, but also put in so much work to raise money and awareness for a cure is nothing short of incredible. He is truly an inspiration as to what you can accomplishment with hard work and a positive attitude, even when faced with the longest odds.

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